Schmidt & Bender PMII Scopes – A Class Apart

Schmidt & Bender PM II riflescopes are priced on the higher side of $2,000. Many shooters ask whether these scopes are really worth that much and whether they should buy such an expensive optical device. Without a second thought, Scopelist team of experts give this riflescope a definite go ahead. To help readers get a detailed view of Schmidt Bender PMII riflescope, Scopelist has decoded the essential features of the scope by reviewing it hands-on and therefore write a comprehensive review on this line of scope.

Before getting into the details of Schmidt Bender PMII review, it needs to be said that this scope is a completely new breed of optical device, no matter whether you have used Nightforce or Leupold Mark IV Series scopes. There are certain special features that you will find only in S&B PMII scopes. Schmidt Bender has ensured while designing this scope line that they provide their users with the most advanced imaging capability experience, coupled with amazing reliability. All these inherent strong features along with special features justify the scope’s over $2,000 price.

Reliability is the Key – Know How
The finest German engineering of Schmidt and Bender PMII helps it surpass quality standards of almost all its peers. Combat professionals, benchresters, and tactical shooters rely on this scope to enjoy uncompromised shooting experience, especially in the challenging environmental conditions. This scope has set its own standard and that’s why most shooters like to have S&B PM II in their possession. In fact, many hunters also keep this Schmidt Bender riflescope in their rucksack as a spare, even when they are using any other riflescope. One of the reasons why they always keep one S B PM II riflescope with them because they believe it will hold up to harshest recoil and will be able to sail through the worst possible weather conditions (right from freezing heavy rain to blistering heat), without compromising optical clarity in any manner.

When the question comes to participating in tactical competitions, Schmidt and Bender PM II riflescopes are known as one of the most hardy and durable scopes. When a tactical shooter spends hundreds and thousands of dollars to participate in competitions, miles away from his/her home, the last thing he/she expects is breakdown of the equipments. This is where this scope category scores above its competitors, which can hardly match to PMII’s high end durability.

Why Schmidt & Bender PM II Scopes are a Class Apart?
To get a better understanding about the Police Marksman II riflescope, you have a look at the different features that makes this scope a level above other scopes:

i.Optical Clarity and Resolution
When the optics of this scope is checked, we found that its sharpness, brightness, and color fidelity is a class apart from most of the scopes we checked in recent times. While looking through this scope, we got a similar feel as we got through a 30x Leica or Zeiss scope. In fact, the quality is nowhere near the features of contemporary 10x riflescopes. One thing we found, which needs special mention, is the ability of this SB PM II scope to find out targets even under the shades or in dark foliages. This has been possible due to the excellent contrast, color, and vivid resolution. The only resolution comparison we could make is with the finest lenses of high-end lenses.
While testing the externals of Schmidt Bender PM II 4-16×50 /P, we found out that its weight is similar to that of Nightforce NXS 5-22×56. This PMII scope weighs 32 ounces and is 15.5 inches long. With 4x-16x zoom range it works great for mid-range shooters. When we checked out the 3x-12x version of this Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman Series scope we found out that it features the 34mm tube. Therefore, in case of this scope, you will get limited options of commercial ring sets for proper fitting. In fact, due to the presence of fatter bellied tube of Schmidt Bender 3-12x PM II scope, users will get enhanced elevation adjustment range.

ii. Elevation and Windage
Schmidt Bender PM II riflescopes generally come properly centered as well as adjusted, out of the box. In fact, it took just 5 rounds to sight-in the scope. Even on the custom rifles, we found the windage to be very little. For hunters and tactical shooters who prefer MOA calculations, SB has brought a MOA version. It comes with 1/4 MOA double-turn knob, which requires just two rotations to adjust elevation from minimum to maximum.

One of the most important features that we found on top of the elevation turret is the presence of windows. They come handy for the shooters in the fields, where they concentrate on the target and hardly have time for remembering the elevation turret. Once elevation turret’s second rotation is done, the shooters are able to see the window.

The total adjustment available at Schmidt and Bender PM II military riflescope is 56MOA. This is where the double turn turret comes handy. In the first rotation, a clear panel is displayed along with lower white-painted index numbers. Here, the numbers run from 0 MOA to 27 MOA, with two more adjustments taking the rotation to 29 MOA. The upper set window with yellow panel opens up when the double turn is adjusted above 29MOA. The upper yellow number set starts at 30 MOA. Though the final available index mark is up to 54 MOA, you will find two more MOA adjustment spaces above it. Therefore, the total rotation provides 56 MOA adjustment.

iii. Repeatability
One of the main problems most shooters complain about their scope is unreliable tracking. In fact, this is a graver problem than poor quality optics. That’s why the first thing we checked while testing the Schmidt & Bender PM II riflescope is the availability of full windage/elevation adjustment range. That’s why we did a box test. While running this test, we had a central aiming point along with separate four diameter impact circles, one inch each. All these 4 circles were 6 inches apart horizontally and 4 inches apart vertically.
After we completed our testing, it was found out that tracking of the S&B PM II scope was positive and at the same time repeatable throughout the entire range of adjustment. In fact, in most of the other similar scopes, that we tested in recent times, didn’t deliver this kind of performance. In addition, we didn’t find any lash problem either. Every adjustment click is clear, crisp, and distinct. Unlike many scopes, where the shooters don’t get exact reticle movement in terms of clicks, here we found out that there is a complete synergy between reticle movement and clicks. If you turn two clicks, you will get reticle movement of two clicks itself and no more or less than that.

While performing the box test we used 155gr Scenars first, followed by a 170gr Lapua Lock Base. When we were changing of the ammunition, we found out that baseline zero got altered slightly during ammo-switch. However, we didn’t find any change in tracking capability. During the field shoot, we dialed up the adjustment by 4 MOA. We noticed that bullet impact also moved up exactly by 4 MOA. It needs to be mentioned here that in both vertical and horizontal shifts, the point of impact moved up by exactly the amount of MOA adjusted. That’s why we can say that repeatability of this scope is absolutely perfect.

What are our Findings and Recommendations?
S&B PMII riflescope is surely a class apart and that’s why it is worth the price. If you just want any other scope and don’t want to shell out 2000 bucks for hunting, that’s your preference. However, if you are open to buying a great quality scope and budget is not a constraint, we would recommend you to buy these Schmidt and Bender PM II riflescopes. No matter whether you are a tactical shooter or hunter, you will surely love to have this scope in your possession.

If you are looking for a scope that enables you to shoot at 1,000 yards distance, these devices will not be perfect because of the magnification inadequacy. Though Schmidt Bender’s 3-20×50 PM II, 3-12×50 PM II, and 4-16×50 PM II variants may not serve the benchrest competition or 1,000 yards range hunting/long-range shooting requirements, you can surely choose from either Schmidt Bender 5-25×56 PM II or Schmidt Bender 12-50×56 PM II variants for meeting your requirements. Schmidt & Bender PM II riflescopes is a perfect tactical scope and is surely top of its class, which gives you the additional confidence to use and carry with you. We recommend users to buy PM II line of scopes.

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