Gunwerks G7 E1015
Gunwerks G7 BR2, Rangefinder

New Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015 – Top News for 2017

Gunwerks has introduced brand new G7 BR2500 E1015 in their ballistic rangefinder series with improved range and capabilities. You will find these features and specs in military range finding devices only. It is fully manufactured in the USA. Launched in August, it has already grabbed the eyeballs of pro hunters and shooters. Latest GSeven branded […]


10 Best Rangefinders to Buy this Fall

One of the wisest investments that a hunter can make while hunting is to invest in rangefinders. In fact, there are many quality rangefinding devices that are used by golf players and many other purposes. These devices though come with different features than the ones meant for hunting. The rangefinders that are used by the […]