Holosun DRS-TH: Advancing Thermal Optics

Holosun DRS-TH

Scopelist.com proudly introduces the Holosun DRS-TH, a groundbreaking addition to our lineup of cutting-edge optics. With its integration of advanced thermal imaging technology, Holosun Technologies once again sets a new standard in firearm optics with the Digital Reflex Sight – Thermal (DRS-TH).

About Holosun Technologies


Holosun Technologies has earned a stellar reputation for merging cutting-edge technologies into user-friendly, durable designs. Trusted by civilian enthusiasts and professionals in law enforcement and military sectors alike, Holosun products consistently deliver superior performance.

Features and Specifications of the DRS-TH


Thermal Imaging Technology

  • 256 x 192 Thermal Sensor: Detects heat signatures with exceptional precision.
  • 1024 x 768 Display Resolution: Renders clear and detailed thermal images.
  • Multiple Thermal Modes: Offering versatility with white hot, black hot, highlight, outline, and fusion modes.

Red Dot Sight Integration

  • Reticle Options: Choose from circle dot, dot, or circle reticle options for optimal targeting.
  • Brightness Levels: Eight daytime and four night vision settings ensure visibility in all lighting conditions.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Photo and Video Capture: Record observations and save them to onboard storage.
  • Digital Zoom: Zoom in up to 8x for detailed observation.
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours of operation with two 18350 rechargeable batteries.
  • Durability: IP67 rating ensures water and dust resistance, ideal for rugged environments.
holosun-drs-th Battery

Additional Features

  • USB Port: Conveniently charge the device and stream footage in real-time to an external display.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive controls and robust build quality enhance user experience.

Availability and Pricing

  • The Holosun DRS-TH will soon be available at Scopelist.com for $1,599.99, inclusive of free expedited shipping within the continental US. With this revolutionary optic, advanced thermal imaging is within reach for all shooters.

Stay tuned for updates and be the first to experience the future of thermal optics with Holosun and Scopelist.com. Visit our website to learn more and place your order.

Holosun DRS-TH Specifications

Model Holosun DRS-TH Thermal Reflex Sight DRS-TH
Size 3.7 x 2.2 x 3.5 inches
Weight 18.5 oz
Magnification Range 1x, 3x, 5x
Battery Life 20 Hours
Finish Black
Price Please see the Price on Scopelist Page Holosun DRS-TH
Holosun DRS-TH Thermal Reflex Sight

FAQ: Holosun DRS-TH Thermal Reflex Sight

What is the Holosun DRS-TH?

The Holosun DRS-TH is a Digital Reflex Sight equipped with integrated thermal imaging technology, enabling users to detect heat signatures and acquire targets in low-visibility conditions.

What makes the DRS-TH unique?

The Holosun DRS-TH uniquely combines a high-resolution thermal sensor with a red dot sight, providing versatility and enhanced target acquisition in various environments, day or night.

What are the main features of the Holosun DRS-TH?

256 x 192 thermal sensor1024 x 768 display resolutionMultiple thermal imaging modesReticle options (circle dot, dot, circle)Photo and video captureUp to 8x digital zoomIP67 water and dust resistanceUSB port for charging and real-time streaming

How long does the battery last?

The DRS-TH offers up to 20 hours of battery life using two 18350 rechargeable lithium batteries.

How much does the Holosun DRS-TH cost?

Priced at $1,599.99, the Holosun DRS-TH includes free expedited shipping within the continental US.

When will the Holosun DRS-TH be available?

The Holosun DRS-TH will be available soon at Scopelist.com. Stay tuned for updates on its release.

What is included in the purchase?

The purchase includes the DRS-TH optic, two 18350 rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, and free expedited shipping.

Can the DRS-TH record and stream video?

Yes, the DRS-TH can capture photos and videos, and supports real-time streaming to an external device via the USB port.

Is the DRS-TH durable?

Absolutely. The DRS-TH boasts an IP67 rating, ensuring high resistance to water and dust, and promising durability in harsh environments.

How can I order the Holosun DRS-TH?

Scopelist.com is currently accepting preorders for the Holosun DRS-TH with a minimum 25% deposit, fully cancelable and refundable. Preorder directly from Scopelist.com for more details and to secure your DRS-TH.

by Tyler P