New 2024 Rifles, Pistols, Optic & More!

New 2024 Rifles, Pistols, Optic & More!

Step into the future of firearms technology as we unveil the most anticipated releases for 2024. This year brings a wave of innovation, introducing new pistols, rifles, and cutting-edge optics. Leading brands such as Holosun, Beretta, Vortex, Elcan, Aimpoint, Surefire, and Stoeger have raised the bar with their latest offerings.


Holosun has outdone itself with revolutionary products that redefine performance.

DRS-TH and DRS-NV – New Holosun Thermal Optics

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Beretta – New BRX1 Rifle

Beretta introduced the BRX1, a precision rifle designed to meet the demands of modern shooters.

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New Vortex Venom Scopes

Vortex unveils new additions to the Venom series, including the 3-15×44 FFP and 1-6×24 SFP scopes, delivering top-tier optics for shooters.

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New Elcan SpecterDR Optics

Elcan unveils the new SpecterDR series, available in various configurations for both 5.56 and 7.62 rifles.

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Aimpoint introduces the P-2 in different colors, providing users reliable red dot reflex sights.

Aimpoint – New ACRO P-2 Reflex Sights

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Aimpoint Acro S-2 Shotgun Red Dot


Surefire – New XR-2 Lights and Stiletto Series

Surefire introduces the XR-2 Lights, providing compact and rechargeable pistol lights with green and red laser options.

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Stoeger – New STR-9 Combat X Pistols

Stoeger presents the STR-9 Combat X Pistols, combining performance and style in a compact design.

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Walther – New PDP Match Pistol

Walther introduced the PDP Match, a precision pistol designed for competitive shooting.

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Elevate your shooting experience with the latest advancements in pistols, rifles, and optics for 2024 from these leading brands!

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