Nikon Black FX1000 vs X1000 Riflescopes: Which One Should You Buy?

Nikon Black FX1000 vs Nikon Black X1000 Riflescopes: Comparison

The Nikon BLACK FX1000 series of riflescopes was introduced as an improvement over the original Nikon BLACK X1000 riflescopes. 

The Nikon BLACK X1000 scopes are absolutely fantastic riflescopes with top-notch edge-to-edge clarity, parallax, and tracking ability. These scopes are perfect for those shooters who want to get into long-range shooting but on a budget. While Nikon BLACK X1000 Riflescopes have an MSRP price range within $500-$650, Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescopes have a price range within $650-$800.

The new Nikon BLACK FX1000 Riflescopes come with first focal plane reticle placement in place of the second focal plane design in BLACK X1000 scopes. BLACK FX1000 features the proprietary High-Speed Turrets with Integral Zero Stop, allowing users to dial 25 MOA/10 MRAD of adjustment per revolution. 

If you are planning to start shooting at National Rifle League and Precision Rifle Series matches, choose any one of these scopes and enjoy long-range shooting on a budget.

If you are comfortable with a second focal plane scope, choose scope from the Nikon BLACK X1000 Scope-line. If you want the reticle to retain its relationship with the target at any magnification, you should choose from the Nikon BLACK FX1000 variants that come with First Focal Plane (FFP) reticles. The FFP scopes are especially come handy for the long-range shooters who like to hold over for elevation.

Nikon BLACK FX1000 Riflescopes: An Overview

The Nikon BLACK FX1000 Riflescopes are First Focal Plane (FFP) scopes that are optimized for hold-overs. These scopes feature Nikon’s proprietary High-Speed Turrets along with Integral Zero Stop that helps shooters in dialing either 25 MOA or 10 MRAD adjustment per revolution. These scopes are an absolute steal because they offer many high-end features (found only in high-end or premium scopes) such as etched holdover type reticles (FX-MOA or FX-MRAD), “rapid turrets”, First Focal Plane reticle placement, 30 mm body tube, and many more at a price range of around $650. 

Nikon BLACK FX1000 Scopes come in 2 variants:

Nikon BLACK FX1000 4-16x50SF Riflescope: Models

MPN Reticle Reticle Illumination Price (MSRP)
16511 FX-MOA No $649.95
16513 FX-MOA Yes $749.95
16512 FX-MRAD No $649.95
16514 FX-MRAD Yes $749.95

Nikon BLACK FX1000 6-24x50SF Riflescope: Models

MPN Reticle Reticle Illumination Price (MSRP)
16515 FX-MOA Yes $649.95
16516 FX-MRAD Yes $749.95

Nikon BLACK X1000 Riflescopes: An Overview

Nikon Black X1000 Scopes are rugged long-range shooting riflescopes that are perfect for serious shooters looking for long-range scope at a budget. It comes with a 30mm main tube, which is manufactured from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. These riflescopes feature Second Focal Plane reticle placement, High-Speed Turrets with Integral Zero Stop.

Nikon BLACK X1000 Scopes also comes in 2 variants:

Nikon BLACK X1000 4-16x50SF Riflescope: Models

MPN Reticle Reticle Illumination Price (MSRP)
16381 FX-MOA No $499.95
16382 X-MOA Yes $599.95
16383 X-MRAD Yes $599.95

Nikon BLACK X1000 6-24x50SF Riflescope: Models

MPN Reticle Reticle Illumination Price (MSRP)
16423 X-MOA No $649.95
16384 X-MRAD Yes $649.95


Both Nikon Black FX-1000 and X-1000 Riflescopes are best for long-range shooting. These are perfect for shooters who are looking for an entry in long-range shooting at a medium budget. The shooters preferring an FFP scope can go for the updated and newer Nikon Black FX-1000 Riflescopes but those comfortable with SFP reticles can go for the Nikon Black X-1000 Riflescopes.

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