Swarovski dS Scope: Full Review


Swarovski dS 5-25×52 Riflescope is a game changer as this “smart” riflescope brings in all smart features into one. This riflescope has outstanding optical quality, coupled with automatic aiming correction, ballistic computer, laser rangefinder, heads-up display, and smart technology.

Swarovski dS Rangefinding Scope is an automated, self sufficient riflescope that corrects the aim point automatically and shows ballistic data in the lens so that you can bring down the animal easily and instantly. The scope manufacturer has incorporated the scope with dS Configurator app that displays the correct aiming point after taking into account distance, angle, air pressure, and temperature.

Hunting was never so simple before. The hunters simply have to input the smart dS Configurator app with firearm-ammunition combination’s individual ballistic data for getting the precise aiming point. Once the configuration is set, the LED reticle compensated for your bullet drop is shown on the display without obstructing your field of view.

Looking at the Swarovski dS


Swarovski Optik has incorporated built-in laser rangefinder in this smart riflescope that ranges target from 33 yards to 1,500 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy. A hunter just needs to push a button to know the exact target distance (calculated after considering the shooting angle, barometric pressure, and temperature).

When you push the button, it also shows you the illuminated aiming point with the accuracy of 1/20th part of an inch at 100 yards. The reticles come with hash marks for two pre-selected wind speeds.

How does Swarovski dS Work?

A hunter has to sight the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 Scope and pair it up with the smart dS Configurator app. Multiple parameters can be configured with the help of this app, which can then be transmitted to the scope through Bluetooth.

To get the precise aiming point, you have to feed the app with the correct data such as:

  • Your chosen ammunition’s correct data
  • Distance output in terms of yars and meters
  • 3 sizes of the aiming point (as per your choice)
  • Brightness of the aimpoint
  • Windage mark thickness (3 options available)
  • The time for which the aiming point as well as distance is displayed
  • Choose from the correction of wind speed: 5-10 mph or 10-20 mph

It is extremely important that you feed the dS Configurator app with correct input data so that you get correct output data. The ballistic curve calculated by the app is then transferred to the scope via Bluetooth.

The setup as well as the zero are extremely simple. The intuitive nature of the app makes it easier to push the variables to the scope. The illumination control comes with + and – buttons. You have to make simultaneous 3 second push of these buttons so that the Swarovski dS Scope can be found by Bluetooth through the app.

Once the riflescope is found, the load information is then entered. The data is then transferred to the scope with a simple button click on the dS Configurator app. After the scope is ready with all the information, the hunter is now ready to engage targets up to 1,120 yards.

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 Riflescope: Review


Swarovski 5-25x dS Riflescope efficiently and cleanly combines features and qualities that are unique. You will not find the “smart” features in any other scope.

Smartness of the Scope

To get detailed information of a perfect shot, the hunter simply needs to choose the target and make a single push of the button to lase the target. Detailed information about the elevated aim point, bullet energy, and wind gate of the chosen target is shown on the display. This information helps the shooter to take a fairly long range shot with ease and efficiency.

Digital Intelligence

The most important measurement data are displayed on the head-up display in real time without creating any distraction in the field of view of the hunter.



The personal ballistic data of the firearm can be included in the dS app and the smartphone can be used for lucid adaption. In fact, the head-up display can be personalized.

Automatic Holding Point

When hunting, it is very difficult to concentrate on essential aspects. This Swarovski dS riflescope makes it easier for you to concentrate on the essentials of hunting as it displays the correct aiming point automatically by considering the various factors (distance, angle, air pressure, and temperature).

Power (Magnification Range)

The top power (25x magnification) in the 5-25x range seems to be a bit too much for most hunting expeditions. However, it seems just fine for the big game hunters. the range is very useful for varmint hunters, who can take advantage of the entire range for medium to long distance shots. They can exploit the 25x high magnification for spotting the target.

Main Tube, Weight, Turrets

Swarovski dS scope comes with 40mm diameter main tube. You can get specially crafted Talley Manufacturing’s top-quality picatinny-style rings for these. They can hold on to the scope efficiently. The 40mm mounting options are not a problem now as their availability is increasing with every passing day.

This Swarovski dS riflescope comes with a hefty weight of 38.4 oz. It is a bit hefty riflescope, especially for the hunting community who want to hit targets at 1,000 yards. However, in comparison to many other scopes of the 25x tactical style and target shooting, Swarovski dS is much lighter (even when it contains a rangefinder).

You’ll get standard MOA impact correction with turrets having ¼ inch per click. The maximum range of the corrected aiming bar is 1,120 yards.



A standard 4A illuminated reticle has been provided with dS in the second focal plane. It acts similar to a first focal plane scope when corrected aiming bar is shown. In such a case, the target image size seems to get larger or smaller vis-a-vis magnification. The best part is that 64 different reticle brightness levels are there.


The electronics of the Swarovski 5-25x dS Riflescope is powered by a single CR123A battery. Once there are approximately 100 more readings available, a low-battery indicator will flash. For extending battery life, you can choose from 40, 60, or 80 seconds of automatic display shut off. To start the clock over again, you simple have to give a quick 20 degrees tip either to the left or right. Around 600 readings will be delivered by a single battery.


Yes, it is a bit pricy. It comes with an MRP of US$4,499.00. As the features and smartness available in this automatic riflescope is unmatched, the price is justified. If you want a precise shots easily while hunting, you should go with the Swarovski dS Rangefinding Scope.


Overall, this is an outstanding scope with the optical class of Swarovski Optik and unmatched smartness, making it a one of its kind automatic and smart riflescope. This dS scope has all the required tools for making a field expedient, ethical shot. If you are a decent shooter and use this scope with a good rifle, it will become the single easiest way of engaging targets at long range (about 1,000 yards). It is ofcourse a heavy scope but accomplished shooters will not be bothered by a 38.4 oz riflescope. This new Swarovski riflescope is now available.

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