Top 5 Sako Rifles of 2015

Sako Rifles

In this blog, we will discuss about the leading Sako rifles that became popular among hunting, target shooting, and gaming communities. They come in all types of actions – bolt action, short action, long, medium sized ones that are matched to cartridges, and many more. Though these rifles come in all sizes and prices, most gunmen don’t have a clear idea about the right device to choose. To make the process of choice simpler for hunters and target shooters, Scopelist team has decided to choose the top 5 Sako rifles.

1. Sako 85 Synthetic Black .270 Win. Rifle JRS1C18

With this Sako 85 Synthetic rifle, you will get a completely matte black-finished beauty in your hand. Besides quality of build, this rifle maintains the matching color aspect throughout the body, be it trigger guard, magazine plate, action, and barrel. To make the look even better, you will find the Soft Touch color-coated stock. This rifle has the perfect stealth appearance. While Sako 85 Synthetic Black .270 Win. Rifle JRS1C18’s total length is 42.75 inches, its weight is 6.4 lbs. Important specifications of this rifle are single stage trigger, bolt action, Integral Tapered Scope mount Dovetails, two-position safety, separate bolt-release button, single stage trigger, and .270 Winchester caliber. While the rifle barrel is 22.4 inches long, the rifle barrel twist is 1:10 inch.
This bolt action rifle has become a highly popular one among hunters and target shooters. In fact, bolt action is one of the most preferred target shooting tools for over a century now. Though there have been some turnbolt designs that are somewhat different, basic concept of the same has remained more or less the same. Bolt-action rifles became popular in the early-20th century through its increased used by the military forces. It became a rage among the hunters as the sports version of the rifle came into existence. Some of the reasons that make these bolt action rifles so popular among shooters are dependable, accurate, affordable, and most importantly, can be used well with the scopes. This bolt action rifle comes with robust design, which enables use of powerful new centerfire cartridges. This helped in extending effective range of the firearms. Spitzer-type bullets can be used easily here.

2. Sako TRG M10 .308 Win Black/ Black, Right Folding Stock, 30 MOA JRS321RBL2

Sako TRG M10 .308 Win belongs to the Sako TRG line of rifles. This line is based upon the extreme accuracy concept that focuses on accuracy and nothing else. Whether it is versatility, reliability, or accuracy, you will get everything in this rifle. Though this model of Sako TRG M10 .308 Win comes with a black colored stocks, other colors are also available such as desert tan or forest green colored aluminum-reinforced stocks.

TRG Accuracy line of rifles has become extremely popular among long-range competition shooting, law enforcement organizations, and military. This rifle has become a winner in the CISM competition. Some of the major features of TRG M10 bolt-action rifle are availability of multiple calibers, ability of operating manually, and the availability of both magazine-fed as well as shoulder-fired. This is one of its kind single weapons that come with multi-functional system. The best part is perhaps the incorporation of fully adjustable stock. TRG M10 comes with high level configurability.

Important specifications of Sako TRG M10 .308 Win Black/ Black, Right Folding Stock, 30 MOA JRS321RBL2 are bolt-action, .308 Win caliber, double stage trigger, ambidextrous safety, black colored folding stock, picatinny rail mount, 1:11” rifle barrel twist, 20” rifle barrel length, 40.83 inch overall rifle length, and 12.9 lbs weight.

3. Sako 85 Safari 375 H&H Mag JRSS237

This Sako 85 Safari rifle is a Limited Edition premium Safari rifles that has been designed by the master gunsmiths of Sako for the most demanding hunters. Detail and perfect are the two important points on the basis of which this rifle has been produced. For providing hunters the most durable fit as well as accuracy, barreled action of the hand-finished rifle is epoxy-bedded to the stock. This rifle comes with .375 HH Magnum chamber, providing this Sako Safari rifle the well required elegance as well as adequate functionalities. No matter which hunting situation you are in, you will be able to get control round feed and mechanical ejection.

While reliable cartridge feeding in different kinds of hunting situations is ensured by control round feed, for mounting scope a machined dovetail on the receiver has been provided. Sako has also provided a secure magazine here for preventing any kind of accidental magazine discharge. Even with the safety remaining engaged, you can load and unload the rifle. The manufacturer has provided some interesting features in this rifle and one of it is surely the single-stage trigger that can be adjusted from 2 lbs to 4 lbs or 1 kg to 2 kg. This rifle comes with hinged floor plate that helps in loading of fixed magazine loaded with up to 5 belted magnum cartridges.

There are three special features – premium stock, action, and sights – in this rifle. Sako 85 Safari rifle finishes with a customized Pachmayr recoil pad. You will find hand-cut checkering on the walnut stock. There are two actions available. While one is Sako 85 size L, the other is Sako 85 size XL. You will also get Sako Round Control System in the action. There is an adjustable iron sight available in Sako 85 Safari 375 H&H Mag JRSS237. A premium riflescope can be mounted on Sako Optilock mounts.
Important specs of Sako 85 Safari 375 H&H Mag JRSS237 are 45″ overall rifle length, 9 lbs weight, .375 H&H Magnum caliber, bolt handle lock safety, 24 3/8″ rifle barrel length, 12″ rifle barrel twist, integral tapered scope mount rail, walnut rifle stock with an ebony forend tip.

4. Sako 85 Hunter Left Hand .3006

This Sako 85 Hunter .30-06 rifle has been manufactured for the left handed shooters that come with perfect balance, smooth bolt operation, and amazing accuracy. This rifle has been incorporated with high-grade walnut stock as well as barrel and receiver with blue finish (closer to the satin look). Though many reviewers call this rifle a standard device, it needs to be reiterated that it is much more than anything near standard.

Though Sako 85 Hunter rifle is available for all kinds of shooters, this Sako 85 Hunter Left Hand .3006 rifle was actually manufactured for the left handed persons. This feature makes it one of the most sought after rifles in the industry. Another Important feature here is surely the presence of pistol grip on which you will find the antique-style brass inlay.
Important specifications of Sako 85 Hunter Left Hand .30-06 rifle are 42 3/4″ overall length of the rifle, 7.25 lbs weight, .3006 caliber, medium sized blue colored action that is matched with the cartridges, single stage trigger whose pull can be adjusted from 2 lbs to 4 lbs or 1 kg to 2 kgs, facility of loading/unloading of rifle with safety engaged, Monte Carlo styled rifle stock, and integrated rails on receiver.

5. Sako Bavarian Carbine 308 Win JRSBC16

This Sako rifle has been designed especially for hunters who prefer a traditional look but advanced features. Bavarian cheek piece and comb, found in the Sako Classic is also available in this rifle. While there is a single set trigger in Sako Bavarian Carbine 308 Win JRSBC16, the manufacturer has incorporated adjustable iron sight in this rifle. This Sako rifle has been found to be perfect for high-quality carrying hunting where the rifle comes with beautiful walnut as well as black steel. You will find a rosewood Schnabel with the traditional full-length stock.

Sako Bavarian Carbine 308 Win JRSBC16 rifle is 40″ long and weighs 7.75 lbs. It comes with short action, a .308 Winchester caliber, and single set trigger that can be adjusted from 2 lbs to 4 lbs or 1 kg to 2 kg. Other important specs of this Sako Bavarian Carbine rifle are 11″ rifle barrel twist, 20″ rifle barrel length, Integral rails present on top of the receiver, and bolt handle lock.
These are the top 5 Sako rifles of 2015 that Scopelist specialists recommend for hunters, target shooters, and other kinds of shooters.

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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