Customer Spotlight: Jon G

Customer Spotlight

A Lifelong Hunter’s Journey from Texas to Africa… and Beyond

Jon’s passion for hunting and the outdoors was instilled in him from a young age, growing up in a hunting family in Texas. His love for nature and adventure led him to explore the diverse landscapes of Texas, but it was the allure of exotic African hunting that captivated him about seven years ago. Since then, Jon has made annual trips to Africa, always accompanied by his brother and sometimes bringing along his own children or his nephew.

Memorable Hunts and Challenges

One of Jon’s most memorable hunts took place in May 2024 in the lush, overgrown terrain of Limpopo, South Africa. Tracking an eland through the dense vegetation was no easy task. After spotting the elusive animal, Jon and his team had to pursue it before Jon could take the perfect shot at 143 yards. The eland, estimated to weigh around 1700 lbs, required four men to roll over! This hunt, among others, highlights Jon’s perseverance and skill in the field.

Family and Hunting: A Shared Experience

Hunting is not just a solitary pursuit for Jon; it’s a family affair. Sharing these experiences with his family members, especially his children, adds a layer of joy and fulfillment to his adventures. The bond forged through these shared moments in nature is something Jon cherishes deeply.

Expertise in Handloading and Equipment Choice

With a wealth of knowledge in handloading, Jon plans to share his expertise in upcoming articles, offering valuable insights to fellow hunters. When it comes to choosing his equipment, Jon prioritizes quality within his budget. He particularly enjoys the high optical clarity of German brands like Schmidt Bender and Swarovski. For Jon, reliable and consistent performance is key, which is why he relies on products like Sitka clothing, high-quality optics from Schmidt Bender, Swarovski, Burris, and Nikon, and bullets from Hornady.

The Thrill of African Hunting

One of the most exciting aspects of Jon’s African hunting trips is encountering exotic wildlife that he could only see in zoos back in the US. The thrill of seeing and hunting these animals in their natural habitat is unparalleled and keeps Jon returning to Africa year after year.

Upcoming Adventures in Tajikistan

Looking ahead, Jon has an exciting hunt planned for Tajikistan in 2025. He will spend 11 days pursuing ibex and Marco Polo sheep. For this challenging expedition, Jon intends to bring a .30 Nosler rifle topped with a Burris Eliminator VI scope, ensuring he is well-equipped for the adventure.

Enhancing the Experience with Quality Gear

Jon’s adventures are made more successful and enjoyable thanks to the top-notch gear he uses. His rifles, equipped with scopes like the Schmidt Bender Klassik 2.5-10×56 and the Swarovski Z3 4-12×50, ensure precision and reliability. These tools are crucial in making every hunt a success, from taking down a massive eland to tracking a swift warthog.


Jon G’s journey from the fields of Texas to the wilds of Africa and now to the mountains of Tajikistan is a testament to his dedication, skill, and love for hunting. His story is an inspiration to hunters everywhere, demonstrating the importance of quality gear, perseverance, and the joy of sharing outdoor adventures with family. Stay tuned for more insights from Jon, especially for those interested in the art of handloading and the pursuit of exotic game.

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