New Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinder Bow Sight – First Impression


New Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight was introduced at the 147th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in May 2018. This electronic, rangefinding bow sight eliminates the guesswork out of your bowhunting. Burris Oracle Sight shows bowhunter the optimal aiming point no matter what the target distance or shot angle is.

Product Description

Burris Oracle Sight is capable of showing you trajectory or drop for 2 different arrow configurations. The maximum drop limit that this Burris bow sight can accommodate is up to 176 inches at 100 yards. One of the coolest aspects of this bow sight is that it can be used with left-hand bow configurations too. Once Oracle Bow Sight is mounted on a bow for left-handed hunters, the LED readout is reversed. This rangefinding bow sight is powered by one CR123 battery, which powers the sight for 1,000 to 2,000 cycles.


What’s so Special?

  • No Need to Guess Distance Anymore

Burris Oracle Sight comes with Laser Rangefinder, which provides bow-hunters with the precise target distance at full draw.

  • No Need to Aim Between Pins

No matter what the distance of the target or shot angle is, this sight eliminates aiming between pins. It calculates the exact aiming point and displays it to you.

  • No Chance to Aim with Wrong Pin

For exact distance and exact arrow, the new Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight offers one and only perfect aiming dot.

How Does it Work?

Burris Oracle Bow Sight is an innovative rangefinding sight that is built by incorporating the tried and true technology, observed over the years. It provides the bow hunters precise target distance as well as aiming point. The built-in rangefinder first measures the exact target distance from the hunter, calculates the perfect aimpoint instantly, and shows the perfect aiming drop point.


  • Micro Adjustment Knobs

Burris Oracle Sight comes with micro adjustment knobs that not only helps you make adjustment fast and precisely but also allows you to lock down rock solid.

  • Automatic Trajectory Compensation

When it comes to automatic trajectory compensation, Burris is the undisputed leader as Burris Eliminator laser rangefinding riflescope has been there in the market for many years now.

  • Rear Sight

Whether it is shot accuracy or consistency, rear sight improves both of them. With the rear sight, the requirement for bow grip torque as well as a string peep sight gets eliminated. In fact, rear sight also improves low light visibility.

  • 20-Yard Fixed Pin

A 20-yard fixed pin is built in the sight, providing bowhunters a reference point.

  • Left or Right Handed

As this rangefinding sight incorporates innovative tried and true technology that makes it easy for both right-handed and left-handed hunters. Oracle Sight can adapt to a left-handed mount quickly. This sight comes with a built-in inclinometer that detects orientation instantly and consequently adapts the software automatically.

  • Burris Forever Warranty

New Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinder Bow Sight is covered by Burris Forever Warranty, which pledges to either repair/replace damage/defects of the concerned Burris product without requiring any paperwork or associated hassles. The best part is that electronics is also covered by Burris Forever Warranty.

Where can you Use this New Burris Oracle Sight Legally?

burris oracle map

Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight Review – First Impression

Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight is a one of its kind optical device that provides exact distance as well as aim point to hit and bring down the target. It’s a real game changer for the bow hunters.

In the shooter’s line of sight, this Burris Oracle is mounted on the bow. Once it’s done, the bowhunter can align the rear peep sight with the green light that appears in the circle of the rangefinder. To calibrate the hunter sights in the device at 20 yards first and then to farther distances.

The range and trajectory calculations seem to be correct. Though further testing is needed, considering the reputation of Burris in the market, the Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight seems to fulfill the requirements as per the advertisement.

This rangefinding sight comes with a rugged build, thanks to its aluminum construction. Interestingly, the manufacturer has incorporated the computer with two different trajectory curve capabilities, which helps in compensating for different arrows or draw weights.

Burris Oracle is compatible for both right and left handed hunters. You can use it in all weather conditions as the product is water resistant. This product is capable of accommodating 200-400 fps arrow speeds.

The best aspect of this sight is that it enables bowhunters to detect –

  • Reflective Targets that are located up to 500 yards from the hunter
  • Deers that are located up to 200 yards away

Burris Oracle comes at a price below $800, which is a good proposition for pro bowhunters. Overall, it a good deal for bowhunters who don’t like to miss the opportunity to hit targets at 80-110 yards during hunting season.

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Specification Burris Oracle 300400
Type Laser rangefinding Sight
Handed Ambidextrous (Left and Right Handed)
Range 500 yards for Laser to Reflective Target 200 yards for Laser to Deer
Body Construction Aluminum
Pin 20 yards Fixed Pin
Operating Temperature -10F to 140F
Storage Temperature -40F to 158F
Battery CR123
Battery Life 1,000 to 2,000 activations
Weight 17 oz

For more information on Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinder Bow Sight, DOWNLOAD THE USER MANUAL

File Name Download Link
Burris-Oracle-Bowsight-Manual.pdf Click Here


This electronic, rangefinding bow sight eliminates the guesswork out of your bowhunting. The best aspect is that you can use this sight to get the exact aim point no matter what the angle of shot or target distance is. This sturdy device can be used in all weather conditions, making it the perfect sight for hunting. Burris has also priced the Oracle Sight below $800, a sweet spot for the bowhunters to buy this innovative laser rangefinding sight.

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