New Kahles Rifle Scopes and Rangefinders in 2020

New Kahles Riflescopes & Rangefinders in 2020: Overview

Swarovski Optik (which has been the owner of Kahles for more than 45 years) has launched a new K18i riflescope series and Helia RF-M 7×25 rangefinder in SHOT Show 2020 and Jagd & Hund 2020. Let’s take a closer look at the new Kahles rifle scopes and rangefinders. 

New Kahles Rifle Scopes 2020: K18i Riflescope Series

The new Kahles K18i riflescope series (1-8×24 3GR Reticle, 1-8×24 IPSC Reticle) is the true successor of Kahles K16i Riflescopes (illuminated SM1 Reticle, illuminated S1 Reticle, and illuminated 3GR Reticle). 

The best aspect of the new K18i scope series is that it has been designed and developed in collaboration with the leading pro-shooters in both North America and Europe. This new riflescope series is perfected for rapid and intuitive target acquisition in competition sports shooting disciplines.

Kahles K18i Rifle Scopes: Best for Use

They are specially designed to meet the needs of competition sports shooters:

  • 3-Gun shooters (MPN: 10662)
  • IPSC practical shooters (MPN: Not Available Yet)

Kahles K18i Rifle Scopes: What’s so Special?

  • To meet the needs of different types of competition sports shooting, the Kahles K18i 1-8x24i Riflescopes are made available in two newly developed reticles:

3GR reticle for rapid target acquisition up to 700 m in 3-Gun sports shooting.

For more information on 3GR reticle, Click Here.

IPSC reticle for rapid target acquisition between 20-300 m in IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) sports shooting.

For more information on IPSC reticle, Click Here.

The Kahles K18i riflescopes have been designed by keeping the sports competitions in mind. That’s why the Kahles engineers have made it sure that the reticles (along with high-end glass quality) are as much distortion-free as possible.

The reticles are prepared with the principle that believes in “less is more”. That’s why both the reticles come with precisely coordinated points as well as lines of aim, making the reticles uncluttered and non-complex. This ensures that the shooters get a target image that is as free of disturbances as possible.

  • The day/night illumination in the Second Focal Plane (SFP) is extra bright. The MAX LIGHT function provides extreme backlight situations.
  • The competition shooters will find the K18i scope series extremely handy as it comes with ultra-wide field-of-view (42.5-5.3 m/100 m).
  • Kahles K18i Riflescopes come with integrated throw-levers in two alternative sizes having infinitely adjustable positions.
  • The lenses have OILPHOBIC coating.

For more information, check the data-sheet of Kahles K18i Riflescope Series.

Kahles K18i Rifle Scopes: Price & Availability

Kahles K18i Riflescope is available at an MSRP of $2,499.00. You can order now .

New Kahles Rangefinders 2020: Helia RF-M 7×25 Monocular Rangefinder

The new Kahles Helia RF-M 7×25 Monocular Rangefinder belongs to the Helia-family of rangefinders, the first-ever rangefinder monocular of Kahles. The new Kahles 7×25 Helia LRF Monocular was first introduced at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It helps in fast distance measurement in the hunting fields.

Kahles Helia RF-M 7×25 Rangefinding Monocular is a compact and ergonomically designed device that comes with intuitive push-button enabling the hunter or shooter to carry out the ranging operation with a single hand. It has an impressive field of view and the capability to measure distances up to 2,000 yards. Helia RF-M 7×25 also features amazing edge-to-edge clarity, high-quality OLED display having 5 different brightness settings, patented integrated EAC (Enhanced Angle Compensation) function, scan mode, the capabilities of measuring temperature and air pressure, and outstanding battery life.

Kahles Helia RF-M Rangefinder Monocular: Best for Use

Kahles Helia RF-M 7×25 is meant for every day ranging needs of the hunters. This rangefinder has been precision engineered for the most serious long-range shooters/hunters.

Kahles Helia RF-M Rangefinder Monocular: What’s so Special?

  • It provides the user with amazing edge-to-edge optical clarity as well as an exceptionally large field-of-view (FoV) of 117 m / 1.000 m. These features are especially helpful in tracking moving game animals.
  • The patented EAC-function (Enhanced Angle Compensation) helps in angle correction. It is particularly helpful for hunters who are hunting in steep terrains and mountainous ranges. EAC function is helpful in many ways. It adjusts for the horizontal range when a hunter is facing steep terrain.
  • This device comes with scan mode for continuous ranging capability as well as the capability of measuring temperature and pressure.
  • Kahles Helia RF-M has been incorporated with a CR2 battery, which has an extra-long battery lifetime. A user can make around 4,000 measurements with a single battery.
  • This new Kahles rangefinder monocular has been incorporated with a premium-quality OLED display having 5 manual brightness settings and measurement in both yards and meters. The ergonomic and intuitive handling design along with simple navigation enables hunters in overall ranging and viewing performance.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and weighs just 214 g.

For more information, check the data-sheet of Kahles Helia RF-M Rangefinder Monocular.

Kahles Helia RF-M Rangefinder Monocular: Price & Availability

Kahles Helia RF-M Rangefinder Monocular is available at an MSRP of $549. You can pre-order now to receive the first shipment, which is expected in April 2020.


The Kahles K18i riflescopes are priced at around $2,500 and Kahles Helia LRF 7×25 Monocular Rangefinder is priced at around $550. While the first shipment of Kahles K18i riflescope series is expected in March 2020, Kahles Helia RF-M 7×25 Monocular Rangefinder is expected in April 2020.

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