Top 5 Accuracy International Rifles of 2015

Accuracy International

Accuracy International is among the most preferred rifles of all the leading shooters of the world. Though it started facing business issues in the early 2000s and went bankrupt in 2005, it restarted again a few days later and made some major changes in the business strategy and manufacturing. One of the best aspects of AI is their newly adopted Six Sigma rate-based-workflow and heavy investment in CNC machines and other software. This ensures rapid high quality production of rifles in least possible time. Accuracy International also adopted latest development techniques for ensuring high quality product.

Two important features you will notice in Accuracy rifles are double-stack magazine and blocky design. In fact, one of the well known snipers of all time Chris Kyle, on whom the popular movie American Sniper was made, said in his autobiography that he used Accuracy International rifles, provided to him by his unit during his third platoon in Ramada. He describes those AI 300s as “bad-ass”, if we put it in his own words. In his write-up, what he was most appreciative of AI rifles were shorter barrels and folding stocks.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 Accuracy rifles of 2015:

Accuracy International AX50 Rifle Dark Earth 6800DE

AI AX50 rifle comes with a 50 caliber design and a dark earth folding chassis that has an adjustable cheekpiece, accessory rails, moveable forward sling loops, and sight rail extensions to MIL STD 1913. This rifle is progressively used by the military as anti material weapon system. AX50 rifle comes with full length aluminum chassis on which a high grade steel action (having flat bottom) is bolted. No matter which kind of field or weather condition you are using this rifle in, full width recoil lug helps in maintaining zero, thereby eliminating all kinds of movement.

Accuracy International has manufactured this 50 caliber rifle by keeping its utmost safety in mind and that’s why they have incorporated two pressure release points. This system protects the shooter in case of cartridge failure by minimizing blowback in the event. In fact, the two socket-head screw systems also help in easy cleaning as the user can clean it by simply loosening the socket-head screws.
Accuracy International 6800DE AX50 Dark Earth rifle comes with AI AX50 one piece, 0 MOA integral picatinny rail, 53.9″ extended overall length (or 43.9″ folded overall length), two stage adjustable trigger from 3.3lbs to 4.4lbs, two position (“Safe” position and “Fire” position) safety lever, 1:15″ rifle barrel twist, integral Picatinny Rail scope mount, .50 caliber BMG caliber, and 27.5lb weight. Accuracy International provides stainless steel free floating rifle barrel that is 27″ or 692mm long. It is matched with high efficiency muzzle brake. Its price revolves around $11,000.

Accuracy International AX .338 Lapua Pale Brown Rifle

Accuracy International AX .338 Lapua Pale Brown rifle belongs to the AI’s AXMC (AX Multi Calibre) series of advanced technology weapon system, which comes with .338 Lapua Magnum calibre. It is a battle proven rifle that is not only a preferred device of law enforcement agencies and military but has also proved its mettle in the civilian shooting world. AX .338 Lapua Pale Brown rifle is known for its unrelenting quality, ruggedness, reliability, and accuracy. This rifle system is the perfect long range sniper system that adapts to the mission perfectly and is most importantly user configurable. With fully extended butt, the entire length of the rifle is 50.4” or 128cm. If you fold the butt, its total length becomes 40.6” or 103cm. Weight of this machine (inclusive of 12 o’clock  MIL-STD  1913  rail) is 15lbs or 6.8kg. This gunning device is made for usage in extreme weather and field conditions and that’s one of the reasons why military prefers Accuracy International AXMC rifle.

AI AX .338 Lapua rifle comes with 6 Lugs Front Locking action, 60 degrees opening, 6 mm striker fall bolt, 27” Stainless match-grade rifle, 1 in 9.35” twist, 3-position safety, fitted ‘Flush Cup’ sling points, 10 shot, double-stack magazine, folding stock, 1x20mm and 1x10mm spacers, and many more. The total dimension of the device is 1225mm x 180mm x 90mm. The standard accessories available with Accuracy International AX .338 Lapua Pale Brown rifle include patented KeySlot mounting system, STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails (attached on the mount), rear butt spike, bipods, bipod as well as Harris bipod mounts from Accuracy International, and many more. You can buy this rifle at around $8,000.

Accuracy International AX 308 Pale Brown chassis 24 inch barrel std brake

Accuracy International AX 308 is yet another combat proven firearm that is one of the most preferred rifles by the shooters. It comes with proofed steel action that features Quickloc quick release barrel system (patent for which is pending for Accuracy International), three position safety (including “second safe” position, “first safe” position, and “fire” position”), easy magazine insertion system, detachable 10-round double stack magazine (where top loading facility is also available), two-stage trigger (that can be adjusted for trigger weighing between 1.5kg and 2kg), 20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail, and 6 lug, 60 degree bolt. This short action .308 Winchester calibre rifle weighs just 13.9lb and has a full dimension of 1170mm x 180mm x 90mm.

Accuracy International AX 308 Pale Brown chassis 24 inch barrel std brake has 24” barrel with 1 in 12” barrel twist. This has been designed for rough usage in all kinds of weather and field conditions. Whether it is military, law enforcement, hunting, or other purposes, this rifle is perfect for all kinds of usages. For adjusting AX 308 rifle in accordance with preference or ease of individual shooter, the manufacturer has incorporated bipod position on the forend, bipod height, trigger reach, cheek piece height and lateral position, rear grip position, butt pad height angle, scope position, length of pull, and accessory rail/flush cup sling points. This military grade rifle will cost you around $7,000.

Accuracy International AX 300 Black chassis 26 inch barrel std brake

This rifle type belongs to the Accuracy International’s AXMC line of rifles that comes with .300 Win Mag. It costs around $7,000 and can be used in all kinds of shooting and weather conditions (including the extreme ones). That’s one of the reasons why Accuracy International AX 300 Black chassis 26 inch barrel std brake has become extremely popular among hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement professionals.

This rifle, having .300 Win mag calibre, comes with two-stage adjustable trigger (set between 3.3lbs and 4.4lbs), 26” stainless match-grade barrel, folding stock (that comes with adjustable cheek piece and butt), detachable, box-type, double-stack magazine, optional butt spike that provides an overall height adjustment of 38mm, 30 MOA STANAG optic rail, 1 in 9.35” twist barrel, Front Locking, 6 lugs action, fitted ‘Flush Cup’ sling points, 1x10mm and 1x20mm spacers, and 2x80mm Accessory Rails as well as 1x140mm Accessory Rail.

With fully extended butt adjustment, this rifle’s length is 50.4” or 128cm. Its weight is 15lbs or 6.8kg. A 3-position safety is also present, which helps in drawing back and retaining of firing pin. There are three safety levers present. While one is in the Second Safe Position (located in the back), the other two are in the First Safe Position (located in the center), and Fire position (located in the forward position). Accuracy International AX 300 Black chassis 26 inch barrel std brake comes with 26 inch barrel along with a standard brake.

Accuracy International AX .308 Win. Pale Brown SFP

This rifle also belongs to the AXMC line of Accuracy International rifles that comes with solid steel flat bottomed action, small diameter firing pin, a well chiseled chassis with the action strongly bolted a well as epoxy bonded on it. Accuracy International AX .308 Win. Pale Brown SFP costs $7,000 and can be used in all kinds of missions including long range sniper missions. It is 40.5″ long and has an overall weight of 12.2 lbs. AI has incorporated a folding stock of pale brown color having adjustable cheek piece, Picatinny Rail scope mount, 20 inch rifle barrel length, bolt action, 3-position safety, and two stage trigger. The other important features are same as in other AI AXMC rifles, as already discussed before.

If you are fond of Accuracy International rifles, check out these top 5 AI rifles before making the buying decision. Don’t forget to check the associated offers to SAVE BIG.

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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