New Pulsar Thermion XM50 Scope 2019: First Look Review


The new Pulsar Thermion XM50 riflescope is surely going to change the world of thermal riflescopes. Pulsar has successfully combined the functionality of a game-changing traditional scope design with new intuitive features. It looks like any other riflescope but with advanced functionalities, thermal imaging facility, aesthetic design, and round-the-clock performance. You can now hunt day and night with eloquence and elan. 


New Pulsar Thermion XM50 Riflescope 2019: Quick Look

Whether you want to hunt the long range coyote double or the occasional short-range back woods hog at any time of the day or night, Pulsar Thermion XM50 is there for you.

It provides you advanced hunting capability, thanks to the:

  • Superior Pulsar Thermal round-the-clock image performance
  • All-new power system
  • 5.5-22x magnification range (4x zoom)
  • 320×240@12 micron sensor
  • 50HZ refresh rate
  • -13F to 122F standard operating range
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • 3-year warranty

Pulsar Thermion XM50: First Look Review

Here is a first look review of Pulsar Thermion XM50 that lets you know what’s new in this thermal scope, how it looks/performs, and every minutest detail you wanted to know about:


Design, Look, Recoil Ratings, Mounting, and Usability

Pulsar has improved their previous designs to come up with Thermion XM50, which is more intuitive for users. They have made sure that this advanced thermal imaging rifle scope looks like any other traditional riflescope instead of a gun-sight from a sci-fi movie.

This thermal riflescope has an aluminum-magnesium alloy subframe, which makes it a lightweight scope that comes with technologically advanced components and rugged body. It comes with the main tube diameter of a standard 30mm traditional riflescope. Therefore, you can mount this scope on .223 or .308 platform rifles with the help of standard 30mm rings, helping you get a proper cheek weld as well as eye relief for achieving optimal accuracy in the field. They are a much better fit on your bolt gun than any other traditional riflescope. 

Other devices available in the market comes with certain traditional mounting related problems such as:

  • Can’t be mounted in the traditional manner
  • Centered design is missing
  • The presence of wide center control or battery module severely limits adjustments of both fore and aft as well as mounting hardware choices

While other devices face these common problems, Pulsar has made sure that these problems don’t surface in case of Pulsar Thermion XM50. It can be mounted easily with the help of standard 30mm rings. 


Most thermal scopes only fit a handful of rifle platforms such as .223 and .308. However, the new traditional tube mount design helps you to use this scope with a wide array of new bolt action rifle applications. Pulsar Thermion XM50 comes with recoil rating up to 6,000 joules, thereby making sure that the sight can be used with a wide array of calibers including the larger ones up to .375 H&H, 12 Gauge shotguns, and 9.3×64. Hunters can easily use this thermal scope as a 21st-century predator/pig hunting machine.

Keep your eyes behind XM50 and you can pick up targets as far as 2,300 yards away.

This means that the XM50 thermal riflescope is able to locate targets that are located a mile away or even more. If you want to hit a hog from extremely long range, Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22x Riflescope is the perfect device for you to hit targets as far as a mile away or even more.

Image Quality

Pulsar Thermion XM50 is one of the leading highest-cost-to-value hunting thermal scopes in the market that has been incorporated with high-quality sensors that are tuned in accordance with the optical component. Pulsar has provided this thermal scope with an ultra high-quality display that enables users to see the difference literally. 

Power System: Simple, Efficient, and Runs Longer

The power system in this advanced thermal riflescope comes with dual internal as well as B-Pack mini removable design power system. It adds some functionality and at the same time improves reliability. Pulsar has improved the durability design in a single cell design. You can change the new external APS power packs even when you are in the field, thereby mitigating runtime loss over the Trail IPS battery system. Hunters believe that this simplification of single cell design will become more reliable over time, thanks to the less complex nature. 

The new power system comes with two power sources:

  • Non-removable, Internal Cell: Provides the device with 4-hours run-time.
  • Removable Battery: Housed under the area where elevation turret is present in traditional scopes, this removable battery provides 4 hours operation time.

Pulsar Thermion XM50 Thermal Riflescope draws power primarily from the removable battery. Once this power source gets exhausted, a warning is shown on the screen that alerts the user that the device has switched the power source from the exhausted external battery to the internal one. It is important to note that there is no interruption during the switch of the power system. During the additional time, you can easily change the external battery. 

Instant Start-Up

Thermion XM50 starts instantly, allowing power saving. While the older model took at least 4 seconds to start, this one is already ready for use when you place it before your eye. 

Useful Buttons, User-Friendly Controls, and Display

To ensure easy reach, XM50 has been incorporated with 3 buttons atop the eyepiece. Buttons for Power (on/off switch), Zoom (magnification button), and Record are all there on the eyepiece. This arrangement shows that the manufacturer has given maximum importance to the achievement of the objective of sure-shot hunting, just like any other traditional riflescope.


The hunter will mostly use this round 3 button control, which makes the device manipulation easy. There is an Encoder or a rolling selector wheel along with an additional center button located at the left-hand side of the riflescope. The left-hand shooters may find the left-side encoder wheel operation difficult.

With the help of the encoder button, the shooter can choose from eight varied types of display.

The Pulsar has put in full-color HD AMOLED display for more clearer display on the screen. For a more personalized output, you can customize the display in accordance with the preferences on your eyes. The 8 color pallets available are:

  1. White hot (already available in earlier models)
  2. Black hot (already available in earlier models)
  3. Rainbow (new)
  4. Ultramarine (new)
  5. Violet (new)
  6. Sepia (new)
  7. Red Hot (new)
  8. Red Monochrome (new)

A picture-in-picture display is present in the digital display, which shows a zoomed-in view of the target. 

Two additional zeroing profiles have also been added. This has ensured 5 extra aiming distances for every profile. The shooter will get five load profiles with up to ten verified aiming points for every profile. Therefore, some tack driving precision is obtained at varying distances. This feature will be extremely handy for shooters who are running multiple loads (suppressed and un-suppressed) through a single rifle. It is also found useful when the shooter switches with the help of an optional return to zero QD mount such as Pulsar Locking QD Mount for Apex, Trail, Digisight, and Core Riflescopes PL34000.

Users can also record videos (in mp4 format) and images (in jpg format), thereby recording everything they want to during hunting. The Pulsar Thermion XM50 Riflescope comes with onboard flash memory so that you can store up to 16GB videos and images.


6 reticles in addition to the existing 13 selections are available on the Thermion XM50 scopes. In addition to the all-time favorite reticles (Duplex, Mil-Dot, and Cross Bow), many stadia metric bullet drop compensating varieties are also available. 

Two additional reticle colors (Red and Green) have been added to the already available Black and White reticle colors. You can select one color for the center and a contrasting color for the moving target. The usefulness of the reticle will increase significantly as the shooters are now able to use different colors for the center or other parts of the reticle for distinctiveness. In many situations, the usefulness of reticles will increase by leaps and bounds. Whenever the reticle is positioned, a wide view and a tight view can be seen by the shooter through the scope.

Other Features

  • The Thermion XM50 Thermal scope is IPX7 rated. Even when you drop the scope in a creek or submerge it 3-feet under water for 30 minutes, it will keep on working. This increases the reliability of the scope in the field.
  • The PIP feature is especially helpful for the hunting community. The combination of upper PIP window and wide field of view in the larger screen helps in perfect placement of shots. Varmint hunters will find the magnified PIP’s reticle helpful in bringing down the foxes, hogs, and coyotes. 
  • Excitement is added to hunting with the streaming facility via Stream Vision application of Pulsar. Device features can be manipulated wirelessly with the help of StreamVision. With the help of WiFi signal, the scope can be controlled through a connected device from a maximum distance of 15 yards.

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The new Pulsar Thermion XM50 Riflescope is an impressive thermal scope that you can rely on. This top of the line thermal scope can be used on bolt action rifles and can be used for traditional and hunting purposes. You can mount this scope with any traditional 30mm ring. Whether you use a precision rifle or AR-rifle, you can use the Thermion XM50 scope as the preferred night or day vision sight for hunting. Pulsar has priced it at $4,179.99 (MRP). However, Thermion XM50 is available at a much lesser street price, making it that more amazing.

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