Desert Tech MDR Rifle Review 2019 – What do the Pro-Shooters Say About This?

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What do the Pro-Shooters Say About Desert Tech MDR Rifles?

Desert Tech MDR Rifles are definitely one of the most versatile rifles. These proof-of-concept models of MDR Rifles ensure that the shooters get the performance that has been promised. Some of the best aspects of Desert Tech MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) are true ambidextrous controls, caliber-changing capability, low-profile package, and full battle-rifle power. That’s why this ultra-compact rifle-line is becoming very popular among a wide range of shooters including military/law enforcement personnel, hunters (including varmint hunters), three gun competitors, and target shooters.

VIDEO: Overview of the Desert Tech MDR Rifles

Desert Tech MDR Rifles: What are the Top 6 Benefits?

  1. The MDR line of the Desert Tech rifles has brought together the advantages of more compact and maneuverable platforms with full-power rifles that don’t lose terminal ballistics. 
  2. These rifles are just 26.2” long and provide you with the muzzle energy of a full-length barrel in a more compact package. 
  3. These rifles have 16″ barrel and come with recoil-absorbing 8.3lbs weight. Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup Rifles readily accept all commonly available magazines that are compatible with standard AR-10s and SR-25s.
  4. The Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup Rifles have been designed by keeping the American shooters in mind. The balance of weight has been shifted closer to the shooter so that the shooters can maneuver it easily and also point it quickly. The manufacturer has put the controls in familiar locations and therefore the shooters new to the bullpup design wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time learning the intricacies.
  5. The Micro Dynamic Rifles of Desert Tech offer advanced firepower as well as adaptability.
  6. All Desert Tech MDR rifles come with Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects that can be availed by all owners (right from the first to the last) of the firearm.

What’s so Special about Desert Tech MDR Rifles?

Desert Tech MDR Rifles are revolutionalizing the concept of shooting platforms because of the multiple benefits these rifles are bringing with themselves. Let’s check some of the advanced features that make these Micro Dynamic Rifles so special:

1. Multi-Caliber

MDR Rifles are multi-caliber rifles that are adaptable in both size and caliber. These rifles provide tactical shooters (especially U.S. SOCOM) the required mobility without compromising lethality. To ensure maximum mobility, Desert Tech has made this rifle multi-caliber. 

The shooters can swap between different calibers (.223 Wylde, .308 Win, 6.5 CM, and .300 Blk) as per your needs to enhance performance. They can quickly convert between the calibers in the field for customizing as per the varying needs of recreational target shooting, hunting, and self-defense. A pro shooter can swap the barrel, magazine, ejection chute, bolt head, and insert a magazine well adapter well within a couple of minutes.

Two popular caliber options available with Desert Tech MDR Rifles are: .223 Wylde (close-to-medium distance) and .308 WIN (medium-to-long-distance). .300BLK and 6.5 CM are on the horizon. The .223 Wylde caliber MDR rifles are  3.7” shorter than the 10.3” barreled MK18 rifles. However, these MDRs have twice the effective range than the MK18s. In fact, the 16” barrel of MDR (.308 Win) is capable of penetrating Level 3 Armor with M855A1 ammo.

Video: AR15 or Desert Tech MDR which defeated body armor?

Comparison: .223 Wylde MDR Rifles versus .308 Win MDR Rifles

.223 Wylde MDR Rifles .308 Win MDR Rifles
Best for Military / Law Enforcement Operators / 3 Gun Competitors / Target Shooters / Varmint Hunters Hunters / Target Shooters / Military / Law Enforcement Officers
Specialty Fire in high velocity (thanks to the low recoil) to shoot in flat trajectory along with good accuracy and terminal performance on targets in the close-to-medium range distance (up to 300 m or 328 yards). Ideal for shooting at medium-to-long-range distances with maximum power at beyond 600 m (656 yards).
Rate of Fire (refer to MDR-A only) 550 550
Compatible Ammunition .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, M855A1 .308 Win, 7.62×51
Penetration Level III armor (with M855A1 ammunition) III+ armor (with M80A1 ammunition)
Accuracy 1.5 MOA 1.5 MOA
Energy 1,211 ft/lbs 2,483 ft/lbs
Range 550 m (601 yards) 750 m (820 yards)
Mobility 92% 92%
Reload Speed 1.3s 1.3s
Recoil 7 ft/lbs 19 ft/lbs
Mag Capacity 10/20/30 10/20
Trigger Pull 4.6 lbs 4.6 lbs
Models DT-MDR-S-556N-16-B
(.223 Wilde can reliably fire both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem)
(.308 Win can reliably fire both 7.62×51 and .308 Win Cartridges)

Video: Why are Desert Tech MDR Rifles Superior to other Traditional Rifles?

Multi-Caliber Desert Tech MDR Rifles: Models

Desert Tech MDR 5.56 Rifles are available Now!

Check the 5.56×45 MDR Models:

Model MPN Color Caliber Stock Action Barrel
DT-MDR-S-556N-16-B Black 5.56x45 Bullpup composite stock Semi-automatic-piston Barrel Length: 16 inches Barrel Twist:1:7
DT-MDR-S-556N-16-F FDE 5.56x45 Bullpup composite stock Semi-automatic-piston Barrel Length: 16 inches Barrel Twist:1:7

Check the 7.62X51 MDR Models:

Model MPN Color Caliber Stock Action Barrel
DT-MDR-S-762N-16-B Black 7.62X51 Bullpup composite stock Semi-automatic-piston Barrel Length: 16 inches Barrel Twist:1:10
DT-MDR-S-762N-16-F FDE 7.62X51 Bullpup composite stock Semi-automatic-piston Barrel Length: 16 inches Barrel Twist:1:10

2. Enhanced Mobility

The shooters using Desert Tech MDR Rifles are ultra-compact rifles that come with superb balance, high controllability, and fully ambidextrous/intuitively-located controls, enabling users to maximize their mobility in confined spaces of operation.

Video: Desert Tech MDR Mobility

Ultra-Compact Rifles

The MDRs are 3.7” shorter than the MK18 rifles and around 13” shorter than the FN SCAR-H rifles. This ultra-compact size provides users with maximum mobility. Even in tight quarters, the tactical shooters, military, law enforcement officers, and hunters can move with ease.

Superb Balance and Controllability

The perfect balance, as well as controllability, help the Desert Tech MDR Rifle shooters retain maximum control while firing. Even in tighter spots such as moving in/out of a vehicle, MDR operators retain maximum maneuverability. In places/situations where the two-hand operation is not possible, the shooters can resort to one-hand shooting with the 7.62 NATO chambered MDR Rifles.

Ergonomic Controls

MDRs are fully ambidextrous and come with intuitively-located controls, eliminating the unnecessary body movement in the field, especially during the operation. The patented forward-ejection system help shooters in the field to quickly transition the rifle between shoulders without having the need of reconfiguring it.

Video – Desert Tech MDR Ergonomic Design

3. Speed

Speed matters no matter whether you are in a real-life law enforcement/military operation or tactical/competition shooting. Desert Tech has solved the conventional problems associated with bullpup rifles and incorporated ambidextrous triggers, ergonomic design, and fast-changeable magazines so that the MDR Rifle operators can respond to threats more quickly. 

Video: Desert Tech MDR Speed

Faster Reload Time

Desert Tech has simplified the complex reload process found in traditional AR15 / M16 style rifles.

6-step reload mechanism of AR15 Rifles: 
  1. Breaking cheek weld
  2. Ejecting magazine
  3. Inserting new magazine
  4. Engaging bolt release
  5. Re-engaging cheek weld
  6. Firing rifle
3-step reload mechanism of Desert Tech MDR Rifles:
  1. Ejecting Magazine
  2. Simultaneously inserting the new magazine and engage the bolt catch
  3. Firing rifle

That’s why MDRs operate faster than the traditional AR15s or M16s.

Faster Maneuvering

MDRs are 100% ambidextrous, compact in size, and have an advanced design, helping the shooters maximize their speed while maneuvering around obstacles. The patented forward ejection system helps in protecting the face of shooters from the ejecting brass.

4. High Reliability & Durability

Desert Tech MDR Bullpup Rifles are subjected to military-grade reliability as well as durability tests (including Mil-spec testing in ice, salt, water, and sand) so that they can be used in all types of field conditions (including military) and environmental conditions (including extreme temperatures). These rifles function reliably with all kinds of ammunition.

Video: Desert Tech MDR Reliability and Durability

Extreme Reliability

MDRs function reliably with all ammunitions because of the presence of the 6-position gas system as well as a wide extractor.

Cleaner Firepower

While the DI system of Mk18 releases gases near the shooter’s face (onto the bolt carrier), the short-stroke gas piston of Desert Tech MDR releases gas out of the receiver front. That’s why MDRs remain cleaner and more reliable.

Maximum Durability

Desert Tech MDR Rifles are subjected to military standard durability testing (including 10,000 rounds of endurance/bore obstruction/drop testing.

Gas Control Safety System (Patented)

An obstruction in the bore of the rifle can lead to a gas overpressure in the rifles. In traditional rifles, it may lead to injury due to such malfunctions. The patented gas control safety system blows out the two pressure plugs in the Picatinny rail in case of gas overpressure, thereby avoiding any injury.

Video: Desert Tech MDR does Military standard M4 Carbine Mud Test

5. Maximum Concealment from Threats

MDRs offer shooters with maximum concealment and ambidexterity, thereby offering them with more than just a compact rifle. The advanced design helps shooters to return fire at any threat without exposing unnecessary body parts. 


  • Ambidextrous Shoulder Transition System

The ambidextrous design of the MDRs helps shooters to maximize concealment as they can transition the MDR from right to left shoulders and the other way round without exposing body parts to a threat. This is an important improvement over other bullpup designs as the latter requires shooters to expose more body portions during shoulder transition. 

  • 100% Ambidextrous Controls

All the controls on MDR rifles are intuitively located and essentially ambidextrous, thereby eliminating unnecessary body movement during operation. All the controls such as safety selector, bolt release, charging handle, magazine release, ejection chute, and sling mount are 100% ambidextrous and easy to use during operation, thereby enhancing concealment of the shooter from the threat.

Compact Size

The Desert Tech MDR Rifles can be concealed in a backpack or a vehicle because of the compact size.

Forward Eject System (Patented)

The patented forward-ejection system of MDRs helps in transitioning the rifle between shoulders without having the need of reconfiguring the rifle. The versatile ejection system enables users to eject the spent brass from either side through simple cover swapping. The casings can also be removed to the side instead of the forward by removing the ejection chute. 

Signature Reduction

Desert Tech MDR rifles come with flash suppressor/hider, reducing the flash visibility better than the available options in M4 rifles. The non-reflective surface finish minimizes the visible signature to night vision devices.

Video – Enhancing the Rate of Survival of MDR Shooters

6. Compatability

All the industry-standard accessories are compatible with Desert Tech MDR rifles, ensuring a better fit. Here are some of the compatible parts with Desert Tech MDR Rifles:

  • MDR accepts magazines of both SR25 and M16 rifles. 
  • The Picatinny Rail on the MDR helps in the easy and perfect mounting of optics. A wide array of accessories can be perfectly attached to the M-Lok slots on the handguard. Lasers, lights, grips, and bipods can be attached to the M-Lock slots at 3, 6, 9 o’clock mount.
  • The preferred muzzle devices and suppressors can be attached with standard threads (5/2×24 .308 win spec thread and 1/2×28 M16 spec thread). 
  • MDRs come with the extended handguard option, allowing users in extending the grip length and running over the barrel suppressors. This helps in maintaining an extremely short length of the MDR rifle.
  • The Ambi Flush Mount Sling Points are intuitively-located at the center of gravity of the rifle, helping shooters to carry the MDR comfortably when slung.

Desert Tech MDR Rifles: Update

Desert Tech MDR Rifle design was originally introduced in 2017. On the basis of the feedback received, the manufacturer has provided many updates to its owners free of cost.

Desert Tech MDR Update 2019

DESERTECH has incorporated many updates to the MDR-line in 2019. For ensuring maximum reliability throughout a wide array of ammunition, the manufacturer has refined the gas piston system as well as the extractor in the MDR. 

  • The most important upgrades done in 2019 are:
    • 6-position adjustable gas valve 
    • Wider extractor claw 

These upgrades have made Desert Tech MDR rifles more reliable as well as user-friendly. 

  • Another upgrade that has been incorporated in all the MDRs is the Panel Spring Kit Upgrade. This 2019 upgrade helps in preventing the possible detachment while operating the rifle.

Video: Get the .308 MDR today with all the new upgrades!

These 2019 upgrades have already been incorporated with the new MDR rifles that ship from the factory. The manufacturer has updated the dealer inventory too, thereby making all the currently available MDR models up to date.  

If you are a current owner of the Desert Tech MDR rifle, you can also avail of the upgrades at no cost. To avail the upgrade free of cost, the current MDR owners have to fill out a form (available in the site) by providing the corresponding MDR’s serial number along with the same information given in the warranty registration. Learn more.

NEW 2019 MDR and Updated Warranty Policy – Video

Why Desert Tech MDR .308 Bullpup Rifles are better than other Bullpup Rifles?

The ambidextrous design of the MDRs helps shooters to maximize concealment as they can transition the MDR from right to left shoulders and the other way round without exposing body parts to a threat. This is an important improvement over other bullpup designs as the other bullpups require shooters to expose more body portions during shoulder transition.

Desert Tech MDR On Target Performance – Video

Why Buy MDR .308 Semi-Automatic Bullpup Rifle over AR-10 / M1A Rifles?

The shorter length, lighter weight, better recoil absorbing capability, overall compact package, and ambidextrous design (including intruitively placed controls) are some of the reasons of buying a .308 MDR semi-automatic rifle

  • The .308 semi-auto rifle is capable of bringing down enemy targets/hunts at long ranges. 
  • These rifles are powerful enough for big game hunters to bring down most of the North American big games such as elks, deers, etc. 
  • Desert Tech MDR .308 Semi-Automatic Bullpup Rifles come with fast, detachable magazines. This makes them suitable for use in combat, tactical, and competition shooting for pro-shooters.

MDR has ensured that the shooters get a perfect alternative (with same capabilities) to AR-10 or M1A but at a shorter package. This provides MDR operators more maneuvering/operating space or clearing room than that of AR-10 and M1A rifles. That’s why you should buy .308 MDR Bullpup over AR10 or M1A.

MDR vs. AR15

Specifications of Desert Tech MDR Rifles

Expert Reviews of Desert Tech MDR: Video

Desert Tech MDR: Questions and Answers

#1 Does MDR Work?

Yes, the latest and updated version of the Desert Tech MDR Rifle definitely works. It works better than any AR10, M1A, and even AR15 rifles. The MDRs are military grade rifles that are smaller, faster, compact, and more versatile than most rifles available in the market currently.

#2 Which does the New Gas Valve Helps the Desert Tech MDR Rifles?

The new gas valve has been incorporated by the Desert Tech engineers after receiving many valuable feedbacks from the customers. 3 standard firing modes are identified for the MDR rifles. These modes will provide the correct gas volume as well as reliable function for all types of ammunition. Therefore, the shooter doesn’t need to fine tune the gas valve with respect to specific types of ammunitions. The new gas valve sizes differ in accordance with the .223 Wylde and .308 Win MDR Rifles. 

#3 Which are the Coatings used on MDR Rifles?

4 types of anodized coatings are used on the Desert Tech MDR Rifles and they are Type III, Cerakote, Melonite, and Black Oxide.

#4 Which muzzle device to use with the reflex handguard of the MDR in the absence of a suppressor?

When you are not using a suppressor, you are recommended to use Screaming Eagle .223 or .308 forward blast/cone styled extended muzzle device. This will help in throwing all the gases behind the bullet instead of the sides. Not all the forward blast/cone styled muzzle devices will work with the 1.1” inside diameter of the reflex handguard at the collar and 1.9″ at the muzzle.

#5 How do MDR Ejection System Work?

#6 How to Fix Ejection Chute Jam at MDRs?

#7 Do Magazines at MDR Rifle Drop Freely?

#8 Does MDR Rifle Accuracy Vary with Different Types of Ammunition?

#9 How MDR Barrel Block Works?

#10 How to Install/Remove a Magazine Well Spacer or Magwell Block?


Overall, Desert Tech MDR Rifle is a highly reliable and battle-ready bullpup rifle-line that comes with fully-ambidextrous controls. It has a commendabale accuracy level in the short-to-long range distance (depending upon your choice between .233 Wylde and .308 Win). The best part is the elegance with which the Desert Tech engineers have incorporated the .308 power in this highly compact rifle package. MDRs are a formidable firearm that can be used by all, no matter whether whether you are a military/law enforcement officer, hunter, or competition shooter.

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