Elcan SpectreDR – Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is this the newest model?

Answer: Yes, this is the newest style with the 2032 battery cap, flip caps, and ARD.

Question: Does this include flip caps and ARD?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the warranty on the SpecterDR?

Answer: 12 month warranty, but these are rugged and battle proven scopes that are very unlikely to fail. In the event of any issues, even outside the warranty period, Armament has a full repair facility in Nova Scotia and they can quickly and inexpensively handle any issue with your scope.

Question: What is the difference between models?

Answer: The SpecterDR comes in a 1/4x magnification and a 1.5/6x magnification and each has a FDE (Flat Dark Earth) and Black color option in both 5.56 reticle and 7.62 reticle.

Question: How does the SpecterDR work?

Answer: It is a prism scope like an ACOG, but with two magnification settings: 1x and 4x OR 1.5x and 6x. There is a lever to switch between magnifications. The adjustment mechanism is external so zero is the same between the two settings.

Question: Do I need to buy a mount for the SpecterDR?

Answer: No, the quick detach mount is included and already installed.

Question: How does the illumination work?

Answer: The SpecterDR has two options for illumination; one option illuminates the center aiming dot and is intended for day use, the other option illuminates the BDC reticle and is intended for night use. Both options have settings for use in conjunction with night vision optics.

Question: How does the SpecterDR compare to an ACOG?

Answer: The scope itself is at least as rugged as an ACOG. The glass, FOV, and eyebox are comparable as well. The reticle on the Elcan is busier than most ACOGs, but arguably more useful. The dual magnification on the Elcan also makes it more versatile

Question: How does the SpecterDR compare to a Low Power Variable (LPV) optic?

Answer: The Elcan is quicker to switch between magnifications. Generally speaking, the prism design of the SpecterDR also has a more generous eyebox and more light transmission.

Question: Will the FDE Elcan match by FDE color FN SCAR?

Answer: No, but the SCAR is already several different shades of FDE.

Question: My rifle is chambered in something other than 5.56 or 7.62 Nato, can I still use this scope?

Answer: Yes, but the ballistic holdovers will not necessarily match the distances on the reticle.


by Tyler P