EBR-2C vs EBR-7C Reticles: Everything You Wanted to Know!

EBR-7C is the new reticle option released by Vortex Optics in 2019. EBR-2C is an established reticle in the long-range hunting/shooting segment. Both the reticles (EBR-2C and EBR-7C) are best for long-range competition shooters. The hunters who want to hunt games at long-range will also find this reticle helpful. The reticle design of EBR-7C has many similarities with EBR-2C. However, there are differences too. Both these long-range reticles have their own strengths. We will discuss the similarities and differences in this blog.

EBR-7C vs EBR-2C: Comparison

EBR-7C Reticle: An Overview

EBR-7C reticle highlights a windage tree in the lower quadrants. It helps in making fast wind/elevation corrections. The best part is that the numbers present on the lower stadia have moved outside the windage dots so that the vertical stadia have less obstruction. Vortex Optics has released the new EBR-7C reticle in both MOA and MRAD measurements.

Highlights of EBR-7C Reticle:

  • Outer posts on both horizontal and lower vertical axes are long and thick. 
  • Center hairs are thin and short. Both the stadia lines and hash marks are located at regular intervals.
  • Lower half of the reticle has drop lines. It improves long-range ballistic drop along with windage reference dots.
  • EBR-7C reticle is etched on the glass. Therefore, there is no possibility of shifting over time. 
  • The central portion of the reticle is partially illuminated. This improves wind corrections, ballistic drop, and ranging in low-light conditions. 
  • The shooter can choose from 11 selectable reticle brightness levels, thereby ensuring clear visibility in all light conditions.

EBR-2C Reticle: An Overview

Highlights of EBR-2C Reticle:

  • It is a modified German 4 style reticle.
  • The reticle contains three medium posts along with an illuminated crosshair. 
  • EBR-2C reticle has tactical crosshair design. It has used extra-long fine center hairs so that the long-range shooter/hunters don’t have any obstruction to targets.
  • The lower part of the reticle comes with windage reference dots and drop lines. It helps in improving shot accuracy without even touching the turrets. With this reticle, the long-range hunters/shooters can make faster shot corrections. 
  • The horizontal and vertical axes have hash and stadia line, helping in both ballistic drop compensation and holdover/under. In fact, the shooter can also know the target size as well as the estimated range.
  • The glass-etched reticle ensures enhanced durability and longevity. Therefore, the possibility of shifting measurement doesn’t arise.

EBR-2C vs EBR-7C: Differences

.14 Floating Center Dot .25 Open Center
Long and thick outer posts on both horizontal and lower vertical axes. Short and thick outer posts on both horizontal and lower vertical axes.
Holdover numerals on the lower part of the reticle are moved to the left and right edges. Holdover numerals on the lower part of the reticle are located beside the lower vertical line.
Subtensions on the horizontal axis of EBR-7C are tighter than that in EBR-2C reticle. Subtensions on the horizontal axis are not as tight as in EBR-7C reticle.

EBR-2C vs EBR-7C: Available Models

EBR-7C Reticle is Available with the following models:

Vortex Viper PST Gen II Riflescopes:

Vortex Razor HD Gen II Riflescopes:

EBR-2C Reticle is Available with the following models:

Vortex Viper PST Riflescopes:

Vortex Razor HD Gen II Riflescopes:

Vortex Diamondback Tactical Riflescopes:

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EBR-7C reticle is gaining traction among long-range shooters and hunters because the subtensions on the horizontal axis of the reticle are tighter and the holdover numbers on the windage have been moved from the center to the outside. These two factors are helping shooters get a better-unobstructed view of the target and at the same time more accurate ranging capability (without even using the turrets). EBR-2C is also holding its ground and continues to be popular among hunters and shooters.

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