Steiner T5Xi Tactical Riflescope Series – What’s so Special about it?

Steiner has manufactured T5Xi line of precision riflescopes for competitive shooting. This line of scope, unveiled in 2015, is also gaining popularity among the tactical shooters and also the hunting community. Steiner T5Xi riflescope has three models for all kinds of shooting purposes. These models are T5Xi 5-25x56mm (for medium to extreme long range shooting/hunting), 3-15x50mm (for those shooters who want to shoot in medium to long range distance), and 1-5x24mm (especially meant for chase and shoot hunting expeditions at close quarters).

Special Features

1. Patented Turret (Never-Lost) and Diopter Locking Features

The users will find some great features in these Steiner T5Xi scopes. Patented Never-Lost turret is the best feature here as it eliminates all kinds of guesses you have to make in most other turrets in different scopes. This patented system of Steiner enables shooters to have a look at the mil-count, which is visible elevation turret’s indicator window. With this feature in place, there is no chance of getting lost on the dial while shooting on field. You will find scale’s mil numbers changing automatically after one complete revolution, which consists of 120 clicks. Second Rotation Indicator is found to be especially helpful in this scope. With the diopter locking feature in place, you will not face any kind of accidental diopter rotation while shooting on field. This feature is especially helpful because adjustment change of diopter in the field can be very annoying and may become fatal too, in some cases. The setting knobs are easy to hold and that’s why it is easy to make adjustments even when you are looking through the lens from behind the scope.

2. Reticle

In the Steiner T5Xi riflescope series, two kinds of reticles are used. While Steiner T5XI 5-25×56 Riflescope SCR Reticle MPN 5122 and Steiner T5XI 3-15×50 Riflescope SCR Reticle MPN 5112 come with new Special Competition Reticle (SCR) reticle, Steiner T5XI 1-5×24 Riflescope 5.56 Reticle MPN 5101 and Steiner T5XI 1-5×24 Riflescope 7.62 Reticle MPN 5102 come with 3TR (5.56 and 7.62) reticle choices. Now, let’s have a closer look at the three different reticle choices available with Steiner T5Xi scope series:

i. SCR Reticle

It is the new reticle type used with both Steiner T5XI 3-15×50 and Steiner T5XI 5-25×56 riflescopes. Special Competition Reticle or SCR, as it is popularly known, is a precision reticle that is absolutely free from any kind of clutter and therefore has become very effective in long to extreme long range shooting. Though MOA version of this reticle is available in the market (especially with Burris scopes), Steiner has used only the mil-calculated one. SCR Mil reticle has been used by Steiner mainly for precision competitive users. One of the main features of this reticle-type is the presence of extended illumination area, which has been found effective in engaging long range targets in low-light conditions (especially twilight) or in dense shadowy forests. SCR reticle comes with 1-mil as well as 2/10-mil hold-off lines that help shooters in achieving precision while shooting. You will also get 1/2-mil holdover lines in this reticle. This reticle is placed in the First Focal Plane. Therefore, you will get accurate hold-off and trajectory compensation references at all magnification levels. SCR reticle is designed in such a manner that it helps shooters get exact range and also able to get proper measurement. The shooters will also get increased speed as well as better precision in case of wind hold-off.

ii. 3TR 5.56 Reticle

You will find this reticle option with Steiner T5XI 1-5×24 Riflescope 5.56 Reticle MPN 5101. This reticle type is found to be perfect for 5.56 rounds. 3TR 5.56 reticle has been designed especially for closequarter encounters and that’s why it has been accompanied with T5XI 1-5×24 Riflescope. You can use this reticle at 1x magnification (point blank range), where you need situational awareness. As the magnification range of the scope is from 1x to 5x, it has been put in the second focal plane. This means the size of the reticle will seem to remain constant, irrespective of the change in magnification. Some other important features of the reticle are 0.4 mRad illuminated red center dot and 11 illumination brightness levels.

iii. 3TR 7.62 Reticle

You will find this reticle with Steiner T5XI 1-5×24 Riflescope 7.62 Reticle MPN 5102. It is located in second focal plane and provides short range shooters and hunters with situational awareness ability. 3TR 7.62 is perfect for 7.62 rounds. You will find 0.4 mRad illuminated red center dot, which helps in quick identification of the target and therefore is found to be the perfect reticle for close range hunting (especially chase and shoot expeditions). 3TR 7.62 reticle helps you remain aware of situations happening at 1x magnification. The maximum magnification up to which you will get advantage of this reticle is 5x. There are 11 levels of illumination brightness available.

3. Eye Relief is Consistent

No matter which magnification range you are using, the eye relief remains consistent. You will not need to reposition your eye while changing magnification because of consistent eye relief, on one hand, and generous eye box, on the other.

4. 30mm and 34mm Tube Size

While both Steiner T5Xi 5-25×56 and Steiner T5Xi 3-15×50 riflescopes come with 34mm tube size, Steiner T5Xi 1-5×24 comes with 30mm tube size. Incorporation of over sized tube helps in gathering more light within the scope, thereby helping shooters get brighter images and more image clarity. Larger tube size also helps users get enhanced windage and elevation adjustment, especially when aiming targets at long distances. In fact, 34mm scopes are found to be more reliable and strong. These are the 4 main features that make Steiner T5Xi riflescope series so special. That’s why these scopes are becoming so much popular among competition/tactical shooters and hunters.

Can Steiner T5Xi Tactical Riflescopes be used for Border Patrolling Purposes?

T5Xi tactical scopes from Steiner have been designed to face off the deadly determined adversaries. In fact, different law enforcement departments are finding this scope useful, especially for patrolling coastlines, dark streets, and long border areas. When a personnel is using a scope in this kind of sensitive location, there can’t be any margin of error (especially in the image quality). A wrong shot can become costly and may be disastrous too. That’s why law and order personnel need reliable optical devices that come with high quality optics (producing crystal clear sharp images without any blur or optical distortion), tough body (to withstand shock and harshest weather conditions), and ability to enhance target spotting (with the use of right reticle). Whether you are a tactical shooter, hunter, or competition shooter, Steiner T5Xi series tactical scopes will serve the purpose.

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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