New Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015 – Top News for 2017

Gunwerks G7 E1015

Gunwerks has introduced brand new G7 BR2500 E1015 in their ballistic rangefinder series with improved range and capabilities. You will find these features and specs in military range finding devices only. It is fully manufactured in the USA. Launched in August, it has already grabbed the eyeballs of pro hunters and shooters.

Latest GSeven branded BR2500 ballistic rangefinder comes with major tech upgrades –

  • Effective range is over 2,500 yards (in optimal conditions)
  • Amazing laser beam divergence, which is set at .75 MRAD
  • Optimized for hunting with advanced signal processing of animals specifically
  • 5 on-device programmable ballistic profiles
  • Available sensors for range, wind compensation, inclination, temperature, and pressure

This new Gunwerks rangefinder is the complete ballistic solver for both drop as well as wind. Outputs are now available in MRAD, MOA, and BDC or Shoot-To compensation. It  is the successor of highly popular Gunwerks E1011 BR2 ballistic shooting laser rangefinder and comes with notable upgrades in hardware and specifications.

(Know Why G7 BR2 Ballistic Rangefinder E1011 is so popular among long range hunters?)

If you are looking for a comprehensive ballistic solver for drop, wind, and output, new Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015 is the answer.

What’s Special in Gunwerks E1015 G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder?

  • G7 BR2500 rangefinder comes with new laser hardware having tighter beam divergence, which helps in more precise ranging.
  • Gunwerks has incorporated more powerful laser in this new G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015 that not only helps in extending the range to 2,500 yards but also maintains Class 1 Eye-Safe designation. This Gunwerks rangefinder is definitely the best rangefinder for long range shooting and hunting.
  • You’ll also get ballistic drop compensation up to a maximum of 1,400 yards in BDC, MOA, and MRAD outputs.
  • G7 BR2500 E1015 comes with improved algorithms for ranging as well as targeting. This is the perfect handheld ballistic ranging device for field usage. It is best suited for hunting because it has been tuned for taking shots at animals located at long ranges rather than taking shots at large reflective targets (plates generally made up of steel).
  • Real time compensation for temperature, angle, wind, and altitude are available.
  • You can set 5 different customized program profiles with respect to firearms and cartridges.
  • Complete ballistic calculations can be done with just one button push.

What’s More?

There are many other important features of this new Gunwerks ballistic rangefinder including on-board ballistic solver, on -field programmability, and GORE-TEX membrane supported rugged weatherproof housing. A hunter or shooter will not need any app or other device for programming in the field.

It comes with a monocular of 7x26mm power and objective lens diameter. You can load G1 or G7 ballistic coefficient, zero range, and muzzle velocity information. It’ll take this new Gunwerks Rangefinder less than 4 seconds for measuring and calculating ballistic details. The company claims the accuracy rate of the data is within 0.1 MOA up to 1,400 yards. Measurement details are available in BDC, MRAD, and MOA.

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015 runs on a single CR123 battery and therefore has the potential to run for 8 hours at a stretch. The Wyoming based manufacturer has incorporated IP55 environment protection, 0-122°F operating temperature, -20-158°F storage temperature, and multiple modes of TruPulse Targeting (Basic, Near, Far, Scan). The package is inclusive of a rangefinder, soft case and lanyard along with an owner’s manual.

Gunwerks CEO Statement

Gunwerks founder and CEO, Aaron Davidson, called Gunwerks e1015 G7 BR2500 ballistic rangefinder  the “most advanced ballistic rangefinder yet”.

In a press release, Aaron said that this new ballistic rangefinder G7 BR2500 E1015 not only exceeds ranging capabilities of its predecessor G7 BR2 E1011 but also provides features and capabilities that were only found in advanced military technology. He went on to say that Gunwerks has been successful to retain the Class 1 eye-safe designation with the laser used.


Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Specifications

  • Measurement Range – 10-2500 yards (+/- 1 yard accuracy)
  • Maximum Ballistic Calculation Range – 1400 yards (+/- 1 yard accuracy)
  • Temperature Sensor Range – 0-122° F (+/- 2° F accuracy)
  • Tilt Sensor Range – +/- 90° (+/- 1° within +/- 60° accuracy)
  • Pressure Sensor Range – 4-36 inHg (± 0.5 inHg accuracy)
  • Monocular Optics – 7x26mm
  • Eye Relief – 20mm
  • Field of View (FoV) – 330ft @ 1000 yards
  • Laser Type – Class 1 (905nm)
  • Beam Divergence – .75 x 1.5 mrad
  • Measurement/Ballistic Solution Time – ≤ 4sec

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder E1015



This new and advanced Gunwerks rangefinder is definitely one of the most advanced ballistic rangefinders, whose specs and features can only be found in the military products. It  provides more than 2,500 yards effective range, .75 x 1.5 MRAD beam divergence, five available sensors, and five on-device programmable ballistic profiles. This product is perfect for hunting as it comes with the advanced signal processing of animals (and not steel target metals).

The specs and features incorporated in this rangefinder make it one of the leading most range finding devices in the market currently. You can learn more about the New Gunwerks Ballistic Rangefinder G7 BR2500 E1015.

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