Burris Eliminator 6 Riflescope – Elevate Your Hunt with Precision and Technology!

burris eleminator 6

Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology in your hunting experience with the Burris Eliminator 6, our most advanced riflescope to date! Designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and eliminate guesswork, the Eliminator 6 integrates over 20 years of innovation into a modern, sophisticated chassis.

Key Features:

Instant Rangefinding:

Ranges out to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide. Heads-Up Display (HUD) for quick and precise distance presentation.

Environmental Monitoring:

Built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer for climate and terrain assessment. Automatically measures density altitude for accurate ballistics solutions.

Ballistic Compensation:

Customized ballistic solutions based on user data uploaded via the BurrisConnect app. Bluetooth connectivity for creating an internal DOPE card, combining ranging, environmental, and ballistic data.

X177 Illuminated Reticle:

177 micro LEDs provide 1/5 MOA precision for accurate shot placement. Reticle adjusts the illuminated aiming point based on magnification.

5X Zoom System:

Highly versatile system for a full field-of-view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges.

Side Fine Focus/Parallax Adjustment:

Easy-to-reach side focus knob for parallax adjustment, ensuring optimal clarity and accuracy.

Digital Guard Rails:

Displays bullet velocity, bullet energy, and Shotcall Indicator for ethical kills. Bullet velocity and energy data help recognize suitable shot distances.

Burris Connect App Integration:

The Eliminator 6 employs user-uploaded data via BurrisConnect for precise ballistic solutions. Bluetooth connectivity allows the creation of an internal DOPE card, combining ranging, environmental, and ballistic data for accurate shots. Users can customize profiles for various firearms, from muzzleloaders to precision rifles.

Custom Profiles:

Create profiles using factory load data or customize them for various firearms. Covering muzzleloaders, slug guns, and precision rifles.

Internal DOPE Card:

Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless communication between the scope and your mobile device.

Achieve the perfect shot by combining ranging, environmental, and ballistic data.

Technical Specifications:

Model Burris Eliminator VI 4-20x52
MPN 200177
Reticle Details X177 Eliminator 6 Reticle
Finish Black
Knob style Low Capped Knobs
Illumination Yes
Illumination Control Push Button
Illumination Settings Auto or 9 Levels
Magnification 4-20x
Objective Diameter 52mm
Focal Plane Rear/Second
Tube Size 34mm
Field of View Low 30.5 ft. - High 6.5 ft
Eye Relief 3.4 inches
Exit Pupil 8.6 - 2.9 mm
Click Value ⅛ MOA
Elevation/Windage Adjustment 40 MOA
Parallax/Focus Side Focus
Length 14.6 inches
Weight 30 oz
Battery Scope CR123A x 1 Remote CR2032 x1


Q1: What is the maximum range for the Eliminator 6’s rangefinding capability?

A1: The Eliminator 6 offers instant and precise ranging out to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide.

Q2: Can I customize ballistic profiles for different firearms with the Eliminator 6?

A2: Yes, the riflescope integrates with the Burris Connect app, allowing users to upload custom ballistic profiles. This includes the ability to create internal DOPE cards for various firearms, covering muzzleloaders, slug guns, and precision rifles.

Q3: How does the Heads-Up Display (HUD) contribute to the shooting experience?

A3: The HUD provides crucial information, including distance and wind hold value, allowing for quick and precise decision-making. It enhances situational awareness and ensures that hunters can concentrate on executing flawless, precise shots.

Q4: What does the Digital Guard Rails feature offer?

A4: The Digital Guard Rails display bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance. This feature helps hunters recognize when the shot distance may be too far, and the velocity/energy too low for an ethical kill. The scope also includes a Shotcall Indicator to highlight inadequate ballistic terminal performance.

Q5: Is the Eliminator 6 suitable for various hunting conditions and firearms?

A5: Yes, the Eliminator 6 is designed to excel in a variety of hunting scenarios. With customizable ballistic profiles, a versatile 5X zoom system, and advanced technology, it is suitable for different firearms and challenging conditions.

Q6: How does the Eliminator 6 handle parallax adjustment and focus?

A6: The Eliminator 6 includes an easy-to-reach side focus knob for parallax adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune focus and eliminate parallax for optimal clarity and accuracy at any distance.

Q7: What battery does the Eliminator 6 use, and how is it powered?

A7: The scope uses a CR123A battery, and for the remote, a CR2032 battery. These batteries power the illuminated reticle and other electronic features of the riflescope.

Q8: Can the Eliminator 6 be used in low-light conditions?

A8: Yes, the riflescope is equipped with an illuminated reticle and features high-performance fully multi-coated glass, ensuring excellent brightness and clarity, even in low-light conditions.

by Tyler P