Accuracy International Rifles – The Definitive Guide


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Accuracy International

With origins stemming from olympic and professional target shooting, Accuracy International has become a world renowned powerhouse in manufacturing long-range precision rifles and accessories.  They have an extensive history in equipping the most elite forces with quality rifles that can withstand the test of time, and the abuse of real-world application.  These rifles have also gained traction in competitive shooting circles due to their inherent quality, modularity, and accuracy.

So, whether you are shopping for a new rifle for PRS(Precision Rifle series) matches, or looking to equip law enforcement or military operators, Accuracy International can fulfill your specific needs.  In depth analysis of each rifle and its features will be outlined in order to aid the end user in deciding what rifle and chassis will perform best for their intended use.  As of 2020 in blog below we will be guiding you through the Accuracy International Product line-up, including chassis and rifle systems specifically.  In 2018 two specific changes occurred in AI’s rifle line up which included a change in barrel profile and a change to a small firing pin to preserve .

Accuracy International AX and AT Chassis Systems

Besides making precision rifles, Accuracy International is a company that designs products that will enable shooters to upgrade their current systems.  The chassis systems coming from Accuracy International can take a rifle with poor ergonomics and lackluster mounting solutions, and turn it into a long gun made for real precision.  Their chassis systems are divided into two models, both having compatibility with Remington 700 short and long actions.  In depth analysis and details are provided below.


The AXSR is a rifle that originates from the older AX line-up, but adapted to modern war fighting standards.  Like its predecessor the AXMC, the AXSR has the capability of rapidly swapping calibers between .338 Lapua, .300 Win mag, .300 Norma mag., and .338 Norma Mag.  The AXSR is the commercially available version of the rifle that was submitted to the ASR or advanced sniper rifle program for USSOCOM.  Unlike prior iterations, this line of rifles were also aided in design from new 3rd party engineers who have experience in designing rifles to pass the extreme testing that the rifles undergo during the USSOCOM evaluation.  Overall these rifles are extremely reliable, rugged, and capable of extreme accuracy in the harshest conditions.


From the predecessor the AX, the AXSA takes the features of the old models and improves upon them while also coming from the factory available in four different calibers.  The SA designation refers to the short action that the AXSA utilizes.  This model is available chambered in .308 Winchester, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5×47 Lapua.  For military units, law enforcement snipers or civilian competitors, this rifle boasts a high level of modularity and retains the extreme accuracy that is to be expected from Accuracy International.


This is the true multi-caliber (multi-boltface) capable platform that can span from 308-sized rounds up to the impressive 338 Lapua.  This rifle starts as a magnum caliber (currently only 300 Win or 338 Lapua), then you are able to convert and swap among the 3 major bolt face sizes (308/0.473, magnum/~0.540, Lapua/0.590).  For the 300 and 338 magnum calibers all that is needed to switch caliber, other than the proper barrel, is the appropriate magazine and bolt body.  When switching to the short action 308-bolt face rounds, the magazine adapter is also needed to bush down the magwell to fit the standard AX rifle 308 magazines.  Conventionally the main firing-pin assembly is shared among the 3 possible bolt bodies, but for those that wish to have complete bolts ready to go, they are available to purchase as a separate item also (replacement firing pin).


After a few iterations following the original AW 50 or Arctic Warfare 50 design, the new AX 50 ELR is by far one of the most coveted .50 BMG precision rifle systems available.  Accuracy International is well known for their quality .50 BMG designs including the Accuracy International AS50, a semi automatic anti materiel rifle. The AW 50 and previous models of the AX 50 were all notoriously known for extreme durability, accuracy and sheer power.  These key features are not only inherited by the AX 50 ELR, they are improved upon with design changes that are extremely well thought out and applied.  The new AX 50 ELR is now capable of changing calibers using AI’s Quickloc system making it possible to rapidly change between .50 BMG, .375 CheyTac or .408 CheyTac as well featuring a new chassis that houses a folding stock.


The AT rifle line up builds from a previous war proven design in the AW rifle.  The AW rifle received its designation when designed, as the Arctic Warfare.  The AT rifle line up adapts the old AW for more modern precision rifle use, with the new pistol grip chassis as well as folding stock and other new features.  The AT designation means accuracy tactical.  This system utilizes a short action and is only available from the factory in .308 Winchester.  Although, the AT is capable of firing other calibers that share the same .308 bolt face and magazine including, 243, 260, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47, 7mm-08 etc.

Accuracy International Chassis Systems

Chassis systems built by Accuracy International have long been used by precision shooters who would like to increase modularity as well as ergonomics.  These Accuracy International stocks are utilized by installing compatible actions and barrels into the chassis.

Accuracy International AT Chassis System (AICS)

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The Accuracy International AT chassis is compatible with Remington 700 actions in both long and short actions.

  • Short action Remington 700– Accuracy International’s AT Chassis System will be compatible with .308 Winchester and other short action calibers that can utilize the same magazines.  These calibers include .260 remington and 6.5 Creedmoor.
  • Long Action Remington 700- The long action AT Chassis will be compatible with .300 Winchester magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum actions.
  • Weight- 5 lbs.
  • Length- 30 1/8″ Long
Key Features
  • Pistol Grip– Though these chassis come with pistol grips, there are Accuracy International thumbhole stock options.
  • Folding/Fixed Stock–  These Accuracy International Remington 700 stocks is available with both a fixed stock and a folding stock. AICS AT 1.5 designates its fixed stock and AICS AT 2.0 designates its folding stock option.
  • Adjustable Cheek piece– The cheek piece is adjustable laterally as well as for height, and adjusted using a small screw located in the stock.
  • Use of Magazines– Accuracy International magazines are regarded as some of the best magazines to use in precision rifle systems.  In addition to being highly reliable, these magazines will also allow you to load your rifle faster and increase capacity.  Accuracy International Magazines are available in 5 and 10 round options.
  • Rail Section/Bipod Mount– At the end of the handguard at the 6 o’ clock position there is a mount for bipods.  There is also keyslot available in the same position as well at the 9 and 3 o’ clock positions.
  • Adjustable Length of Pull– Using a spacer system with 10mm and 20mm spacers, the stock’s length of pull is adjustable for the individual shooter.
  • Sling points- The AT chassis also comes standard with four flush cups allowing the shooter  to mount slings wherever necessary.
  • Colors/Coatings Available– Pale Brown, Black, or Green Cerakote

Recommended products- Short/Long Action magazines, Armageddon magazine pouches, AI drag bag

Accuracy International (AICS) AX MKII Chassis System

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The Accuracy International AX line of chassis systems are made in versions compatible with Remington short actions, Remington long actions and Surgeon XL actions.

  • Remington 700 Short Action- Accuracy International’s AX chassis Remington 700 made for short actions will be compatible with calibers that can utilize AI’s designated magazines, including .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington.
  • Remington 700 Long Action- The long action Remington AX model is compatible with .300 Winchester magnum, .338 Lapua magnum.
  • Surgeon XL action- The Accuracy International AX is also available in a model that is compatible with the XL actions from Surgeon.
  • Length- 5.6 pounds 
  • Weight- 42.5 inches 
Key Features 
  • Pistol Grip- The AI chassis comes from the factory with an ergonomic grip similar to the AT chassis
  • Folding Stock- This chassis from Accuracy International features a folding stock that reduces the rifle length by a measurement of 10 inches
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece-  Using a quick throw lever you can adjust the cheek piece laterally as well as vertically to optimize eye relief and cheek weld.
  • Use of Magazines-  The AX chassis also utilizes the Accuracy International magazine design known to be extremely reliable, available in 5 and 10 round configurations.
  • Rail Sections/Bipod Mount- This chassis uses Accuracy International’s Keyslot mounting systems.  Rail sections can be mounted at 8 different angles of the fore end.  A bipod mount can be found at the 6 o’ clock position of the fore end.
  • Adjustable Length of Pull- Utilizing a self retaining thumb screw, you can adjust the length of pull at ease.
  • Sling Points- This chassis features four flush cup sling mounts to give the shooter multiple options regarding sling placement.
  • Colors/Coatings Available-  The AX chassis is available in Dark Earth, Black and green. 

Reccomended products- both long and short action magazines, AX forend tubes, Drag bag

Accuracy International AX Chassis VS. Accuracy International AT Chassis


AT Chassis 

AX Chassis 


5 lbs 

5.6 lbs


30 ⅛ inches 

42.5 inches 


Squared off, Keyslot mounting  at 3 and 9 o’ clock 

Tube style, Keyslot available at 8 different angle positions 


Fixed or folding

Set screw adjustment for cheek piece 

Spacer system for adjusting length of pull 

Available option as a thumb hole stock 


Fast throw lever for adjusting cheek piece 

Thumbscrew adjustment for length of pull 


5 and 10 round 

5 and 10 round 

Action Compatibility 

Remington 700 Long/Short Action 

Remington 700 Long/Short Action

Surgeon XL Action

Pistol Grip 

Factory AI pistol grip 

Non interchangeable 

Factory AI pistol grip 

Non interchangeable 

Bipod Mount 

Located at the end of the chassis in the 6 o’ clock position 

Located at the end of the chassis in the 6 o’ clock position 

Sling points 

4 flush cups 

4 flush cups 

Accuracy International AXSR

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Introduction to the AXSR 

  • The AXSR is about as close as one could get to a modern military grade sniper rifle.  There is no question these precision rifles are not only accurate, but built to function in the non permissive environments often found in war.  The amount of time rifles from Accuracy International have spent in the hands of warfighters is extensive and their DNA is rooted in building long range precision systems for the world’s most elite militaries.  Like its predecessor, the AXMC, the AXSR has the capability of swapping calibers easily plus the advantages of a newly redesigned system.  

Parts Description

  • Muzzle Brake- This model features a four port muzzle brake that is designed to reduce felt recoil in addition to muzzle rise and dust signature when fired.
  • Fore End Mounting System- Similar to most of AI’s precision rifles, the AXSR utilizes a free floated aluminum forend machined directly into the chassi featuring key slot to mount picatinny rails for accessories.
  • Accessory Rails- Accessory picatinny rail sections mounted by keyslot, keymod, or m-lok 
  • Quickloc Barrel Release System- With the use of a hex key stored in the stock you are able to swap the barrel to the preferred caliber.
  • Action/Optics Rail- Previously using a 30 MOA optics rail for magnum calibers, the AXSR now comes equipped with a 20 MOA rail.
  • Magazine- A substantial change from the AX line-up in regards to the magazine is the new ambidextrous magazine release.  Which allows the shooter to eject magazines with the fire control hand.  From the factory, the AX line-up comes with 10 round double stacked Accuracy International magazines that are constructed from corrosion resistant steel with a coating that reduces friction in order to positively benefit reliability and function.  Although, there are 5 round magazines available that may aid in bench shooting, transportation, or shooting in positions where the longer magazine can induce issues.
  • Safety- The AXSR now Features a 2 position ambidextrous safety.  With the safety on the shooter is still able to load and make ready without the ability of firing.
  • Trigger- From the factory, the AXSR comes with AI’s combined two or one stage competition trigger that has an adjustable pull weight ranging from 12 oz to 2 pounds.  When used in two stage, there is a 50/50 weight distribution between the first and second stages, meaning the weight is distributed evenly throughout the 2 stages.  Similarly to its predecessor in the AXMC, the trigger is also adjustable for movement forward and backwards, in order to precisely place the trigger in the position best for the individual shooter.
  • Pistol Grip- The newly designed pistol grip has changed in many ways due to user complaints, and is now swappable as well as extremely ergonomic specifically for precision rifle shooting.  The grips are also now compatible with AR-15 rifle systems.
  • Sling Mounting Points- Flush cup sling swivel points that are anti-rotational can be found both on the stock as well as on the fore end 
  • Cheek Piece- The new system for the adjustable cheek piece on the AXSR uses a spring loaded system that is locked down by the quick turn of a throw lever.  This allows customization for height and adjustment forward and rearward,, putting the shooter at the correct height for their specific facial structure and optic.
  • Buttpad- The buttpad is adjustable using a thumb disk screw that allows the shooter to adjust the buttpad to optimize the position in the shooter’s shoulder pocket.
  • Stock- The AXSR features a redesigned stock that allows the bolt to be removed with the stock in the extended position.  In addition, the stock features an adjustable length of pull of 13 to 16.5 inches using included spacers.
  • Arca Swiss Rail- Used for mounting bipods or tripods the new arca swiss rail begins at the balance point located at the bottom of the rifle and extends onto the forend all the way up until the rail ends.

Key Features/Functionality 

  • Caliber
    • .338 Lapua 
    • .338 Norma Magnum 
    • .300 Norma Magnum 
    • .300 Winchester Magnum
  • Action- The action is exclusively designed by Accuracy International to be extremely smooth, featuring 6 locking lugs positioned in the front.  In addition, it has a 60 degree throw and a 6mm striker fall.  It is also smaller and lighter than previous iterations in the AX line-up.  
  • Finish/Coating- Cerakote available in Dark Earth, Elite Sand and Black 
  • Barrel- Manufactured by Bartlein in the United States, with exceptional quality matched by an impressively small point of impact shift when swapping barrels.  Supressors are also available aftermarket that attach directly to stock muzzle brakes.  All caliber barrels are also threaded to 3/4×24.
    • .338 Lapua ASXR
      • 27 inch stainless steel match grade barrel with a twist rate of 1:9.3 and cut rifling 
    • .338 Norma Magnum ASXR
      • 27 inch stainless steel match grade barrel with cut rifling 
    • .300 Norma Magnum ASXR
      • 27 inch stainless steel  match grade barrel with a twist rate of 1:8.5       and cut rifling 
    • .300 Winchester Magnum ASXR
      • 26 inch match grade barrel with cut rifling 
  • Chassis-New to the AX lineup the receiver is no longer bonded to chassis.  While retaining the level of accuracy as previous generations, no longer bonding the action to the chassis allows for ease of serviceability.  The new AXSR chassis also includes an arca swiss rail that accepts Bipods and tripods.  The arca swiss rail extends from the balance point of the rifle to the end of the ral.
  • Aftermarket accessories- Certain packages are available when purchasing the ASXR, for example the ASR deployment kit. 

 Available to purchase “here” Which includes:

  • 7.62 NATO, .300 Norma Mag, and .338 Norma Mag Barrels
  • Bolt Assemblies and Conversion Parts
  • (5) 10 Round Magazines for 7.62 NATO, .300 Norma Mag, and .338 Norma Mag
  • Thunderbeast ASR Suppressor Adapter
  • ASR Federal Standard Metal Work
  • 16” Forend Tube with Integrated RRS Rail
  • Complete ASR Cleaning Kit and Pouches
  • Rifle Sling and Soft Case
  • Fix It Sticks Tool Kit
  • Magazine Pouch
  • Harris Bipod on Larue Quick Detach Mount.
  • ECS Transit Case with Custom Cut Foam


  • Weight-16.02 lbs. for the bare rifle with muzzle brake and empty magazine (no optics, bipod, etc.)
  • Length- 51.0 inches unfolded, 41.5 inches folded (includes muzzle brake)

Intended Use 

  • The AXSR is a designated precision rifle built to be utilized in combat.  As the AX line up advanced, the AXSR design has been edited and modified by the world’s best precision rifle engineers.  The new features allow many changes that will benefit military snipers in regards to stability, accuracy, ease of serviceability, durability and reliability.

Performance Assessment and Review

  • Accuracy–  Shooters reviewing the ASXR have been able to attain .350 moa groups.  This is a testimony to how these rifles are built to Accuracy Internationals extremely high standards of accuracy.  AXSR reviews regarding this rifle’s accuracy all have the same thing to say, that is that these rifles can shoot.
  • Reliability- Reliability is something that will not be an issue with this model.  The AXSR has been through some of the most strict testing that precision rifles have been subject to in regards to military evaluation.  The ASR program really put the AXSR through its paces and showed that this sniper rifle is one that you can bet your life on.
  • Modularity- The AXSR is extremely modular in ergonomics as well as ballistics.  The newly designed stock and chassis now allow for the use of RRS tripods and bipods as well as quick throw levers to adjust length of pull and cheek piece height and position rearward or forward.  The trigger is also able to be used as a single or two stage trigger with adjustable pull weight and position.  The new pistol grip is also designed to be more ergonomic for precision shooting and boasts the ability to be swapped with other traditional AR-15 pistol grips.  
  • USSOCOM Testing-  This rifle was designed initially as a submission for the advanced sniper rifle program introduced by USSOCOM.  Some of the testing included mud ice and dust performance tests. extreme temperature tests, extreme wear tests, corrosion tests and weighing the rifle sling down with 250 pounds.  AI actually hired 3rd party engineers specifically to help them design the rifle to surpass the testing that was required by USSOCOM.  The results of the AXSR review for the US special operations’ command show that this rifle is as tough as they come.
  • Pros- The AXSR was designed and completed for one reason, the ASR program.  Known to be one of the most rigorous tests for precision rifles and it fared well.  This in itself is a testament to the quality and design of these rifles.  Not to be forgotten, these rifles have the capability to swap long action calibers quickly.  The stocks and chassis are also much more adjustable now and feature many new design aspects that are more ergonomic for the shooter.  
  • Cons-The AXSR is a rifle built for combat and it has shown over time its extreme durability and enhanced features.  With many precision rifles the barrier to entry is cost.  It is no different with this line-up.  They are not cheap but they perform at a level that is more than sufficient for the best sniper’s the world has to offer.

AX Rifle System Line-up: AXSA/AXMC

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Parts Description for AX Line-up

  • Muzzle Brake– This rifle features a dual chamber construction in order to direct gases, resulting in reduced felt recoil and muzzle rise for the shooter.  As well as a direct thread model that is an additional option for those who wish to suppress their rifles.
  • Fore-End Mounting System– A rigid, free floated rail utilizing AI’s Keyslot system allows you to mount rail sections at 7 different angles.  It can also be easily removed to break down the rifle using the provided 4mm hex wrench that is housed by the cheekpiece.
  • Accessory Rails– The action/optics rail mates seamlessly with the rail at the twelve o’ clock position of the fore-end. Rails can be placed anywhere there is AI’s keyslots.  This allows users to mount attachments like IR laser designators or aftermarket bipod and sling mounts.
  • Quicloc Barrel Release System– This rifle features a patent pending design created by AI that allows the caliber or length of barrel to be swapped in under a minute.  The same hex wrench used for the fore-end is utilized to change the rifle’s caliber or barrel length.  Although, the AX 308 does not feature the ability to swap calibers with ease using caliber kits like the AXMC does. 
  • Action/Optics Rail– The action rail uses the industry standard, NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 rail, as the mounting solution for users to mount optics.  Whether that be night vision devices, optics, or thermal imaging, it is modular to allow the operator to use the most fitting optic for their mission.  The rail is also corrosion resistant due to the coating process used by AI and inclined to 20 MOA for .308 and 30 MOA for magnum calibers.
  • Magazine– From the factory, the AX line-up comes with 10 round double stacked Accuracy International magazines that are constructed from corrosion resistant steel with a coating that reduces friction in order to positively benefit reliability and function.  Although, there are 5 round magazines available that may aid in bench shooting, transportation, or shooting in positions where the longer magazine can induce issues.
  • Safety– The safety mechanism located directly behind the action of the AX rifles allows the shooter 3 positions.  The most rearward safety position locks the action while still allowing the trigger to be pulled.  The second most rearward safety position allows the action to still function, but the trigger will not be able to function, keeping the rifle from being able to fire.  The most forward position allows the weapon to fire as well as the action to be unlocked and able to function.  
  • Trigger– The AX line of rifles from AI are equipped with highly proven two stage triggers with user adjustable trigger shoes in order to customize trigger feel for the individual shooters.  The trigger weight is adjustable from 1.5 kg. to 2 kg.
  • Pistol Grip– Similar to the other highly customizable features listed previously, the pistol grips that come from the factory allow shooters to interchange back straps.  This means shooters can configure the pistol grip in a way that is ergonomically efficient for any user.
  • Sling Mounting Points– 3 quick detach flush cups are mounted on the chassis while attached to rail sections are additional quick detach cups that allow users to configure their slings as they please.
  • Cheek Piece- The cheek piece located on the stock of the chassis allows adjustment both laterally and vertically.  The increased level of adjustment aids in the users ability to have the best eye relief for their optic as well as the most comfort when shouldering the rifle.  This piece also stores the hex key that is used for removing the rail system or changing barrel lengths or calibers.
  • Butt Pad- Allows for tool less adjustment for height and angle by utilizing a friction locking mechanism.  
  • Stock- The stock has the capability to be folded to the right side over top the bolt in order to create the narrowest profile possible.  This cuts down the profile of the rifle by ten inches in length, allowing operators to store a complete rifle as one piece in a day pack.  The action is bolted and bonded to this accuracy international aluminium chassis, greatly adding to the inherent accuracy of the AX line-up.  

AX vs AXMC Comparison

FeaturesProofed steel action featuring AI’s patent pending Quickloc quick release barrel system, bolted and bonded to aluminium chassisProofed steel action featuring AI’s patent pending Quickloc quick release barrel system, bolted and bonded to aluminium chassis
20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail30 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail
6 lug, 60° bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor6 lug, 60° bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor
3 position safety3 position safety
Two stage trigger adjustable for trigger weight between 1.5 and 2kgTwo stage trigger adjustable for reach and trigger weight between 1.5 and 2kg
Detachable 10-round double stack magazine – can also be top loaded though the rifle ejection portDetachable 10-round CIP length double stack magazine – can also be top loaded though the rifle ejection port
Left side magazine port cut out for ease of magazine insertionLeft side magazine port cut out for ease of magazine insertion
Caliber.308 Winchester (short action.338 Lap Mag 
.300 Win Mag
.308 Win
Weight6.2kg (13.7lb) with standard rail setup, empty magazine, no scope, 24” barrel, tactical muzzle brake6.8kg (15lb) with standard rail setup, empty magazine, no scope, 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake
DimensionsFull length: 1155mm x 180mm x 100mmFull length: 1250mm x 185mm x 100mm
Stock folded: 940mm x 180mm x 105mm with 24” barrel, tactical muzzle brakeStock folded: 1040mm x 185mm x 105mm with 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake
ColorsHigh performance:High performance:
Dark EarthDark Earth
Pale BrownPale Brown
Elite Ultra High Performance:Elite Ultra High Performance:
Elite SandElite Sand
Elite MidnightElite Midnight
Base ModelsRight side folding stock over boltRight side folding stock over bolt
Adjustable cheekpieceAdjustable cheekpiece
Adjustable buttpad with spacersAdjustable buttpad with spacers
Pistol gripPistol grip
Flush cup sling attachment pointsFlush cup sling attachment points
20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action rail and 13” forend tube and rail30 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action rail and 16” forend tube and rail
Double chamber standard muzzle brakeDouble chamber standard muzzle brake
1 x 140mm plain accessory rail1 x 140mm plain accessory rail
2 x 80mm flush cup accessory rails2 x 80mm flush cup accessory rails
1 x 10 round double stack CIP magazine1 x 10 round double stack CIP magazine
Factory Barrel Options20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 12” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake.338 LM: 20”/ 27” 1 in 9.35” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake
.300 Win Mag: 20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 11” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake
.308 Win: 20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 12” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake
OptionsTactical threaded double chamber muzzle brake for AI suppressorTactical threaded double chamber muzzle brake for AI suppressor
AccessoriesSTANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting systemSTANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system
BipodsAI Bipod and mounts for other bipod brands (including Harris)
Rear butt spikeRear butt spikes
AI bipod and Harris bipod mountCalibre conversion kits (also see reverse): .338 LM, .300 WM and .308 Win (includes long action magazine converter) comprising barrel, bolt & magazine 
Handstop with sling loop and flush cupHandstop with sling loop and flush cup
Transit casesTransit cases
Cleaning kitsCleaning kits

Accuracy International AXSA

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The AXSA from Accuracy International is a short action sniper rifle using a highly versatile chassis system that allows a wide range of adjustment while maintaining an extremely high level of accuracy and shootability.  These rifles are open to custom configuration in many aspects including suppressors, grips, rail sections, slings and accept a wide slew of optics.

Key Features/ Functionality

  • Caliber- The AXSA is available in four short action cartridges including .308 Winchester, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor,.260 Remington, .243 Winchester and 6.5×47 Lapua.
  • Action– The action is bolted and bonded to the aluminum chassis, which is another key factor to consider when trying to optimize accuracy.  The short action is constructed of proofed steel and houses AI’s quicklok quick release barrel system.  The bolt is also three lugged and has a short 60 degree throw.
  • Finish/Coating– This rifle is coated in a highly durable coating called cerakote, which is composed of a mix of ceramic and polymer.  This coating increases surface hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact strength.  The colors available are, dark earth, green, pale brown, elite sand, and elite midnight.
  • Barrel– Regarding the AXSA barrel, the shooter has the choice of caliber type and length varying from 20, 24 and 26 inch heavy profile barrels.  The barrel is match grade stainless steel with a 1 in 12 twist rate from the Factory.  The AXSA is also compatible with the use of AXSA compatible suppressors.
  • Chassis– The Accuracy International chassis is extremely durable constructed of polymers and alloys, providing the end user with an extremely high level of modularity in regards to the ergonomics of the rifle as well as the portability.  


  • Weight-  The AXSA rifle comes in at around 15 pounds depending on barrel length, muzzle devices, caliber, and optics/accessories.  This weight measurement includes the action rail, muzzle brake, 24 inch barrel and empty magazine but without a scope, scope mounts or other accessories.  With a proper scope and scope mount or additions of bipods, slings or  suppressors, this measurement of weight will increase by a fairly large amount.  
  • Length- The length of the AXSA from Accuracy International measures at 1155mm x 180mm x 100mm with the 24 inch barrel and the stock unfolded.  With the AXSA stock folded the measurements for length are, 940mm x 180mm x 105mm.
  • Takeaways- By no means is the AXSA a light rifle, but in comparison to the competition, the benefits and key features of the rifle make up for the measurements in weight.  

Intended Use

  • The AXSA is one of the best options when it comes to a law enforcement agency or military branch looking for a long range precision rifle.  It is a highly reliable system that can withstand the abuse of osteer environments, making it the perfect choice for professionals who want a precision sniper rifle chambered in 308, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5×47 or 6.5 Creedmoor.
  • This is also a great option for those that want to compete in long range precision shooting matches.  The chassis, barrel, and action all contribute to why the rifle is so accurate and customizable to the individual shooter.
  • Accuracy International’s AXSA is of the utmost quality and deserves to be paired with a high quality optic and match grade ammunition.  With this pairing, shooters will receive the feedback that exposes why Accuracy International’s rifles have been coveted by shooters worldwide.

Performance Assessment and Review

  • Accuracy-  With quality ammunition, the AXSA accuracy is capable of creating sub-minute of angle groups nearing below half of an inch at 100 yards.  Although, at 100 yards the AXSA is just getting started, as its capability is much more impressive than that.  Based on the same shooter reviewing the rifle’s capability at 100 yards, he was able to group the AXSA at 1.8 inches at 300 yards.  Thus meaning he was able to hold .6 moa out to further distances.  The barrel and action specifications the AXSA is built to, is about as high as standards can get.  Meaning, shooters will not be disappointed in the performance and capability of these rifles.
  • Reliability- This sniper rifle’s magazine, action, trigger, and barrel are all assets that contribute to the ultra high level of reliability that is synonymous with the Accuracy International AX line-up.  The way the magazine indexes into the chassis is simple and straightforward.  The coating on the magazine also aids in manipulation and durability.  Accuracy International has been making quality triggers for their rifles since their inception.  The trigger has the ability to be adjusted in weight and length all while remaining as reliable as it gets.  The action of this rifle is notoriously smooth and easy to use.  Ensuring that the spent cartridges are removed swiftly and fresh rounds are being fed up from the magazine.
  • Modularity- The AXSA is one of the most modular precision rifles to date.  Its folding stock chassis comes from the factory with qd cups for slings, picatinny rail for optics as well as forend accessories, customizable pistol grips, barrel threads to be suppressed, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable stock length and variety of coating options.  The amount of adjustment that comes in these rifles is second to none and Accuracy International left no stone unturned when it comes to shooters being able to dial their rifles in.  AI’s quicklok barrel release and stock are also key factors to be considered when it comes to transportation of the rifle in the field.  These key features set the AXSA far from the competition and allow true versatility for the intended users.
  • Pros-  The AXSA is by far one of the most customizable and user configurable precision rifles on the market.  It is backed by a company with a high level of expertise in crafting long range rifles made to perform in any conditions.  Almost every feature can be changed by the shooter whether that be stock length, cheek piece height or width, barrel length or caliber, pistol grip backstrap, rail section location, and even a wide variety of other accessories.  This rifle is also one of the top competitors when it comes to reliability and accuracy.  Features like a folding stock, quick change barrel system and a ten round magazine are what can really make a difference when operating a rifle in the field.
  • Cons-  Of the features coming from the AXSA, not many affect the rifle in a negative way.  The biggest issue regarding a rifle like this, is weight.  Other competitors are by no means a lot lighter, but when operating in the field ounces can begin to take a toll on an operator.  This also may be seen as a pro due to weight also having a positive effect on shooting performance in certain areas, like stability, durability and felt recoil.  The keyslot sections machined into the fore end may be seen as another con.  Due to the fact that they are a proprietary mounting system and do not function with a popular competitor, “Keymod”.  Meaning, aftermarket keyslot accessories must be purchased by the original manufacturer, in this case, Accuracy International.

Tutorials, User Manuals, Additional Information (Trouble finding AXSA DATA/USER MANUALS)

Accuracy International AXMC

Click here to view or purchase AXMC “Here”

Introduction to the AXMC 

  • The AXMC can be compared to being the chameleon of long range precision rifles.  At the drop of a hat, calibers, barrel lengths, and capabilities can be changed by the shooter.  It is a supremely adjustable rifle and can change as the mission dictates.  

Key Features/Functionality

  • Caliber- Unlike the AX 308, the AXMC rifle has the ability to rapidly transition its chambering to function with .338 Norma Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, Accuracy International 300 Win Mag and .308 Winchester by utilizing conversion kits manufactured by Accuracy International.  These 4 calibers all perform differently and will have their advantages and disadvantages ballistically.  It is up to the user to decide which caliber will be most effective for its intended use.
  • Action-  The action of the Accuracy International AXMC rifle is front locking with 6 lugs, while the bolt is 60 degree opening with a 6mm striker fall.
  • Color Coating- This rifle is coated in a highly durable coating called cerakote, which is composed of a mix of ceramic and polymer.  This coating increases surface hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact strength.  The colors available are, dark earth, green, pale brown, elite sand, and elite midnight.
  • Barrel options
    • The AXMC offers a wide variety of barrels due to its ability to swap calibers and barrel lengths in the matter of minutes.  
    • Stainless Steel 20/27” barrel chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, sporting a 1 in 9.35” twist rate, threaded from the factory to accept muzzle devices.
    • Stainless Steel 20/24/26” barrel chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum sporting a 1 in 11” twist rate, threaded from the factory to accept muzzle devices.
    • Stainless Steel 20/24/26” barrel chambered in .308 winchester sporting a 1 in 12” twist rate, threaded to accept muzzle devices.
    • The AXMC also has the ability to run while suppressed using the factory threads and an aftermarket suppressor.
  • Chassis- The extremely durable chassis constructed of polymers and alloys, provides the end user with an extremely high level of modularity in regards to the ergonomics of the rifle as well as the portability.  
  • Conversion Kits-
    • The conversion kits coming from Accuracy International allow the user the ability to change barrel length or caliber dependent on the users mission
    • Can utilize both long or short action calibers
    • The conversion kits are comprised of a magazine, bolt, and barrel
      • Step 1- Remove barrel clamp screw, insert new barrel, hand tighten and re-torque the barrel clamp screw 
      • Step 2- Remove the bolt, then remove shroud/firing pin and re-insert into the new chosen caliber’s bolt
      • Step 3- Change magazine as well as utilize the magazine well converter 
    • With just these 3 steps, the operator is now able to change caliber based on intended use 


  • Weight- The weight of the AXMC comes in at 6.8 kilograms, or 15 pounds 
  • Length- With the stock extended and muzzle brake installed on the 27 inch barrel, the length of the rifle comes in at 1250mm x 185mm x 100mm.  With the stock folded and the muzzle brake installed on a 27 inch barrel the length comes in at  1040mm x 185mm x 105mm.
  • Takeaways- Though the AXMC has a slight weight disadvantage in comparison to the AXSA, it offers more versatility in calibers that are able to be fired.

Intended Use

  • Similarly to the AXSA, the intended user for the AXMC is a professional sniper looking for a rifle that is precise at long ranges, reliable as well as modular.  
  • The system developed by Accuracy International gives operators the ability to handpick what cartridge they want to use based on conditions and swiftly change their rifle platform to perform to their standards.
  • The reliability, accuracy, and adjustability, lend itself well to use by law enforcement, military personnel or competition shooters.  

Performance Assessment and Review

  • Accuracy- The AXMC is notoriously accurate as it is precisely manufactured by a seasoned precision rifle company like Accuracy International.  Shooters are expected to see groups of shots that are touching at 100 yards, exceeding sub MOA performance.
  • Reliability-  Accuracy International is well known for creating actions, barrels, chassis, and receivers that can stand the test of time and war time environments.  The action 
  • Modularity-  The AXMC has to be one of the most customizable precision long guns being manufactured today.  With a folding stock, interchangeable back straps, quicklok barrel systems, keyslot technology, adjustable triggers, adjustable cheek pieces and stocks, AI has done a great job to ensure that their rifles will fit a wide variety of shooters.  
  • Pro- Accuracy International has decades of experience in crafting rifles that are not only accurate but reliable.  Their rifles have seen war all over the world and professionals choose to use AI again and again during the countless encounters of war in history.  The increased modularity   
  • Cons- Again, a large con to these rifles is the weight that comes with the system as a whole.  Everyone knows precision long guns get really heavy after adding all of the needed accessories and even then the weight can still have its upsides.  Like stated previously, the rifles forend uses keyslot.  This means you have to stick with Accuracy International for your aftermarket forend needs.  These forend mounted rail sections are not compatible with Keymod or M-lok.  To also note, the accessories coming from Accuracy International are not cheap.  Although, it is logical due to the quality and craftsmanship of the products they create.


AXMC/ AXSA Questions and Answers:

  • What optics/mounts work with the AX rifle systems?
  • AXMC vs. AX?
    • This entirely depends on what caliber you are wanting to shoot and practice with.  The AXMC offers more versatility in ability to fire multiple calibers if that is an important factor to you.
  • What are the main differences between the AXMC and the AXSA?
    • The AXSA utilizes a short action 
    • The AXMC is able to switch calibers using conversion kits 
  • Where can I buy Accuracy International?
    • There are a multitude of current Accuracy International  options and accessories in stock at Scopelist.  
  • Accuracy International AT vs AX?
    • This highly depends on budget, taste, need more keyslot and grip preference
    • The AT is available with an AT thumbhole stock as well as a fixed stock option
    • The AX has better adjustment for the cheek piece and Length of pull 
    • The AX has more keyslot, so more rail sections can be added 
    • The AX is more expensive 

Accuracy International AX 50 ELR Anti Materiel Rifle 

Click here to View AX 50 ELR on scopelist:

Introduction to the AX 50 

  • The AX 50 from Accuracy International is built directly based on the previous .50 BMG precision rifle Accuracy International coined the “AW 50”.  The AX 50 is designed to be a rugged, long range anti materiel rifle that remains as reliable and easy to use as its predecessor.  It remains as one of the most accurate .50 caliber rifles on the market as well as one of the most durable.  

Parts Description for AX 50 ELR Anti-Materiel Rifle 

To view or purchase the AX 50 ELR click “here

  • Muzzle Brake- From the factory it is equipped with a three port muzzle brake 
  • Barrel– The AX 50 ELR chambered in .50 BMG features a free floated 27 inch match grade 1 in 15” twist barrel that mates with the action through a large 39mm diameter thread.  It also comes with a 3 port muzzle brake that heavily reduces recoil, muzzle flash and signature coming from dirt or dust.  It also has the ability to function suppressed using a suppressor and the factory threads.  It also comes from the factory equipped with the Quickloc barrel, allowing the swift caliber change from .50 BMG to .408, or .375 Cheytac.
  • Quickloc Barrel System The system allows the rifle to be able to change calibers with use by use of a hex key stored in the cheek piece to remove and swap barrels.  Conversion kits will be available in .375 Cheytac and .408 Cheytac.
  • Magazine- 10 shot double stack CIP corrosion resistant steel magazine 
  • Bolt- The AX 50 ELR comes from the factory with a 30mm close fitting bolt featuring 6 locking lugs as well as AI’s proven one piece extractor.  The short throw 60 degree bolt handle is positioned just above the trigger and close to the stockside in order to reduce excessive motion when running the action.  
  • Fore-end Mounting System- The mounting system used is AI’s keyslot system that allows shooters to mount optics, sling mounts, bipod mounts, ranging devices, or anything that attaches to picatinny.
  • Trigger- Two stage design with a large sear engagement before the first stage is taken up to minimise the risk of accidental discharge. Adjustable pull weights of 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb). Easily removable (two socket head screws) for cleaning.
  • Pistol Grip- Ergonomic design, crafted to the perfect angle for precision rifles 
  • Safety- The safety mechanism located directly behind the action of the AX rifles allows the shooter 3 positions.  The most rearward safety position locks the action while still allowing the trigger to be pulled.  The second most rearward safety position allows the action to still function, but the trigger will not be able to function, keeping the rifle from being able to fire.  The most forward position allows the weapon to fire as well as the action to be unlocked and able to function.
  • Folding Chassis- Similarly to the other AX rifles, the chassis features a folding stock that reduces the length by 244mm or 10 inches.  This is a huge benefit when it comes to transportation as well as making it easier for military units who have to enter areas by parachute insertion.
  • Arca Rail- Features an integrated arca-swiss style tripod rail in order to mount bipods and tripods with the most stability.  
  • Sling Points- There are flush cup sling points available at the rear of the stock as well as on the forend attached to the accessory rail sections.  
  • Adjustable Cheekpiece- Height adjustable, to allow for night vision equipment or telescopic sights with large objective lenses.
  • Butt Pad- Large, recoil absorbing, butt pad for increased comfort. User adjustable for height and length of pull using the included 10mm butt spacers.
  • Action- Flat bottomed, high grade steel action with integral Picatinny rail. Bolted to the full length aluminium chassis, a full width recoil lug prevents movement ensuring zero is maintained in all conditions. Two pressure release ports minimise blowback in the event of cartridge failure.

Key Features/Functionality 

  • Caliber- .50 BMG has a long standing history of performance during war and is used by armed forces for a variety of reasons.  It is a very versatile cartridge that packs a punch like no other.  Although, very rapidly the user will be able to swap calibers from .50 BMG to .375 or .408 Cheytac.  The .50 BMG, .375 and .408 Cheytac have a high ballistic coefficient and is less affected by crosswinds than other cartridges due to its mass.  Historically this caliber has been used to disable vehicles, shoot through barriers, shoot targets at long distance and explode ordinance placed by enemy forces.  Many times in history, the .50 BMG has held the record for longest recorded kill, and there is no doubt that this bullet is highly effective in combat. 
  • Finish/Coating- The AX 50 ELR comes coated by a high quality ceramic polymer coating known as cerakote.  This rifle is available from the factory in Dark Earth, Elite Sand and Black.  Based on the operator’s environment, they can choose a coat that matches as well as protects the rifle against abrasion, corrosion and wear.
  • Chassis- As far as 50 caliber sniper rifles go, the AX 50 ELR is highly modular.  The keyslot forend allows the user to configure rails and accessories.  This means users can adjust essential accessories like bipods and slings to be as ergonomically efficient as they can be.  The folding chassis is a huge benefit as 50 BMG rifles are not short.  Cutting the overall length by 10 inches is no small feat, and can benefit operators hugely in the field.  .


  • Weight- 12 Kilograms, 26.5 Pounds with no scope, empty magazine and no rails
  • Length- 1415mm x 190mm x 125mm overall length 

Stock folded: 1140mm x 190mm x 164mm with 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake, 2 x 10mm spacers

Intended Use 

  • .50 BMG is not a caliber that is used primarily in medium or short range engagements with human targets.  Though it can be used for shots like this, the AX 50 would serve best in a military or law enforcement capacity completing tasks like disabling vehicles, taking long range precision shots or disabling ordinance.  The AX 50 ELR would serve the role of an anti materiel rifle perfectly due to its caliber, accuracy and adjustability.

Performance Assessment and Review 

  • Accuracy- In comparison to other 50 caliber rifles on the market, the AX 50 is extremely accurate and capable of long range precision shots.  Shooters have reported that they were able to shoot ½ MOA groups at extended distances ranging from 600 to 1000 yards.  This is extremely impressive, and with a caliber like 50 BMG the bullet is still carrying a payload that is about as powerful as it gets when it comes to shoulder fired rifles.
  • Reliability- There is no doubt this rifle is built to a high standard using high quality materials.  With a receiver that is made of billet steel that is mated to a billet aluminum chassis system, you can bet that this rifle will be highly durable.  Everything about this rifle screams tough as it was able to withstand environments with dirt, sand and debris, while still being able to have its action and trigger run.  
  • Modularity/Ergonomics- The Accuracy International AX 50 is very modular for its class of rifle.  It comes from the factory with a butt pad that is adjustable for height and length of pull, a rear support that is also adjustable for height, as well as adjustable keyslot rail sections for mounting accessories like bipods and slings.  The chassis is also extremely modular ergonomically, as it houses an adjustable cheekpiece that allows for customization and also the ability to fold the stock and decrease the signature of the rifle by 10 inches.
  • Why Choose the AX50- If you are a law enforcement unit,  military professional, or firearms enthusiast who wants an extremely accurate bolt action rifle chambered in 50 BMG,.375 Cheytac or .408 Cheytac, then the AX 50 might be your best bet.  Accuracy International takes rifle building very seriously and has extremely vast knowledge and experience in building precision rifles known for performance and durability.
  • Pros-  The AX 50 is extremely accurate in addition to its high quality construction.  The action of the AX 50 ELR  is extremely smooth and performs well even when operating in harsh environments.  It’s accuracy is among the best of .50 BMG shoulder fired rifles and its modularity and customizable ergonomics set it over the top.  
  • Cons- The rifle is heavy and does have a significant amount of recoil, but this is expected with any 50 caliber rifle in existence.  A large con is that the AX 50 is not a very cheap rifle, coming in at a price above 11,100 $ with bullets that cost around 3 to 6 dollars per round.  Although, this is also to be expected when entering the territory of 50 caliber anti material rifles.  Overall there are not many downsides, that is  if you are looking specifically for a precision rifle chambered in .50 BMG and its other compatible calibers.
AX 50 Questions and Answers
  • How is the performance, comparing the Accuracy International AX 50 vs. Mcmillan Tac 50?
    • Many report that their AX 50’s are more accurate.  Although, in terms of modularity and ergonomics, the AX 50 has many more features.  Regarding weight, The AX 50 has more features with a more rugged design while maintaining the same weight as the Mcmillan Tac 50.
  • What kind of range and muzzle velocities can I expect from the AI AX 50?
    • 2,953 Feet Per Second
    • Effective range is 2734 Yards
  • What optics/mounts work well with the AX 50 

Tutorials , user manuals and additional information(Again hard to find data sheeet/user manual on newer models)

Accuracy International AT Rifle Systems

Introduction to the AT rifle 

To View or Purchase AT rifle on Scopelist Click “Here

  • The AT rifle system or “accuracy tactical” from Accuracy International is a rifle with direct lineage from a rifle system known as the AW 308, which is notorious for its pedigree for performing in combat.  Though this rifle has an extensive history in combat environments, Accuracy International markets this rifle as an extremely accurate option for civilian and law enforcement shooters.  

Parts Description

  • Cheekpiece- Height and laterally adjustable to obtain the perfect eye position.
  • Sling Points- Flush cup style; two rear, two above the pistol grip and two forward.
  • Pistol Grip- Ergonomically advanced pistol grip is standard with traditional thumbhole stock sides available as an accessory.
  • Safety- 3 position safety, based on the battle-proven AW 308 model.  In the most rearward position the firing pin is blocked from movement as well as the bolt being locked.  The second most rearward safety position the firing pin is blocked from movement but the bolt is able to move freely and be manipulated.  The most forward position is considered the firing position and in this position both the trigger and action can be manipulated.
  • Magazine- One corrosion resistant, low friction 10 round magazine is included.
  • Night Vision Mount- A co-planar mount with a NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 specification rail is available as an accessory.
  • Accessory Rails- available as accessories in various lengths and use AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system.
  • Butt Pad- Large, recoil absorbing, butt pad for increased comfort. User adjustable for length of pull using the included spacers. Target butt pad with height and rotation adjustment available as an accessory.
  • Trigger- Two stage trigger making the rifle safer for rough handling with adjustable trigger blade. Adjustable pull weights of 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb). Easily removable (by means of two socket head screws) for cleaning.
  • Folding Stock (Option)- Reduces the overall length of the rifle for transportation and storage. The unique hinge design locks up solidly and latches in the folded position.
  • Bolt- 20mm diameter close fitting bolt with six locking lugs and proven AI one-piece extractor. To minimize hand movement, the short throw (60°) handle lies close to the side of the stock just above the trigger.
  • Quickloc Barrel Release- Patent pending system for barrel removal and refit including length change in less than one minute, simply a 4mm hex key. Makes a smaller, less obtrusive package for transportation.
  • Muzzle Brake- A double chamber muzzle brake with or without a fitting for a suppressor. Standard for 26″ barrels and is an option / accessory for 20″ and 24″ barrels.

Key Features/Functionality

  • Caliber- The Accuracy International AT is chambered in .308 Winchester utilizing AI’s short action, also available in 6.5 Creedmoor  
  • Action- The steel flat-bottomed action is bolted and bonded to the full length aluminium chassis for rigidity. The action is fitted with a barrel release screw to allow the user to change the barrel in less than one minute using a 4mm hex key.
  • Finish/Coating- Stocks and barrels are coated in the highly durable ceramic polymer coating known as cerakote.  The barrel comes from the factory coated in cerakote Elite Midnight Black.  While with the stock, the customer has the option to choose from black, green or pale brown.
  • Barrel- 20″, 24″ or 26″ match grade free floating barrel is screwed into the action with a large 27mm diameter thread.  The barrel of the AT comes standard in a 1 in 12” twist.  
  • Chassis- The AT 308/AT 6.5 Creedmoor Chassis is constructed of aluminum with the option of a left side folding stock and additional rails and bipod mounting at the 6 o’ clock position.  The butt pad is fixed but allows the use of spacers in addition to its adjustable cheekpiece.  
  • Aftermarket Accessories
    • Bipods AI bipod and 
    • Harris bipod mount 
    • Handstop with sling loop and flush cup 
    • Suppressor 
    • Slings 
    • Transit cases 
    • Cleaning kits
    • Additional Magazines 


  • Weight- The AT 308 weighs 5.8kg (12.8lb) with an empty magazine, no scope and a 24” barrel with no muzzle brake.
  • Length- With the stock extended the measurements are 1125mm x 180mm x 100mm, with the stock folded the measurements are 890mm x 180mm x 145mm.  This is with a 24 inch barrel lacking the muzzle device or keyslot rail sections.

Intended Use 

  • Accuracy International markets this rifle towards the law enforcement and civilian sector.  With the features that it holds, the Accuracy International AT 308 has the characteristics that make it very well suited for law enforcement sniper teams or civilian shooters interested in long range competitions.  The caliber it is chambered in being .308 Winchester, makes it easy for civilians and law enforcement alike, to train and stock ammunition.  

Performance Assessment and Review

  • Accuracy- This rifle is highly accurate and this can be attributed to the superb trigger, barrel and how the action is bonded and bolted to the aluminum chassis.  Shooters are easily able to group at sub MOA at long distances.  
  • Reliability- Accuracy International is known for how smooth and reliable their rifles are.  The action of the AT 308 is butter smooth and has a 60 degree bolt throw which speeds up the manipulation of the action.  There are even Accuracy International actions that have round counts of over six figures.  If you are buying from Accuracy International it is safe to say that reliability or accuracy will not be an issue.
  • Modularity/Ergonomics- The AT 308 sniper rifle is not nearly as modular as the newer long guns like the AXMC, but it is barely behind.  The cheekpiece is vertically and laterally adjustable, it has an adjustable trigger, it has AI’s keyslot technology, it has the quickloc barrel technology and a folding stock.  Though it may look slightly dated or lack some of the features from the newer line up, it is plenty modular and will get the job done for most shooters.   
  • Why Choose the AT- The AT 308 or AT 6.5 Creedmor are both exceptional options for law enforcement professionals or civilian firearm enthusiasts alike.  The action is extremely high quality and the way the barrel is mated to the chassis creates a higher level of accuracy than competitors.  This rifle is also much more affordable than the AX line up while still providing the high level of accuracy and reliability that Accuracy International is known for.
    • Pros- The rifle is extremely accurate and overall displays the high quality that Accuracy International creates.  The action is one of the best and most comfortable to use in the market.  It is available in 6.5 Creedmor or .308 Winchester, both being quality cartridges that can maintain their kinetic energy at distance.  This rifle system is also more affordable than the AX line-up of rifles, which is a huge factor in the civilian market.  This rifle system is also highly adjustable and features Accuracy International’s Quickloc barrel system, making changing the barrel on the fly an easy task.
    • Cons- Depending on what model you decide to purchase, the AT 308/AT 6.5 Creedmor may not come with certain features including the folding stock, action rail, muzzle brake or threaded barrel.  This is a case by case basis 

AT 308/AT 6.5 Creedmoor Questions and Answers

  • Should I choose .308 Winchester vs. 6.5 Creedmoor?
    • At all distances, 6.5 Creedmor has proven to be a flatter trajectory round with less bullet drop.  Although, at ranges under 500 yards difference is negligible.  This does not really matter until you hit ranges like 900 yards, where the 6.5 Creedmor will be impacting 3 feet above the .308 round.  And if you take it further by two hundred yards the .308 will be traveling at subsonic speeds while the 6.5 will still be performing at supersonic rates.  
  • What are some scope and mount combinations recommended for the AT Rifle  system?

Tutorials, user manuals and additional information

Accuracy International AT vs. Accuracy International AX, AXSA

Rifle AT .308/6.5 CreedmoorAXSA/AX
Weight 15 pounds 12.8 pounds
Length 1125mm x 180mm x 100mm1155mm x 180mm x 100mm
Stock Left side foldingAdjustment for cheek piece requires tool Length of pull adjustment utilizes spacersRight side foldingThrow lever adjustment for cheek piece and length of pul
Barrel a 20″, 24″ or 26″ match grade free floating barrel is screwed into the action with a large 27mm diameter thread.  The barrel of the AT comes standard in a 1 in 12” twist.20, 24 and 26 inch heavy profile barrels.  The barrel is match grade stainless steel with a 1 in 12 twist rate from the Factory
Mounting SolutionsKeyslot compatible at the 3 6 and 9 o’clockKeyslot compatible at 7 different angled positions on the forend 
Muzzle/DevicesAvailable threaded, non threaded, and with or without muzzle brake Available threaded, non threaded, and with or without muzzle brake
Action Rail 20MOA STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 action rail20MOA STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 action rail
Trigger Adjustable pull weights of 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb). Easily removable (by means of two socket head screws) for cleaningAdjustable in position as wellThe trigger weight is adjustable from 1.5 kg. to 2 kg.  Adjustable in position as well 
Magazines10 round AI magazine5 round AI magazines are available and compatible 10 round AI magazine5 round AI magazines are available and compatible 
Sling Mounting Points6 flush cup sling mounts4 flush cup sling mounts
Quicklok Barrel ReleaseComes standardComes standard
Fore end System Squared off style, less Keyslot positions to mount rail sections Tube style, more keyslot positions for mounting rail sections 
Value/PriceMore affordable More expensive
Finish/CoatingsCerakote in green black or tan options Cerakote in green black or tan options

Rifle/Chassis Magazine Compatibility 


General Accuracy International FAQ

Who makes Accuracy International Barrels?

  • Bartlein is a high level precision barrel manufacturer known to make some of AI’s barrels.  

Are accuracy International Rifles worth the money?

  • Yes, Accuracy International Rifles are expensive.  But, they are of superb quality and can be compared closely to custom rifles that cost much more than AI’s offerings.  Overall the price matches the quality and if you are looking to get into precision shooting, there are options that AI makes that will not break the bank too bad.

Are accuracy International rifles too heavy?

  • Comparably to other custom precision offerings, AI’s rifles are competitive in weight when you account for the features they offer out of the box.

Are accuracy international rifles as accurate as custom rifles?

  • No doubt, Accuracy international rifles can be as or more accurate than custom rifles 

Where can I learn to be a sniper or find training in shooting long range precision guns?

Overview of Accuracy International Product Lines

Accuracy International has been a big name in precision rifle systems for decades.  Their rifles and chassis have been utilized by soldiers and citizens worldwide.  When searching in the field of long range precision weapons systems, it is impossible to go wrong with one of the options manufactured by AI.  Whether you are looking for a sniper rifle or .50 caliber anti material rifle, AI can fulfill your needs as a shooter.

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