New Schmidt Bender LRR-MIL Reticle


New LRR-MIL reticle (Long Range Reticle – MIL) is the newly designed milliradian based intelligent reticle, built especially for the tactical precision shooters. This reticle design is non-cluttered, updated, and comes with easy to reference features. You can use this more intelligent mil-based reticle for proper aiming and ranging capabilities.

LRR-MIL reticle has 3 components –

Component #1 – Main Crosshair Reticle Component

This component comes with the following sections –

  • This reticle comes with illuminated center dot and center cross. There is ultra-fine dot center aiming point, which covers 0.16 cm at 100 meters only. It comes handy in making precision shooting. Interrupted center cross surrounds the dot and the interruptions are spaced by 0.1 mils. This feature helps in ranging or estimating quickly, while you maintain reticle center on the primary target. In fact, this aspect also help in hold-off, hold-over, and hold-under aiming corrections. 0.1 mil increment scale graduation from reticle center up to 2.0 mil mark is available. From 2 Mil to 4 mil marks, the increment scale graduation becomes 0.2 mil increments.
  • 3 reference points at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions of the field of view are present. Solid bold conical-shaped lines are available at 3 and 9 o’clock positions from the edge of the field of view to the 5.0 mil marks. This part of the reticle comes handy in cases of shadowed backgrounds and fast target acquisition in low light conditions.
  • Single-line vertical legs are available in the reticle, where its upper portion above center extends for 3 mils value towards 12 o’ clock in increments of 0.1 mil. On the horizontal and lower vertical legs, there are clearly marked numbered mils from 2 mils to 10 mils in even numbers. It helps in easy reference. In addition, 20 mill and 30 mil markings are also indicated along with 15 and 25 mil marking indicators.
  • A fine graduated ranging and estimating box is present on the horizontal reticle at both 3 and 9 o’clock positions, starting at 4.0 mil and extends to 5.0 mil mark. This box consists of 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 mil graduations, which comes handy for reference. When a shooter is shooting a small target, this aspect of the reticle on the horizontal line comes handy. On the 6 o’clock position of the vertical line, starting from 5 mil marking down to remaining portion of the reticle, graduation marks of 0.5 mil and 1.0 mil are present.


Component #2 – Power Identification Markings

These markings are present at the field-of-view’s lower right-hand quadrant of the reticle. This smart and user-friendly design helps the shooter to check the power setting at which they have set to. It’s especially helpful for shooters as they don’t have to break away from their shooting position for checking the power setting. You can know the power setting while looking through the lens by referencing the corresponding number to field-of-view’s edge.


Component #3 – Meter and Half-Meter Scale

This meter and half-meter ranging scale is located in the lower left quadrant of the reticle. It’s absolutely clean, easy-to-understand, and free from any clutteredness. With this scale, you get range estimating option from 200 meters to 1500 meters. Along the vertical and horizontal edges of the scale, there are easy to read instructions that help in quick field reference.

LRR-MIL Reticle is Available with –


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