Top 10 Interesting Hunting Blogs to Follow

Top 10 hunting blogs

As we greet the New Year 2016, the chilly weather made us ponder the best way of helping our readers to get authentic hunting information and resources. This is when we came up with the idea of suggesting them with the names of some of the best as well as interesting hunting blogs.

After lots of research we came up with a list of 10 interesting hunting blogs that our readers can follow for getting a closer feel of hunting:

1. Big Game Hunting Blog


thebiggamehunting blog This hunting blog is maintained by a hunting enthusiast named John, who started his big game hunting at an early age while accompanying his father and grandfather in big hunts. He hails from Texas and has not only participated in big game hunting all over the USA but also in many other parts of the world such as South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. He currently serves the United States Army and has also been part of multiple combat tours. John is a senior writer for Wide Open Spaces and is a member of National Rifle Association, Outdoor Writer’s Associations of America, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Safari Club International.

One of the best aspects that we liked about John’s Big Game Hunting Blog is that he is a hunting lover and provides hunting suggestions and guidance from his own experiences. The hunting images he uploads along with the hunts in his various blog posts carry the testimony of his knowledge on hunting and his love for the big hunting games. A must read blog for hunting lovers or the persons contemplating the idea of going on a hunt.

2. Deer and Deer Hunting Blog


deeranddeerhunting blogIt is the hunting blog of one of the most revered and popular hunting blog magazines named “Deer & Deer Hunting”. This exceptionally informative blog is maintained by its editor Dan Schmidt, who specializes in deer hunting and has become sort of a pioneer. Deer & Deer Hunting magazine was first published in the year 1977 and with the years the magazine has only became stronger in terms of content, suggestions, and most importantly viewership. As the magazine celebrates 38 years of producing pioneering content on whitetail hunting, the blog is carrying forward legacy of the reputation built by the magazine among deer hunters over the years.
If you are looking for practical and comprehensive information on deer hunting techniques or about white-tailed deer, this blog will guide you to receive detailed and comprehensive information. With Dan Schmidt in charge of the blog, experience of the readers are only expected to get enriched as he is known as one of the top deer biologists, hunters, behaviorists, and land managers of North America. If you really want to know about deer hunting, read this blog.

3. Skinny Moose

skinnymoose is not only about hunting, it is about enjoying the outdoors in the most happening way possible. This is among one of those few blogs that vouches to create a holistic knowledge base for hunters, outdoor sports enthusiasts, fishing aficionados, outdoor recreation buffs, and everything related to outdoor related activities and conservation. Whether it is news regarding hunting, commentary or comprehensive education, you will get thorough information and knowledge on sport shooting, hunting, fishing, mountain sports, watersports, powersports, conservation, and regulation. All the bloggers writing for Skinny Moose are influencers as well as experts in the fields of outdoor hunting and other outdoor related activities. That’s why has become one of the primary sources of knowledge and information of hunters and outdoor sports lovers.

4. The Will to Hunt


thewilltohunt was started by a hunting buff named Will in March 2011 for sharing his experiences with the hunting community. He is also a regular contributor to many online hunting and shooting gear publications such as Western Hunter Magazine Blog,,, Pocket Ranger,,, and He himself acknowledges that he is not an expert hunter and is more of a hunting buff who loves reading hunting blogs, shooting bows in his house’s backyard, check trail cameras, and spend time with his family in Minnesota, where he moved recently from Virginia. Whether it is about bow hunting, reviews of gears such as binoculars, blogs on wheels for hunting, or anything related to robust outdoor activities, you will find everything in The Will To Hunt blog.

5. Good Hunt

goodhunt blog
Ian Nance maintains this blog. He is a passionate hunter and lives in Central Florida. He is also the author of The Wild Life. In Good Hunt blog, you will not only be able to read hunting stories but also wild game recipes, news on hunting, and important tips. One of the best aspects about this blog is that it is not a hunting blog for certain kinds of animals such as deers or hogs. No matter what kind of hunting information you need, you will get all of them here. Whether it is the hunting season of wild hogs, ducks, deers, or other animals, you will get information on all of them. This aspect makes this blog that more interesting and worthwhile. Unlike most other personal blogs, posts in this blog are done on a more regular basis. No matter whether you want to know how to handload or want to test your hunting knowledge, you will get all kinds of information at GoodHunt.

6. The Suburban Bushwacker: From Fat Boy to Elk Hunter


suburbanbushwacker blogThe Suburban Bushwacker or SBW is one of the most interesting blogs, maintained by a 40 year old suburban guy. He defines himself as a typical person used to the general suburban lifestyle where his life revolves around working, DIY, maintaining family with kids, and watching TVs. Though he was always fascinated by the outdoor survival techniques of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, he first went out on a hunting expedition only in 2006 with a “Republican Gun Nut”, per his words. His first kill was a whitetail deer. From this point he started his journey of not only learning about hunting but also thinking like a hunter. As he acquires knowledge on hunting, he jots them down with “Elk hunting with a bow and arrow” as a symbolic gesture of his transformation from a “Fat Boy to Elk Hunter”. If you are a hunter or even polishing your skills to become a better one, you will certainly love reading his blog posts and personal hunting experiences.

7. Outdoors with Bill Howard

billhowardoutdoors blog
As the blog name sums up, this blog is maintained by Bill Howard, who started learning fishing and hunting from his father and grandfather at the age of 3 years. It is only in 2004 that he started hunting with his bow arrows. Unlike most hunting buffs, bill is a trained hunting professional who is also the instructor at bowhunter education (IBEP) and hunter education (IHEA) programs. He’s not only Pope and Young’s associate member but also NCBA’s District 3 Wildlife Representative as well as North Carolina Bowhunter’s Association’s lifetime member. Every week, Bill Howard shares his hunting stories, experiences, education materials, and passion for hunting in this blog, which has already become one of the most popular and authentic information destination of thousands of hunters and hunting aficionados.

8. Nine Finger Chronicles


ninefingerchronicles blogNine Finer Chronicles is another popular hunting blogs that mainly deals with hunting and everything related to whitetails. This blog is maintained by Dan Johnson, who himself is a bow hunter and doesn’t shy about his nine fingers. He tries to bring out the lighter side of life through his write-ups on hunting and everything related to outdoor adventures. Whether it is deer hunting, bow hunting, whitetail hunting, archery, adventure, turkey hunting, shed hunting, product review, or anything related to outdoor activities, you will find this Nine Finger Chronicles blog an informative resource.

9. A Wild Beast at Heart

awildbeastatheart blog
It is yet another exciting hunting blog that shares information on firearms, interesting outdoor activities and games, fishing, hunting stories, and books. We loved reading the holiday hunting expedition stories that reminded all of us the extreme wilderness in our hearts about hunting. Personal experiences of hunting in this blog will surely reignite the passion of hunting. AWildBeastAtHeart blog is maintained by Rodrigo Tardelli Meirelles, who currently lives in Michigan’s Traverse City. He is a searcher and globe trotter. He shares his life experiences, love for hunting, and the adventure of outdoor activities in this blog.

10. Deer Hunting Big Bucks


deerhuntingbigbucks blogDeer Hunting Big Bucks is maintained by Adam and is a hunter not only by passion but from his heart. He is a United States Army Veteran and considers hunting an American Heritage. The way he describes his love for whitetails or movements of a doe, you will surely feel the love this guy has for deer hunting. Adam is not only a member of National Rifle Association but also of The Pope and Young Club and Quality Deer Management Association. He believes in wildlife conservation and hopes to preserve the wildlife for the future generations to enjoy beauty of nature. This blog will surely make you fall in love with deer hunting and outdoor activities all over again.

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