Top 5 Accuracy International Stocks

Most popular Accuracy International stocks include AT AICS and AX AICS chassis systems that work great with rugged and stable platform of Remington 700, giving it the required durability, strength, and rigidity. These chassis systems are manufactured from polymer as well as alloy. Without any requirement of specialized gunsmithing, these stocks can be installed easily and quickly.

Chassis Systems of AICS rifles are unique and bring practical as well as ergonomic benefits of sniper rifle systems of AT and AX rifles to the Remington 700 platform. You will hardly find any other traditional stock where you can match configurability as well as modularity found in these Accuracy International stocks. You will get chassis system with both long and short Remington 700 actions in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Win Mag, and .308 Win lineup of cartridges. No matter which environment, field condition, or weather you are using, AICS is perfect for use with rugged platform for barreled action.

What makes AICS Stocks so Popular?

Accuracy International AICS stocks are the most advanced replacement stock systems currently available with Remington 700. These stocks are a class apart from the traditional ones because of the inherent advanced features. The full self bedding vee block is manufactured from high quality aluminum that is self aligning in nature. The exceptional durability and strength of AICS stocks are ensured by the polymer and metal structure. You can quickly install this chassis system and the process is very easy as no special gunsmithing is required here.

You will find adjustable cheek piece here and the users will find folding stocks with 2.0 models. For gravity bipod shooting’s lower center, you will get front end bipod mount. For enhanced stability as well as comfort, you will get thumb hole stock design.

5 Best AICS Stocks

Now, let’s check out the top 5 Accuracy International stocks:

1.       Accuracy International AX Chassis Long Action 338 CIP M700 Black, Pistol Grip, Folding Stock, 16′ fo

Accuracy International built the AX stock from the popular as well as proven AW series and added some major improvements in it. One of the major improvements you will find here is the flat bottom design, which allows incorporation of double stacked magazines. In this stock, shooters will also find adjustable cheekpieces as well as buttpad. The newly incorporated pistol grip will enable even and consistent grip. While AICS AX Chassis Long Action 338 CIP M700 Black, Pistol Grip, Folding Stock, 16′ fo has an overall length of 42.5″, its weight is 5.6 Lbs. with rails the for-end dimension of this AICS AX stocks is 16″.

2.       Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Folding Stock 2.0 PALE BROWN 26699PB

Besides the AICS AX stocks, users have incorporated technically advanced AICS AT rifle chassis system with Remington M700. Best features of AICS AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Folding Stock that makes it one of the most coveted chassis systems include use of 10mm as well as 20mm spacers for adjustable length, availability of adjustable (height as well as lateral) cheek piece, presence of 6 flush cup sling points to position sling quickly, availability of 5 round AICS magazine along with optional availability of 10 round magazines, and presence of KeySlot accessory mounting system (to be placed on surface of 6:00 O’Clock forend).

As option, you will get both 3:00 O’Clock as well as 9:00 O’Clock accessory rails. In addition, STANAG 4694/Mil-Std 1913 accessory rails are also available as optional features along with Co-planer Night Vision mount. You can easily use Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Folding Stock 2.0 PALE BROWN 26699PB for battles as it comes with optional Accuracy International’s battle proven hinge system. Another feature that you will get as optional feature is the AX styled pistol grip having traditional thumbhole stock sides.

3.       Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Fixed Stock 1.5 BLACK 26698BL

This chassis system has all the common features as Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Folding Stock 2.0 PALE BROWN 26699PB except for two features. One of the divergent features in relation to the previous one is that Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Fixed Stock 1.5 BLACK 26698BL comes with a fixed stock and not a folding one. The other is the color. While the above mentioned AICS stock is pale brown in color, this one is completely black. Besides these features, the other features are absolutely same. This Accuracy International AT Chassis LA .300 Win Model 700 Fixed Stock 1.5’s manufacturer part number is 26698BL. Check MPN before buying this AICS AT fixed stock chassis system.

4.       Accuracy International AT Chassis SA .308 Model 700 Folding Stock 2.0 GREEN 26695GR

This chassis system is used with .308 Model 700 Remington and is considered among the best known sturdy stocks available in the market with .308 mags. It is a folding stock type where the color is green, giving a battle ready look. Accuracy International has ensured that they have included latest innovations here. It comes with 6 flush cup sling points, adjustable cheek piece (both in terms of height and lateral adjustment), availability of 20mm as well as 10mm spacers for adjustable length of pull, presence of optional pistol grip (AX styled) having traditional thumbhole stock sides, availability of 5-round magazine as standard equipment along with optional availability of 10-round magazines, and battle proven hinge system.

Many other features are available with Accuracy International AT Chassis SA .308 Model 700 Folding Stock 2.0 GREEN 26695GR as optional features such as accessory rails of 3:00 O’Clock KeySlot and 9:00 O’Clock KeySlot, KeySlot accessory mounting system on forend surface of 6:00 O’Clock, STANAG 4694/Mil-Std 1913 accessory rails, and Co-planer Night Vision mount. The Green color of Accuracy International AICS stocks give it a battle ready look.

5.       Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700 LA .338 LAPUA CIP 16″ forend tube PALE BROWN 26714PB

It is one of the best chassis systems available with Remington 700 LA .338 LAPUA rifle. This is available in pale brown color and has come up as one of the most popular battle proven stocks available in the market currently. It comes with the same features found in Accuracy International AX Chassis Long Action 338 CIP M700 Black, Pistol Grip, Folding Stock, 16′ fo. In case of Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700 LA .338 LAPUA CIP 16″ forend tube PALE BROWN 26714PB, the forend tube dimension is 16″. While buying this chassis system, please check the MPN and UPC numbers that are 26714PB and 685450880282 respectively. Most importantly, it is a 2.0 folding stock and comes with a left sided folding rear.

These are the top 5 Accuracy International stocks available in the market. If you are mulling the idea of buying a sturdy and easy to use chassis system, buy any one of the AICS chassis systems listed here.

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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