What’s so special about Accuracy International AX 338 Long Range Rifles?

There are many extreme long range rifles available in the market but Accuracy International AX 338 Long Range rifle is something special in the herd. If we go by the reports of Guinness Book of World Records, it is with the help of .338 Lapua rifle a British sniper named Craig Harrison made the longest successful rifle shot in the entire history of rifles. In one of the three shots fired by Craig was measured by the GPS system as 2,707 yards or 8,120 feet (1.54 miles). Though the general notion about Accuracy International AX 338 is that its effective range is 1,000 yards, this almost 3,000 yards shot made the analysts give a second thought. It is a pleasant experience for the shooters to fire shots with the over 17 pounds, not at all a light weight rifle, AI AX338 rifle as it absorbs a large part of the thrust of .338 Lapua Mag during recoil.

Accuracy International AX 338 Long Range RiflesThere are many tactical shooters who prefer Accuracy International AX 338 Long Range rifle than other similar firearms available in the market. Most of them prefer this firearm for taking shots that are within the 700 yards to 2,000 yards range. However, beauty of AX 338, besides its capacity of absorbing high intensity thrust, is the capability of being used for both short range shooting as well as long range shooting. Precision of shots you will get at 100 yards and 700 yards ranges are the same. In case of extreme long shots, say 2000 yards or even more, strong as well as abruptly changing intensity of wind may play spoilsport. So, it may take you to fire a few shots to get the extent of precision that you got in short, medium, or even long range.

Get a Closer Look at the Features of Accuracy International AX 338 Long Range Rifles

Now, you know how powerful this extreme long range rifle is. To have a closer look, we have to know the main features and specs that make this rifle a level above than any other firearm in the category. AI AX 338 was manufactured by incorporating the battle-proven features of AW series. It boasts of having exceptional accuracy, incredible toughness, and high level of reliability. Ease of maintenance makes this firearm that more preferred by the shooters, especially by the pros.
The Magnum action of AX338 bolt action rifle has a flat-bottomed design and the wider/longer design facilitate in incorporating double stack 10 round magazine. In this rifle, you will get improved external stock design, where the grip is either thumbhole or pistol one. You will find versatile forend rail system, which helps in fitting wide array of ranging, optical, support and carrying accessories. Pro shooters will find AW 7.62 style leaf spring extractor especially helpful because it is easy to maintain and at the same time reliable. Many shooters find chassis’s adjustable hand grip especially helpful. Users will get two stage trigger here that comes with adjustable trigger shoe, where there is half inch forth and back movement.
You can reload this AX rifle from low prone position, where you will not have to raise the rifle’s butt. This helps pro shooters or long range hunters maintain sight system on target even while reloading, not disturbing the system in any manner. Interestingly, you can top up the AX double stack magazine through insertion of a single round at a time through ejection port. This feature comes handy at a time when a shooter wants to fire one or two shots without using a single bullet from the full magazine. It is especially true in cases where you need to test fire, especially true in case of competitions.

If you want to know more about this rifle or buy it, have a look at the best selling AX 338 rifle inventory at Scopelist.com.

by Scopelist

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