Mauser M18 Rifles with New 6.5 PRC Caliber: Full Review

The Mauser M18 bolt gun rifle is an accurate Mauser rifle that comes at a price 10-times less than the current production cost of the iconic Mauser M98. The German manufacturer has incorporated new design, materials, and applications that make it the perfect bolt-action rifle for the hunting community. 

The look and feel of the Mauser M18 Rifle are the same as those rifles that are twice its price. That’s why Mauser M18 rifles have become one of the most reliable solutions for the budget-conscious hunters. 

Mauser M18 Rifles with New 6.5 PRC Caliber: How’s the Rifle?

Mauser M18 Rifle (nicknamed the people’s rifle) is now available in the new 6.5 PRC caliber. This budget-friendly bolt-gun incorporates many features found in most ultra-accurate, budget bolt-gun rifles. The price-performance ratio is simply phenomenal, bringing you the “The People’s ­Rifle” (Volksrifle, as Mauser calls it). 

The Mauser M18 bolt-action rifles come in a wide array of calibers (including 6.5 Creedmoor, .30-06, 7mm Rem, .300 Win, .270 Win, and .243 Win). Now, Mauser M18 is available in the new 6.5 PRC caliber too. It is among the first few rifles to be chambered for Hornady’s new 6.5 PRC cartridge. 
6.5 PRC is actually a magnum version of the 6.5 Creedmoor and therefore comes with a comparatively flatter trajectory and higher impact velocity. The reliable and affordable (less than US$700) M18 bolt-action rifle with the new 6.5 PRC caliber is capable of hitting targets well above 1,000 yards. The hunters can enjoy repeatable accuracy, high velocities, and low recoil while using the new 6.5 PRC caliber with Mauser M18 Rifle.


  • The operation is based on a 3-position safety system, working silently. This system directs acts on the trigger lug.
  • The extreme pace is ensured through the incorporation of ultra-robust synthetic stock as well as the cold-hammered barrel.
  • Soft grip inlays are provided on the pistol grip as well as the fore-end.
  • The quality maintained by the Mauser firearm company has been maintained in the M18 rifles too. The manufacturer has incorporated consistent solid steel construction at Mauser M18 bolt action rifles.
  • The double-row 5-shot magazine has been included.
  • For ensuring reliable hits every time, Mauser has used dry-standing as well as an adjustable direct action trigger.
  • Multi-Purpose-Cap is used.

New Mauser M18 Bolt-action Rifle with 6.5 PRC Caliber: How’s the Rifle?

Though the new Mauser M18 has been built on the DNA of the famous M98, there is a departure in manufacturing these rifles. The company wanted to manufacture a rifle that is a good-enough firearm, which is also inexpensive and affordable for the common hunters. However, in achieving this goal, the manufacturer has made certain sacrifices.

How does the Mauser keep the Price of their M18 Rifles Down?

Mauser has kept the price of M18 bolt action rifles low by making three changes:

  1. It has incorporated the manufacturing technique called “circle of concentricity”. This technique involves turning on the Mauser M18 action on a lathe instead of being milled. This operation is less expensive and also consumes far lesser time. 
  2. The manufacturing cost of these M18 rifles is reduced through the use of a full-diameter bolt body pushing three integral locking lugs. It does away with the need of mill guiding rails in the receiver body. This also causes a short, 60-degree lift. Therefore, on the M18 receiver rings, the common Rem 700 scope bases can be mounted. 
  3. Both standard and magnum chamberings have the same diameter receiver. No sights are there on the barrels, thereby saving more cost.

Taking a Closer Look at Mauser M18 Rifle with 6.5 PRC Caliber

The new Mauser M18 (with 6.5 PRC Caliber) comes with a 22” cold hammer-forged barrel, giving it a lightweight profile. The weight is just 6.6 lbs (when unloaded and without any mounted riflescope or sight). The lightweight feature makes the rifle perfect for long hunts as well as quick jaunts. 

This US$700 bolt-action rifle surely deviates from the Peter Paul’s design but definitely incorporates multiple features that are found in other affordable bolt guns having significant accuracy. 

The design of Mauser M18 is classy and functional. However, unlike many other contemporary bolt guns, it doesn’t have any artistic cuts or lines. The stock gets narrower as it approaches the pistol grip. To fill the hand in a comfortable manner, the palm swells on the grip. This design provides the shooters (both right and left-handed) with a stable hold. Near the barrel channel, the fore-end gets narrower. 

The fore-end has soft-touch rubber inserts, providing the shooter a firmer grasp. The Mauser M18 rifle comes with a straight American-style comb as well as two buttons at the stock’s rear. The recoil pad can be removed by using these two buttons. This pad can then be used for storing small items in the stock’s rear. 

The M18 bolt-action rifles come with a cylindrical action having a burnished black matte finish. To provide stability as well as improved accuracy, a minimized ejection port has been used. One of the USPs in this rifle is the manufacturer promise of sub MOA groups for 5 shots, generally not found in bolt guns under US$1,000. 

Mauser M18 rifles have used a modern push-feed bolt having:

  1. 3 locking lugs upfront (simpler three-lug design)
  2. Plunger-type dual ejectors
  3. Small claw extractor, which is mounted on the locking lugs

This three-position safety at M18 is distinctively different from the traditional wing design of M98. At the right-hand side of the action, a rocker-type safety is located. It acts directly on the trigger lug. 

While the bolt is locked by the rearmost position, the bolt can be manipulated (with the engaged safety) by the center position. The rifle is being readied by the forwardmost position. The safety knob is small, cylindrical, and textured. This knob can be silently run through all the 3 positions. The rifle’s condition can be known by seeing the highly visible (2 white and 1 red) painted dots.

They have done away with the controlled-round-feed design and adopted this simpler fat bolt design, ensuring that the bolt body has the same overall diameter as the lugs. This helps in smooth and slop-free cycling. The faster cycling is ensured by the short, 60-degree bolt lift caused by the three-lug design.

The Mauser M18 Rifle uses a box magazine having recessed release. It rests at the synthetic stock’s bottom, just before the magazine well. The manufacturer has incorporated an oversized round bolt knob that is easy to grasp. A cocking indicator having a red base is enclosed with the bolt shroud’s rear. When the M18 is ready to fire, it protrudes from the opening in the bolt shroud’s center. The bolt has been designed in such a way so that the shooter can disassemble it easily for routine maintenance. 

The trigger (externally adjustable) housing has been molded into the polymer stock. For increasing or decreasing pull weight, the shooter has to turn the screw in the trigger’s top position with the help of an Allen wrench in clockwise or counterclockwise manner respectively.

Mauser has addressed a common complaint (especially by the hunters) about most modern bolt rifles. The hunters complain that when tapped or bumped most modern bolt rifles sound like a drum. To get rid of this problem, the manufacturer has filled the stock of the Mauser M18 with foam. This high-quality stock prevents any excess noise caused due to any bumping or tapping and therefore doesn’t alerts the game due to any unwanted noise from the gun. This new-age styling and purpose-built nature make M18 rifle a firearm to perform.

Mauser M18 bolt-action rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC (when unscoped as well as unloaded) weighs just 6.6 lbs, making it a perfect firearm for hunting. 

Hornady’s 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) is the magnum version of 6.5 Creedmoor. Irrespective of the bullet weight chosen, 6.5 PRC provides the hunter with 250 fps (feet per second) more velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor. In addition, the user gets fantastic performance without providing heavy recoil or shortening the barrel life excessively. The barrel life of 6.5 PRC is enough to last an entire competitive season. This cartridge fits within a detachable box magazine and that’s a huge benefit in itself for the hunters and competition shooters.

The 5-shot test gave a sub-MOA grouping (within 1 inch) accuracy during the concluding test firing. No cycling issues have been found and through the raceway, the bolt runs in a smooth manner. 

The Mauser M18 rifles are way ahead of the other budget rifles when it comes to cartridge positioning in the box. The highly durable Mauser magazine can be loaded easily. The recessed design ensures that the hunter doesn’t lose the magazine accidentally while maneuvering through thick bush.

As these bolt action rifles come with a large, easy-to-find lever, the bolt (situated on the receiver’s left rear portion) can be removed easily. An extra level of safety is offered by the bolt shroud. 

One of the best features of Mauser M18 is the single-stage adjustable trigger that cleanly breaks at 3.2 pounds with a little overtravel. This M18 bolt action rifle points naturally and has an excellent balance.

Mauser M18 bolt-action rifles are accurate, versatile, and most importantly affordable. They have been produced for the masses and hunters looking for budget rifles can surely look at this below-US$700 rifle.

Mauser M18 Rifle with 6.5 PRC Caliber: What could have been better?

  • When sliding the bolt at M18 rifle, a distinctive zipping noise is made. Though it could have been produced because of the unpolished part of the barrel, it would have been better if this zipping sound can be done away with.
  • In case, a hunter uses the M18 in a panic mode, the tendency of binding less perfectly with the action. The bolt also tends to stop or balk when cartridges are onboard. The resistance is coming from the dual spring-powered ejectors in the bolt face. A shooter can close the action on a chambered round smoothly with concentration and by using a strong hand. 


Mauser had released this M18 rifle at the beginning of 2018. The 6.5 PRC chambered M18 bolt action rifle has been launched in 2019. With the release of this affordable rifle, Mauser entered a segment that it hasn’t entered in the last 40 years. The guaranteed 5-shot sub-MOA accuracy, faster slop-free cycling, and less noise production of the stock when bumped are the highlights of the Mauser M18 rifle. This rifle is a well-built Mauser bolt action rifle that you can buy at a street price of below US$700.

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