New Swarovski Binoculars of 2015

Swarovski Optik has launched some great quality binoculars in 2015. Swarovski has released three new high quality binoculars and all of them belong to the EL series. These highly advanced optical devices are EL 32 (EL 8×32 W B), EL 42 (EL 8.5×42 W B), and EL 50 (EL 10×50 W B).

New Swarovski Binoculars in 2015As we know, EL binocular series were launched, in the first place, to cater to long range optical needs. With the vow of providing limitless perfection to the users by Swarovski Optik, noteworthy features of this family of optical devices are offered such as FieldPro package (a new perfectly harmonized one), unique ergonomic design that includes EL wrap-around grip, and inclusion of SWAROVISION technology that provides crystal clear optics to the users. The hunters find this device especially worthy not only because of the extraordinary features and specifications but also for ease of use and carriage facilities. For safety of the lenses, Swarovski Optik has provided eyepiece and objective lens covers. To carry the binocular with ease, the manufacturer has provided a new carrying strap.
Now, let’s have closer look at the new EL series binoculars launched by Swarovski in 2015:

1.       EL 32 (EL 8×32 W B)
With this binocular in hand you can get a steady picture in any kind of situation, no matter how far the object is from you. This optical device not only comes with 8x magnification coupled with 32mm objective lens diameter but also with considerable 141 meter per 1,000 meters (420 feet per 1,000 yards) Field of View (FOV). User will love this device because it is extraordinarily light weighted and the EL wrap-around grip ensures that the device perfectly fits into the hand.
Important specifications of this new Swarovski product are 16 Twilight Factor (per ISO 14132-1), 2.2 to 2.9 inch (54 to 74 mm) pupil distance, 90 per cent light transmission, 5 dpt diopter correction at infinity, ± 4 dpt dioptric compensation, 6.2 feet or 1.9 meter shortest focusing distance, 61 degrees apparent FOV, 8 degrees FOV for both glass wearers as well as non-glass wearers, 20mm eye relief, and 4mm exit pupil diameter. While EL 32’s dimension is 5.3 inch x 5 inch x 2.2 inch (138mm x 126mm x 57 mm), its weight is 21 oz (595g).
EL 8×32 W B is a fogproof and waterproof device. Its submersion tightness is 13 feet or 4 meters under water. Filling of inert gas makes this device absolutely fogproof. Users can use this advanced binocular in all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures. Swarovski EL 32 works perfectly well from -25 °C to +55 °C (from -13 °F to +131 °F).
2.       EL 42 (EL 8.5×42 W B)
This new binocular is a multipurpose and impressive device that has already made its presence felt in the hunting community. Swarovski EL 8.5×42 features edge-to-edge sharpness and large Field of View. Even in poor light conditions, you will get bright images through it because of the presence of 4.9mm exit pupils. Swarovski Optik has incorporated perfect balance of optical performance, length, and weight in this binocular. Hunters are finding this binocular perfect for checking out their target in all light conditions, no matter whether it is bright sunny day light, overcast sky, stalking animals at dawn, or finding the hiding beast in the woods during twilight. With the presence of EL wrap-around grip, you will be able to hold on to the binocular tight and secure.
Swarovski EL 8.5×42 comes with 8.5x magnification, 42mm effective objective lens diameter, 20mm eye relief, 4.9mm exit pupil diameter, 7.6 degrees Field of View (FOV) for both eyeglass wearers as well as in cases with naked eyes, 133 meters per 1,000 meters (399 feet per 1,000 yards) FOV, 60 degrees apparent FOV, 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet shortest focusing distance, ± 5 dpt dioptric compensation, 6 dpt diopter correction at infinity, 90 per cent light transmission, 2.2 to 2.9 inch (56 to 74mm) pupil distance, and most importantly 18.9 Twilight factor (per ISO 14132-1).
Dimension of this new Swarovski binocular is 6.3 inch x 5.2 inch x 2.4 inch (160mm x 131mm x 61mm) and the weight is 28 oz or 800g (approximately). Due to insertion of inert gas in the device body, it is a perfectly fogproof one. This binocular is waterproof too and it can be submerged under water for tightness testing up to 13 feet or 4 meters. Swarovski EL 42 can work perfectly well in extreme temperature condition, no matter whether it is freezing cold or blistering hot. While testing this new binocular from Swarovski, we have found that its functional temperature is -25 °C to +55 °C (-13 °F to +131 °F).
3.       EL 50 (EL 10×50 W B)
When Swarovski Optik’s EL 50 is in your hand, supremacy of optical and image quality is ensured because of the passage of more light through the 50mm effective lens diameter. Users, especially the hunters will be able to get bright images through this binocular because of the 5mm exit pupil as well as large Field of View (FOV). Even when the light conditions are poor, you will be able to get clear and sharp images through Swarovski EL 10×50 W B. With unprecedented sharpness of details coupled with strong magnification, this new binocular model from Swarovski Optik is becoming the latest fad among hunters, who especially prefer hunting during night or twilight conditions. It is perhaps the most compact 50mm binocular we have ever witnessed. No matter how difficult the condition you are in, you will be able to hold on the device in your hands steadily and perfectly because of the perfect weight balance of Swarovski EL 50. Brighter images during twilight conditions are ensured by the larger exit pupils.
Important specifications of Swarovski EL 10×50 W B are 10x magnification, 20mm eye relief, 115m per 1,000m (345 feet per 1,000 yards) FOV, 6.6 degrees FOV, 62 degrees apparent FOV, 9.2 feet or 2.8m shortest focusing distance, 5 dpt Diopter correction at infinity, ± 4 dpt Dioptric compensation, 90 per cent light transmission, 2.2 to 2.9 inch or 54 to 74mm pupil distance, and 22.4 Twilight factor (per ISO 14132-1).
Swarovski EL 50’s dimension is 6.8 inch x 5.2 inch x 2.6 inch (174mm x 131mm x 67mm). Inert gas filling in the body makes it fog proof. Its water submersion rightness is 13 feet or 4 meters. This new Swarovski binocular can work in all kinds of temperatures, right from -25 °C to +55 °C (from -13 °F to +131 °F).
Check out inventory of these three new Swarovski EL binoculars of 2015 at and look out for opportunities to save big!

by Scopelist

Scopelist is a leading sports optics experts that stocks authentic binoculars, sporting optics, scopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes. Buy Nightforce scopes, Vortex Scopes, Zeiss Scopes & more at best price.

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