Vortex Razor HD LHT Review: Lighter, Brighter, Long Range Scope for Modern Hunters in 2020

Vortex Optics has released a lightweight, purpose-built, long-range scope line in 2020 that perfectly solves all your shooting needs. Whether you want to use the LHT in tactical applications or hunting dark-timber whitetails, open-country mule deers, and everything in between, the Vortex Razor HD LHT (Light Hunter Tactical) Riflescope is the right solution for you.

This new line of scopes come in two variants: 3-15×50 and 3-15×42. No matter which variant you choose, they provide the shooter with a crystal-clear sight picture and extremely-sharp resolution. Therefore, you can take advantage of every second of legal shooting light. This impressive lineup is a true do-all-riflescope.

With a Vortex Razor HD LHT rifle scope mounted to your firearm, you can be sure that the optic will perform no matter the condition or the task. This one scope has the capabilities to be used with versatility and trust. From now on, take to the field with confidence and enjoy your hunting season to the hilt.

Who Should Buy?

Vortex Razor HD LHT rifle scopes are manufactured mainly to meet the needs of all kinds of hunters and long-range shooters. Hunting hogs, whitetails, mule deers, and larger games has become a breeze with The Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 and Razor HD 3-15×42 riflescopes. This scope’s lightweight profile makes it most suitable for the use of mountain hunters.

What’s so Special?

1. Trimmed Down Scope With Improved Features
The engineers of Vortex Optics understand the common problems that hunters face, especially the effects of excessive weight attributed to rifle and scope combinations. That’s why Vortex has trimmed down its scope (especially in terms of weight) to just 19.1oz so that it becomes easier for weight-conscious hunters to hunt for longer periods of time.

The best part of this trimming down is that the manufacturer has not compromised on the features but just removed the unnecessary features such as giant exposed windage turrets and bulky illumination knobs. In fact, they have also trimmed down the parallax knob. Vortex has streamlined the Vortex Razor HD LHT rifle scopes and lightened the design without sacrificing key features.

2. Locking Elevation Turret & Customizable Turret
One of the most appreciated features of this new riflescope line is the locking elevation turret that comes with the RevStop Zero System. This feature becomes extremely valuable when hunting. With the RevStop Zero System in place, you can be absolutely confident that your turret will not spin due to accidental touch. It has now become a breeze to drop in the zero stop ring.

Vortex Optics has incorporated a capped windage turret. Though it may sound like a negligible feature, it can be highly beneficial. Knowing that your windage is locked and set can also be a huge confidence booster on the field.

One of the main advantages of Vortex Razor HD LHT Scopes is its customizable turrets. It comes with a coupon that allows users to send it to Kenton Industries requesting them to customize turrets in accordance with your ballistics. This means that your customizable turrets can now come in yards in place of MOA/MRAD. It is commendable to note that Vortex has delivered on this feature request.

3. New HSR-5i Reticle
Vortex engineers have included a new HSR-5i reticle in their Razor HD LHT riflescopes.The HSR-5i has a cleaned-up view, allowing you to get full visibility in addition to providing you with all of the essential information.

4. Illuminated Center Dot
Illuminated center dots are a very important feature, especially if you are hunting in thick timber. Vortex Optics has recognized this need and has incorporated reticles (HSR-5i and G4i BDC) that come with illuminated center dots. The Vortex Razor HD LHT Scopes also come with easy push-button illumination control, located on the parallax knob.

You don’t have to fumble anymore or search to find the brightness knob. With the brightness control button located on the parallax knob, hunters can easily reach down and turn on the illumination without having to even think about it.

5. Razor HD Glass
Vortex Razor HD LHT Rifle scopes come with Vortex’s Razor HD glass that provides you with a crisp view in all conditions. The HD Optical System is optimized with select glass elements so that you can experience absolutely clear view, exceptional resolution, outstanding color fidelity, and edge-to-edge sharpness.

Taking a Closer Look

Vortex Razor HD LHT Riflescopes are meant for both hunters and long-range shooters. The manufacturer has successfully managed to cut down the weight of the scope by a few ounces without compromising with the essential features (such as locking, adjustable elevation turret, side-parallax adjustment, and illuminated reticle).


While the 3-15×42 model weighs 19.1 oz, the 3-15×50 model weighs 20.5 oz. When you add the sunshade and flip-up caps, the weight will go up by another 3 ounces. Even that means the weight is anything from 22-to-23 oz, which is pretty impressive for a long-range scope that comes with a 30mm main tube.


Vortex Razor HD LHT Riflescopes (both 3-15×50 and 3-15×42 models) are 13.3 inches long. The measurement of the objective bell and taper is 3.7 inches. The new riflescope line comes with a 6-inch tube between the bell and zoom ring. You will find many mounting solutions therefore mounting on most actions will not be a problem.

Zoom & Objective lens

All the Razor HD LHT scopes come with a 3-15x zoom. However, the size of the objective lenses vary. While the 3-15×50 models come with a 50mm objective lens, the 3-15×42 models come with a 42mm one.

Larger objective lenses are always preferable especially because they are extremely helpful in long to extreme-long-range shooting. Besides, they come with a wider and brighter field-of-view, improved image quality at larger magnification, better performance in low light conditions, and more flexibility with a larger exit pupil.

So, it is always better to go with the scope having the larger objective lens. If you are really constrained on budget, you should go for the 42mm objective lens because it saves you around $300 (in terms of MSRP). However, you can also check the authorized retail sites to check the latest price of the different models of Vortex Razor HD LHT scopes.

Now, let’s check the zoom. LHT has a 5x zoom, right from the lowest 3x setting to the highest 15x magnification. While 3x magnification helps you in quick target acquisition in deep woods, a 15x setting enables you to reach out in the open country. No matter which model you buy (Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 or Razor HD LHT 3-15×42), the magnification adjustment knob doesn’t have any new-scope stiffness and is easy to turn.

Whether you are a whitetail, prairie pronghorn, or timbered elk hunter, you will find this new rifle series is the perfect hunting companion. As a whitetail hunter, you can take a clean shot with this Razor HD LHT rifle scope no matter whether you encounter a deer at the base of the stand or across the field.

Second Focal Plane Reticle

Vortex Optics has incorporated a second focal plane reticle. You can choose from either the new HSR-5i reticle or the time-tested G4i BDC reticle. In the case of the second focal plane design, the reticle drop takes place only at the highest zoom setting and you get the reticle’s clear and detailed view across the zooming range with no changes in subtension size.

The New HSR-5i Reticle

There has been a trend of using Christmas-tree reticles in long-range scopes. However, these information packed reticles have their own shares of disadvantages. They are usually confusing, distracting, and limiting in real-life hunting scenarios.

To provide hunters with all the data without the clutter, Vortex has incorporated their new HSR-5i reticle (available in both MOA and MRAD measurements). To cater to the needs of the hunters, the HSR-5i reticle design combines:

  1. A fine crosshair
  2. An illuminated dot  
  3. Thin, easy-to-read ballistic drop and windage hash marks

This reticle is laser-etched on the glass and provides you with the most precise tolerances possible. The HSR-5i reticle design gives you accurate aiming points for shooting at extended ranges along with a clean field of view. The fine center crosshair subtensions have been carefully chosen so you get the perfect balance between precision aiming and low light visibility.

It is ideal for the hunters who look for enough information to utilize personalized ballistics but also prefer a clean look.

Available Models

G4i BDC Reticle: Time-tested and Proven

This reticle comes with a time-tested, proven design that provides you with:

  1. Reference marks to compensate for bullet drop and
  2. Bullet drift in windy conditions

G4i BDC reticle can be used with a wide array of firearms such as high powered rifles, slug shotguns, rimfire rifles, and black-powder rifles.

Dials & Elevation Turret

Vortex engineers have done away with the bulky reticle-brightness control dials to trim ounces. The new Razor HD LHT scopes now come with a soft-touch button cycle for controlling 10-levels of brightness. With just a single push, the brightness level can come back to the previously set illumination. For turning it off, you have to hold it for 4-seconds. In case, you forget to turn off the illumination, it’ll automatically shut down after 6-hours of inactivity.

Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 or Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 Rifle scopes have incorporated a robust elevation turret having solid and tactile clicks. The dials are not at all sloppy or mushy in any way. The elevation dial locks when the cap is in the down position.

When you lift the cap, the dial frees up. The turret has clearly marked and easy-to-read clicks. Numbers in parentheses designate the second-revolution measurements. The elevation turret comes with a zero-stop ring so that you get quick, tactile return-to-zero repeatability on the field.

Optical Quality

The new Razor HD LHT scope comes with great glass including optically indexed HD lenses. It not only provides a clear image in bright daylight but also in low light conditions. Even after well past the legal shooting light, LHT can provide you with a clear view of the target at 200 yards.

The manufacturer has used the ultimate anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces, ensuring the maximum transmission of light. It provides you with the highest possible clarity of the image. The best thing about this is that you will get amazing low-light performance.

To provide you with the correct color throughout the entire visual spectrum, Vortex has incorporated APO System Index-matched lenses in their new Razor HD LHT scopes. These rifle scopes come with optically indexed lenses, which helps in optimizing edge-to-edge image sharpness and brightness.


  1. Extremely clear optics with an impressive performance in dim light. 
  2. Compact size and lightweight.
  3. Available in both MOA and MRAD measurements.
  4. A capped windage knob helps to avoid accidental adjustment. 
  5. Easy-to-adjust elevation turret with locking feature.
  6. Awesome illumination dot with ten brightness adjustment levels.
  7. There is no significant negative aspect associated with this scope line.

Models & Specifications

Model Name Razor HD LHT 3-15x42 HSR-5i (MOA) RZR-31501 Razor HD LHT 3-15x42 HSR-5i (MRAD) RZR-31502 Razor HD LHT 3-15x50 G4i BDC (MRAD) RZR-31503 Razor HD LHT 3-15x50 HSR-5i (MOA) RZR-1590 Razor HD LHT 3-15x50 HSR-5i (MRAD) RZR-1591
MPN RZR-31501 RZR-31502 RZR-31503 RZR-1590 RZR-1591
Magnification 3-15x 3-15x 3-15x 3-15x 3-15x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm 42 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Tube Size 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Reticle HSR-5i (MOA) HSR-5i (MRAD) HSR-5i (MRAD) HSR-5i (MOA) HSR-5i (MRAD)
Field of View 35.3-7.0 ft/100 yds 35.3-7.0 ft/100 yds 35.3-7.0 ft/100 yds 35.3-7.0 ft/100 yds 35.3-7.0 ft/100 yds
Eye Relief 3.8 inches 3.8 inches 3.8 inches 3.8 inches 3.8 inches
Elevation Turret Style Locking/Zero Stop Locking/Zero Stop Locking/Zero Stop Locking/Zero Stop Locking/Zero Stop
Windage Turret Style Capped Capped Capped Capped Capped
Max Elevation/Windage Adjustment 80 MOA 23 MRAD 23 MRAD 80 MOA 23 MRAD
Parallax Setting 20 yards to infinity 20 yards to infinity 20 yards to infinity 20 yards to infinity 20 yards to infinity
Scope Length 13.3 inches 13.3 inches 13.3 inches 13.3 inches 13.3 inches
Scope Weight 19.1 oz 19.1 oz 20.5 oz 20.5 oz 20.5 oz

You can now choose a complete kit that you can use with your firearm-scope arrangement. You can choose from the scope along with compatible accessories including Rings, Cantilever Mounts, Flip Covers, and other accessories.

The 4 available complete kits are:

  1. Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 HSR-5i MOA Riflescope RZR-31501 KIT
  2. Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 HSR-5i MRAD SFP Riflescope RZR-31502 KIT
  3. Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 HSR-5i MOA SFP Riflescope RZR-1590 KIT
  4. Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 HSR-5i MRAD SFP Riflescope RZR-1591 KIT


Vortex Razor HD LHT Riflescope line is definitely one of the best long-range scopes for hunters and long range shooters in its class. The high-quality view it provides even in low light conditions at an MSRP of around US$1,400 (anything from US$800-1,100 in online retail shops) is truly amazing. The lightweight profile along with the useful features make both Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 and Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 the most value for money scopes in 2020.


#1 Is Razor HD LHT an FFP or SFP Scope?

Vortex Razor HD LHT scopes are Second Focal Plane (SFP) scopes.

#2 Does Razor HD LHT come with the scope rings?

Yes, Vortex Razor HD LHT Riflescopes come with scope rings. You can get a comprehensive list of rings, Cantilever Mounts, Flip Covers, and other accessories are the kits available at:

Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 HSR-5i MOA RZR-31501 KIT
Razor HD LHT 3-15×42 HSR-5i MRAD SFP RZR-31502 KIT
Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 HSR-5i MOA SFP RZR-1590 KIT, and
Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 HSR-5i MRAD SFP RZR-1591 KIT

#3 Vortex Razor HD LHT vs PST Gen 2: Which is Better?

The Vortex Razor HD LHT is a light hunter tactical long-range riflescope built mainly for all kinds of hunters.  Although it serves as a great option for long range tactical rifles as well. It is one of the best hunting scopes you’ll find in the market at an MSRP of around US$1499 (actual price hovering around US$800-1,000) in 2020. However, Vortex PST Gen 2 scopes are elite, top-tier tactical scopes that are built like a tank mainly for the tactical community. Though both are similarly priced, PST Gen 2 scopes are heavier than the new Razor HD LHT scopes. The purpose of shooting will define which scope you will buy. While the hunters would prefer LHT scopes, tactical shooters would prefer PST Gen 2 scopes.

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