Product Catalog, Sako

Sako Product Catalog 2020

Sako is the world’s most prestigious rifle and cartridge brand. Our acclaimed reputation, high quality products and credibility are rooted in our employees’ unique skills and pride in what they do. By integrating its knowledge of both the rifle and cartridge production, Sako brand can offer a shooter the unique advanteges of uncompromising accuracy and […]


Sako Rifle Catalog 2018

  Sako is hailed as one of the most reputable rifles and cartridge brands in the world. It was founded in 1921 and brought into existence to manufacture as well as service firearms for the Civil Guard in Finland. With over nine decades of expertise, the brand continues to develop world-class military, competition and hunting […]


Scopelist Review: Sako A7

There are many rifles available in the market but Sako is one of the highest quality and accurate ones present. In fact, it has always been known for its accuracy. The wee stocked rifle is a Finnish made firearm and the Sako 85 variant comes with a price tag of more than $1,500. With more […]