Why Leica Trinovid 10×42 Binocular is still the best in its class?


Leica Trinovid 10×42 Black Armored Binocular 40009 is one of the two premium entry level binoculars introduced by Leica. This Leica Trinovid binocular already has an excellent optical performance, enabled by the innovative prism design. While checking the binocular closely we were happy to find more than minor upgrade in the Leica Trinovid 10×42 binocular. The best aspect we found here is relatively more affordability with improved quality in terms of manufacturing. When compared with the previous models, this new Trinovid binocular from Leica comes with a stronger body but lighter weight. This has become possible due to the use of magnesium while manufacturing the product. Use of magnesium has made it possible for the manufacturer to keep the device light weighted. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is not a single piece of plastic on the binocular body. To enable users to use Leica Trinovid Binocular 10×42 Black Armored 40009 in the rugged weather and field conditions, Leica has covered the entire binocular body with rubber armor. This device is completely waterproof and remains impermeable to water up to 4m under water. For making the binocular fog-proof, the manufacturer has put inside nitrogen gas by flushing out the air. This has enabled their use in all kinds of temperatures as well as humidity conditions.
Now, let’s talk about optical portion of the binocular, which makes it the best known optical device in the entry level category. With the help of highest quality optical glass, objective lens of the Leica Trinovid is made up of. There are 4 lenses present in the objective lenses and each of them is manufactured by putting it through a long lasting as well as precise grinding process. For damping down flares and at the same time enhancing contrast, HDC anti-reflection multi-layer coatings are applied on the lenses. These coatings are believed to be harder than the glass. Each prism on the lenses has been coated by Leica with P40 phase correction coating. Another coating that has been applied on prisms is the HighLux system (HLS) that is believed to significantly increase the light transmission to a whooping 90 per cent. In fact, this feature is also responsible for increasing brightness of image, making it easier for users of this binocular to watch even the animals or birds camouflaging behind the shades and bushes.
Leica Trinovid Binocular 10×42 comes with a barrel that is resistant to changes in temperatures. In addition, the elastic and anti-skidding armor protects the barrel from all kinds of mechanical damages. This bino comes with a central hinge, which is made up of stainless steel. Users will be overwhelmed to get enough eye relief (15.5mm) on this Trinovid binocular. There are large eye cups along with 4 stops on the binocular. Another feature that bird-watchers, wildlife viewers, and hunters love is the presence of central multi-function focusing mechanism in this binocular. This focusing mechanism comes with integrated dioptre correction.

These are the reasons why Leica Trinovid 10×42 binoculars are still the best in class.

Specs at a Glance

Leica Trinovid 10×42 Black Armored Binocular 40009 is incorporated with Roof prism, 42mm objective lens diameter, 10x magnification, 7.2° angle of view, 376′ at 1000 yards or 124.83 m at 1000 m field of view, 11.5′ or 3.51 m minimum focus distance, 5.25 mm exit pupil diameter, 16mm eye relief, 2.17” to 2.95″ or 55 mm to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment, center focus, ±4 dioptric correction, and availability of Tripod Mount. This Leica Trinovid 10×42 binocular has a dimension of 5.79” x 4.72” x 2.68″ or 147 mm x 120 mm x 68 mm. It weighs just 28.04 oz or 795 g.

Pros and Cons – At a GlanceWhy Leica Trinovid 10×42 Binocular is still the best in its class?

The first thing worth noting about Leica Trinovid 10×42 binocular is the fact that it comes with no visible faults. Though some may argue that whiteness rendition, distortion correction, and sharpness at the lens edge could have been better, the difference when compared with the leading binoculars within the category are hardly visible. Three important aspects that we liked most are low light capability, excellent color differentiation capability, and amazing optical clarity. These aspects are simply the best in class. While testing this binocular we found out that at 1,000 yards, even blades of grass can be counted clearly. This optical clarity is one of the best aspects we loved about this binocular.

Leica Trinovid binocular 10×42 comes with excellent solid housing, convenient hold, excellent transmission, solid magnesium housing, extremely high quality prism and coating, perfectly circular exit pupils, and many more. Though some may point out the factors such as presence of coma, astigmatism, chromatic aberration, and light fall-off aspects, we found these aspects to be negligent. The inner flares are almost imperceptible. Good correction of chromatic aberration is visible. Light fall-off at edge of field is negligent. While coma is only minimal, astigmatism is very low. The only aspect that could have been much better is the whiteness rendition. In fact, the purpose of use will also determine the efficacy of the bino. If one uses this 10×42 binocular for long range viewing, this is the best one available. However, this Trinovid binocular is not perfect for viewing close range objects such as a butterfly sitting on a flower close by.

Are they really the best in Class?

Overall, Leica 10×42 binoculars are the best bet birdwatchers, hunters, and safari lovers would have in their possession. These highly bright and clear binoculars come with impressive field of view, which is 378′ at 1000 yards and can easily be categorized among the most wide angled binoculars available. Leica Trinovid 10×42 binoculars offer both traditional and modern technological advancements to optics. You will get the classic Leica style feel in this bino along with an extremely tough exterior and superb optics. Most importantly, you get Leica Trinovid 10×42 Black Armored Binocular 40009 at affordable price. Though its listed price is above $1,500, you can buy it at below $1,000 price point from registered dealers.

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