Accuracy International AX 308 Review

Accuracy International AX 308 Rifles

Accuracy International, one of the fastest growing rifle companies with specialty in precision shooting, has one of the most sought after bolt action precision rifles – AI AX-308 that fires 7.62×51 NATO cartridge with extreme consistency and precision.

Before getting into details of reviewing, let’s start with an overview of the rifle’s structure. AX 308 bolt-action precision rifle comes with 10-round detachable box magazine, and bolt with short 60-degree throw and three lugs. You will find three-position safety that helps in opening the bolt with safety engaged. The rifle we are using for review comes with 20 inch barrel and a suppressor-ready muzzle brake.

AI AX-308 has a heavy profile barrel where the barrel has moderate length, helping in maximum accuracy possible. Besides accuracy, this rifle provides stability in two ways – thermal as well as dimensional. While testing, AX 308 rifle didn’t get warm enough for touch even when many three-shot groups were fired in a few minutes.

Accuracy, Reliability, Aesthetics, and Ergonomics

Now, let’s start the review with a fair assessment on aesthetics, ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, and customization (if any). When it comes to accuracy and consistency, it is surely one of the most accurate as well as consistent rifles available. To get a closer picture on accuracy, it will be prudent to judge AX-308’s accuracy on the basis of target length – 100 yards, 300 yards, and 600 yards.

When you are using over $5,000 AX-308 rifle to hit a target located within 100 yards (industry standard rifle testing range), you will naturally expect to hit even the smallest target possible, say a sitting horsefly. In reality, you can do just that with this rifle in hand. With 3 shot groups, accuracy obtained with this rifle is amazing, perfect for police or military application looking for extreme precision and accuracy.

AI AX-308’s true precision capability can be assessed by testing the rifle by taking multiple shot groups at a target within 300 yards range. As we all know, rifles can’t have a minor flaw when you are aiming for targets at longer distances. Even a minor flaw will result in missing the target or even missing the targeted paper totally. The results with Accuracy International AX308 are amazing because they coincided with the prediction done by the ballistics table.

AX308 has also been tested at 600 yards range, which makes the target located at a 2 hours drive away from the shooter in a shooting quarry. When aiming target at such a long distance, multiple factors affect point of impact such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, and sometimes even sunlight’s brightness. However, when the test is done for hitting target at such a long distance, the results were similar to the resultant shooting at 100 yards or 300 yards. Therefore, it can be concluded that in terms of accuracy, AI AX-308 is one of the best rifles available.

This rifle is highly reliable because over 300 Rounds can be fired without a hitch.  One of the best aspects of AX-308 is the ergonomics. This machine is perfectly adjustable, in whichever manner you may think of. At the same time, it is incredibly comfortable too. You’ll hardly need anything to customize as it is self sufficient and comes with everything a shooter needs such as bipod, sling, incredible scope attachment rail, and others. If you are a professional shooter, aesthetics hardly matter to you. Even if you insist, it has a similar look as Imperial Stormtrooper E-11 sniper rifle.


Receiver of AI AX-308, unlike that of Remington 700-ready AICS chassis system, is permanently bonded to the aluminum stock chassis, which provides absolute rigidity to the rifle. Overall length of the rifle is 42 inches when the stock spacers are included. With the stock folded, the size comes down to just 33 inches. Stock folder is made from solid aluminum alloy and the stock folding mechanism is stronger than a midsized car’s door hinge. Length of pull can be adjusted either by removing or adding spacers. Adjustment can also be done with drop at heel.
The cheekpiece at AX 308 is adjustable too, which comes handy in case of using riflescopes. To be able to put eye instantly in centre of the lightbox every time, Accuracy International manufactured the comb height accordingly so that the shooter gets perfect cheek-weld. These two large thumb-screws help to lock the cheekpiece. Therefore, a shooter will not require any tool for adjusting it in the shooting field.


AI AX308 weighs 13.9 lb to be precise, when the barrel is 27 inches long with muzzle brake, no riflescope attached, and empty magazine. With this weight, a shooter will require a sling to carry it. If you want to shoot with .308 Winchester (short action) without using a sling, you will prefer using it with a bipod. You can shoot with it offhand because the recoil is comparatively mild in this rifle where the kick is similar to or even less than that experienced with .223.  However, with the addition of bipod as well as mandatory sling, the weight of AX 308 becomes almost 17 pounds.


Accuracy International AX308 is used by elite combat units across the globe. In fact, many Navy Seal members have called it one of the most accurate rifles available in the market currently. If you are thinking of buying a high end rifle having amazing accuracy and reliability, you can surely go with AI AX-308 rifle.

Some of the best selling Accuracy International AX 308 Rifles:

Accuracy International AX 308 Pale Brown chassis 24 inch barrel std brake

Accuracy International AX .308 Win. Pale Brown SFP
Accuracy International AX 308 Black chassis 26 inch barrel std brake
Accuracy International AX 308 Black chassis 20 inch barrel std brake
Accuracy International AX 308 Pale Brown chassis 20 inch barrel std brake

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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