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Shooters have many queries about Accuracy International (AI) rifles, be it nomenclature, the right rifle system, chassis system, application, or other major/minor differences. Here we provide you useful information on various AI rifles and the differences between them. This will help you choose the right AI rifle and chassis system as per your requirements.

Accuracy International rifles come in three variants –

AI AX Rifles

Accuracy International AX rifle system has a distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles. They are available in two versions –

  • AX 308 (Short Action) – Stand-alone .308 Winchester (Short Action).
  • AX 338 Lap Mag (Long Action) – Multi caliber AXMC. You can reconfigure AI AX338 Lap Mag to either .308 Win or .300 Win Mag by simply changing the barrel, bolt and magazine/insert.

Name of Rifle Parts with Description

  • Muzzle Brake – Also known as recoil compensator. The double chamber muzzle brake is fitted as standard at AX rifle system that reduces recoil. As an option, a tactical threaded version is also available for taking an Accuracy International Suppressor.
  • Sling Points – Quick detach flush cup style for rapid sling repositioning. Three points are located on the main chassis, and removable/repositionable points are located on rail sections on the fore-end.
  • Fore-end Mounting System – A stiff octagonal tube with AI’s patented KeySlot mounting system machined into it to mount accessory rails bipods and sling. Easily removed for transportation or maintenance in less than 30 seconds with the 4mm hex key stored in the cheekpiece.
  • Quickloc Barrel Release – Patent pending system for barrel removal and refit including caliber/length change in less than one minute (using the 4mm hex key stored in the cheekpiece). Makes a smaller, less obtrusive package for transportation. Caliber kits are available separately.
  • Action Rail – Full length NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 rail for mounting optics and thermal / NV imaging equipment. Machined from aerospace grade aluminium, with a corrosion resistant protective coating. Inclined to 20 MOA for .308 and 30 MOA for magnum calibers.
  • Accessory Rails – With AI’s patented KeySlot system, sections of STANAG 4694/Mil-Std 1913 accessory rail can be attached anywhere on the fore-end, so rail mountable equipment can be positioned with complete flexibility. The top accessory rail is matched to the angle on the action rail.
  • 10 Round Magazine – Corrosion resistant steel with a low friction coating for complete reliability.
  • Trigger – Battle-proven two stage design with adjustable trigger shoe.
  • Safety – 3 position safety based on the design of the battle-proven AW system.
  • Folding Stock – Folds to the right over the bolt handle for a narrow profile, which allows the assembled rifle to be carried in a day pack. Reduces rifle length by 260mm (≈10″).
  • Pistol Grip – User configurable in minutes with replaceable pistol grip backstraps.
  • Cheekpiece – Lateral/height adjustment. Stores a 4mm hex key for barrel removal/refit and re-positioning of accessory rails.
  • Butt Pad – Friction locking mechanism for quick and tool-less pad height and angle adjustment. Pull length can be adjusted by 40mm without tools and further still with the addition of 10 and 20mm spacers.

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AX308 – What’s so Special?

  • Accuracy International AX 308 is a bolt-action precision rifle having 10-round detachable box magazine.
  • Comes with three-position safety.
  • Heavy-profile barrel of AI AX-308 provides extreme dimensional as well as thermal stability. Even after firing several three shot groups, only the barrel becomes warm to touch.
  • For absolute rigidity, Accuracy International has permanently bonded receiver to the aluminum stock chassis.
  • Stock folder is machined from two solid aluminum alloy billets, making the stock folding mechanism extremely strong.
  • Adjustable cheekpiece enables you to set height of the comb, thereby getting you a perfect cheek-weld. It helps the shooter to put eye in center of the lightbox instantly. Furthermore, the shooter doesn’t need tools for adjustment on field.

AXMC – What’s So Special About It?

  • It comes with AXMC caliber conversion kit, which enables the shooter to change the original caliber in a few minutes.
  • Three distinct multi-caliber models are available –
    • AXMC (AX multi-cal) model
    • AX-308 (Short Action) model – Comes with quick-change barrel system
    • AX-308 model – Comes with conventional fixed barrel
  • Accuracy International AXMC rifle system is available in 338, .300, and .308 caliber. Multi-caliber models are commonly known as AX338MC and AX-308MC. AX-338MC is capable of accepting both short-action calibers and long-action calibers (including 300 Win Mag).
  • AXMC platform has amazing Accuracy International rifle action, smooth bolt travel, and permanently bonded flat-bottomed action that is bolted to the chassis core.
  • AXMC is well ahead of most previous AI rifles. The most striking difference is in the chassis style. AXMC comes with tubular handguard and skeletonized stock. It especially comes handy for law enforcement officers and military personnel as Accuracy International has incorporated an uninterrupted top rail. This rail helps in cleanly mounting night vision optics in front of standard optical devices.
  • Patented KeySlot mounting system of Accuracy International

AX308 vs. AI AXMC – Comparison

Features AI AX308 AI AXMC
Action, Barrel System, & Rail Proofed steel action featuring AI’s patent pending Quickloc quick release barrel system, bolted and bonded to aluminium chassis.

20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail

Proofed steel action featuring AI’s patent pending Quickloc quick release barrel system, bolted and bonded to aluminium chassis

30 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail

Leaf Spring Extractor 6 lug, 60° bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor 6 lug, 60° bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor
Safety 3 position safety 3 position safety
Trigger Two stage trigger adjustable for trigger weight between 1.5 and 2kg Two stage trigger adjustable for reach and trigger weight between 1.5 and 2kg
Magazine Detachable 10-round double stack magazine – can also be top loaded though the rifle ejection port Detachable 10-round CIP length double stack magazine – can also be top loaded though the rifle ejection port
Left side magazine port Left side magazine port cut out for ease of magazine insertion Left side magazine port cut out for ease of magazine insertion
Caliber .308 Winchester (short action) .338 Lap Mag / .300 Win Mag / .308 Win
Weight 6.2kg (13.7lb) with standard rail setup, empty magazine, no scope, 24” barrel, tactical muzzle brake 6.8kg (15lb) with standard rail setup, empty magazine, no scope, 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake
Dimensions Full length: 1155mm x 180mm x 100mm

Stock folded:
940mm x 180mm x 105mm with 24” barrel, tactical muzzle brake

Full length: 1250mm x 185mm x 100mm

Stock folded:
1040mm x 185mm x 105mm with 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake

Colors High performance: Dark Earth / Green / Pale Brown

Elite Ultra High Performance: Elite Sand / Elite Midnight

High performance: Dark Earth / Green / Pale Brown

Elite Ultra High Performance: Elite Sand / Elite Midnight

Base Models Right side folding stock over bolt

Adjustable cheekpiece

Adjustable buttpad with spacers

Pistol grip

Flush cup sling attachment points

20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action rail and 13” forend tube and rail

Double chamber standard muzzle brake

1 x 140mm plain accessory rail

2 x 80mm flush cup accessory rails

1 x 10 round double stack CIP magazine

Right side folding stock over bolt

Adjustable cheekpiece

Adjustable buttpad with spacers

Pistol grip

Flush cup sling attachment points

30 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action rail and 16” forend tube and rail

Double chamber standard muzzle brake

1 x 140mm plain accessory rail

2 x 80mm flush cup accessory rails

1 x 10 round double stack CIP magazine

Factory Barrel Options 20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 12” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake .338 LM: 20”/ 27” 1 in 9.35” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake

.300 Win Mag: 20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 11” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake

.308 Win: 20”/ 24”/ 26” 1 in 12” twist, stainless steel, plain threaded for muzzle brake

Options Tactical threaded double chamber muzzle brake for AI suppressor Tactical threaded double chamber muzzle brake for AI suppressor
Accessories STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system


Rear butt spike

AI bipod and Harris bipod mount

Handstop with sling loop and flush cup



Transit cases

Cleaning kits

STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system

AI Bipod and mounts for other bipod brands (including Harris)

Rear butt spikes

Caliber conversion kits (also see reverse): .338 LM, .300 WM and .308 Win (includes long action magazine converter) comprising barrel, bolt & magazine

Handstop with sling loop and flush cup



Transit cases

Cleaning kits

Accuracy International AX308 Rifle – Review

Accuracy International AX 338 Lapua has made history by enabling the longest recorded sniper kill. The manufacturer has extended their reputation and came up with one of the most recent AI’s evolutionary designs – AX 308 rifle system. It fires 7.62×51 NATO cartridge with consistent precision shot-after-shot.

What do you get?

Accuracy International AX 308 is a bolt-action precision rifle that comes with –

  • 10-round detachable double stack magazine
  • Easy magazine insertion facility (enabled by left side magazine port cut out)
  • Six Lug, short 60-degree throw
  • 3-position safety, enabling the shooter to open with the safety engaged
  • 2-stage trigger
  • Quickloc quick release barrel system (AI’s patent pending) at proofed steel action
  • KeySlot mounting system (patented by Accuracy International) – as accessory
  • 24” barrel – Longer barrel adds velocity and at the same time provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability
  • Tactical muzzle brake (suppressor-ready)
  • 20 MOA STANAG 4694 / Mil Std 1913 action and forend rail


AX308 comes with a receiver that is permanently bonded to aluminum stock chassis, providing shooters with absolute rigidity. This is a significant improvement over the AICS chassis system (Remington 700-ready). Though the barrel length is short, this rifle is still a big one. AX-308 is 1155mm or over 45 inches long. With stock folded, its length still stands at 940mm or over 37 inches.

Two solid aluminum alloy billets are used to machine the stock folder, giving the stock folding mechanism the extra strength. Therefore, it can withstand almost any mishap, until and unless the entire rifle or stock gets destroyed.

Mounting the riflescope over rifle was extremely easy and your eye gets center of the lightbox instantly without fail every time. This was possible because of the availability of adjustable cheekpiece, which helps in setting the comb height. Most importantly, you will not need any tool to adjust the cheekpiece in the field because two large thumb-screws lock it in place. Therefore, a shooter with AI AX 308 rifle in hand will be in an advantageous position than their shooting buddies with different rifles. While the shooting buddies move it all over the place, you keep focusing on the target instead of looking at the rifle for adjusting cheekpiece.


It is by no means a lightweight rifle. With the scope mounted and the rifle loaded Accuracy International AX308 weighs around 15 lbs or almost 7 kgs. You will need sling to carry the rifle. In fact, a bipod is needed for precision shooting. However, the nicest thing about this rifle is that the shooter doesn’t have to worry about recoil.

If you are trying offhand shooting, you will surely feel the extreme steadiness of the rifle system that has been enabled by the weight.

Trigger and Magazine

Small hex screws on the trigger helps moving it forward and backward for length of pull adjustment.

Magazine used in AX308 is manufactured from steel that comes with a polymer follower. This is absolutely reliable and at the same time holds 10 rounds. What the pro shooters like about the magazine is the easy loading system. If the magazine is empty, single-loading into the chamber is allowed.

Who can use?

AI AX 308 is basically a high end sniper rifle, which is best suited for –

  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Military personnel
  • Armed forces

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Accuracy International AXMC Rifle – Review

AI AXMC rifle is undeniably an expensive product, debuted at Shot Show 2014. It was Accuracy International’s first ever multi-caliber, barrel-swapping rifle system. The best thing about buying AXMC rifle (also called AX-338MC) is that it can accept both long action and short action calibers.

While testing the rifle, two rifle systems were chosen –

  • .338 Lapua barrel, bolt, and magazine
  • .308 barrel, bolt, and magazine

One aspect that needs to be highlighted is the fact that the rounds of AI AX-308 MC are limited to short action tactical rifles only. However, you will get wide array of calibers for the barrels. Conversely, barrels can be chambered for other rounds fitting .308 bolt face of AX-308 MC.

Who Can Use?

Accuracy International AXMC rifle is not meant for amateurs. It is meant for –

  • Hardcore military snipers/ shooters
  • Law enforcement snipers/shooters

The comfortable shooting experience makes it easier for the snipers and pro shooters to remain in a shooting position for hours. What makes this rifle system so special for the pro shooters and snipers is the wide array of adjustments available.

It must be very clear at the very onset that AI AXMC rifle system is not designed keeping the civilian shooters in mind. It is meant for the professional shooters of the military and law enforcement.

What’s so Special about AXMC Platform?

  • Excellent Accuracy International rifle action
  • Extremely smooth bolt travel
  • Flat bottomed action, permanently bolted and bonded to rifle chassis’s core
  • This platform uses a bolt along with three bolt lugs inside the action. This is consistent with the traditional 60-degree bolt lift of Accuracy International. For providing a stronger lockup for dealing with the high chamber pressures of .338 Lapua round, total six lugs are used.
  • Leaf-spring variety extractor is available.
  • Three-position safety is available, which can –
    • Either lock out the trigger alone, or
    • Lock both trigger and action
  • Full-length NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 rail is there on top of the action, running uninterrupted from receiver’s back to the end of the handguard. On .308 models it is 20 MOA tilted and on long-action AXMC model it is 30 MOA tilted.
  • Chassis style format in the AXMC platform is way different from the other Accuracy International rifles built before this. If you need to mount additional accessories to the rifles, the modern looking tubular handguard and skeletonized stock comes handy.
  • Whether you are a law enforcement officer or a military personnel, you can mount night vision optics in an easy and clean manner in front of the standard optics. This is enabled by the uninterrupted top rail.
  • KeySlot accessory rails are also available at 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock, allowing additional lengths of picatinny rail to be mounted as needed by the users for using bipods and other accessories.
  • One of the most important specialties of this scope with respect to Accuracy International’s previous rifles is the small machine screw that is located at front of the action. This screw can be loosened with the help of an allen wrench that stows handily in the cheek rest. This releases action’s grip on the barrel. Once it is done, the barrel can be removed easily by –
    • unthreading it from the receiver, and then
    • sliding it out of the handguard

If you want to install a new barrel, simply follow the reverse process.

Accuracy International – AXMC Rifle – For More Details
Check User Manual

What are the Most Important Revisions at AI AXMC Rifle over Previous Models?

Important revisions are made at Accuracy International AXMC rifles to make them more shooter friendly –

  • AI has excised bottom of the action around the magazine well, located on the left side. With this revision, the manufacturer made it easier for the shooters to remove the big single-stack .338 Lapua magazines without the rifle’s butt being tipped up for clearing the magazine.
  • One of the significant revisions in AXMC rifle system is the folding of stock on the gun’s right hand side. It becomes extremely user-friendly as it makes the left hand side absolutely slick and makes it easier for carrying. The best thing is that the bolt is retained in this format and it secures bolt in the forward position.
  • Another important thing about this rifle system is the massive amount of adjustment available. The stock allows alterations to be made in pull length as well as height of both comb and recoil pad.
  • The method of adjustment in this AI AXMC is commendable as simple thumb screws can accomplish adjustments. Once fixed in place, it remains incredibly solid.

Accuracy International – AXMC Rifle – For More Details
Check Datasheet

What are the Findings While Shooting?

Easy Adjustment

The first thing that is found during the test is that AXMC is about shooting comfortably. Its easy adjustment system makes it easier for shooters to keep in a particular shooting position for hours. More importantly, the shooters can adopt a comfortable shooting position in a relatively easier manner than any other rifle system.

Easy to Set-Up Scopes and Accessories

What’s more interesting is the fact that setting up aSchmidt and Bender PMII 3-20×50 scope on this rifle took just 15 minutes time and that’s too without any hassle. The setting up process was easy and comfortable. Most importantly, the eye relief was perfect, even when it took just few minutes time for set up.

Perfect Shot at 100 Yards during Testing

With .308 barrel installed, shooting position locked in, and Schmidt and Bender PMII 3-20×50 riflescope zeroed in, the testing prep was done. Now, it was time for shooting. First 100 yards target was tried with Federal Gold Medal Match and it shot the perfect cloverleaf. It was dead on target and the accuracy factor was more than commendable.

Chiseled as Per Human Elements and Needs
  • Accuracy International surely considered the human elements while manufacturing this rifle system. That’s why the pistol grip has been designed in such a manner that it grips the hand as much as needed. It helps the shooter to keep a relaxed hand on the controls. This ensures that there is no wayward muscle tension, which adversely affects the aim.
  • Stock adjustment in this rifle makes it sure that the shooter’s shoulder as well as the head supports the rifle in a natural manner (as per the natural skeletal shape and structure). In complete contrast to most rifles (where the shooter has to contort body around the rifle and also use muscle forcefully for supporting rifle), AI AXMC rifle system is built with the natural body structure and shape in mind.
  • This massively heavy barrel profiles of rifle system with .338 or .308 barrels along with huge muzzle brakes absorb almost all recoil and therefore the rifle hardly moves. Even an inexperienced shooter can watch their round’s impact through the rifle scope attached on the AXMC.
  • The trigger swing is smooth through the first stage, encouraging the shooter to go for a simple gentle squeeze. The trigger is definitely not conventional but is perfect for accomplishing a task at hand.

Overall Assessment

Accuracy International’s AXMC rifle system is embodiment of absolute reliability as well as perfect precision. If you are more interested about the high cost, you may go for more affordable ones includingRemington,Savage, andSakorifles. If you want to hit the target at the first shot, AI AXMC is the natural choice. That’s why it is the preferred choice of the snipers and professional shooters, to whom perfect shot matters more than cost. If you have lofty goals of hitting targets, choose this rifle.

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AI AX50 Long Range Rifle System

.50 caliber Accuracy International AX50 long range rifle system comes with a tough and reliable design, a direct descendant of Accuracy International’s battle proven AW50 rifle. It has been designed for withstanding constant military deployment and inherits the most important features (reliability, toughness, and ease of maintenance) of its powerful predecessor AW50. Even in the harshest conditions, the pro shooters will get outstanding accuracy as well as consistent cold shot performance.

AX50 Rifle – What’s so Special?

  • 27-inch match-grade free floating barrel – Screwed into the action with a large-diameter 39mm thread.
  • Capped by a triple-chambered muzzle brake – Reduces recoil, muzzle flash, and the dust eruption that plagues .50 cal gunners.
  • Forend rail comes with KeySlot attachment points – Helps in attaching modular rails for a wide range of scopes, ranging accessories, bipods, etc. easily and quickly.
  • Folding chassis – Reduces the weapon length by 10 inches so that the shooters can carry and transport it easily.
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger unit – It can be removed and at the same time cleaned easily.
  • Stock comes with a large buttpad – Adjustable for height and length of pull.
  • Other Specialties – Accuracy International AX50 long range rifle system comes withadjustable rear support as well as fully adjustable cheekpiece.

AX50 Rifle System Parts Identification

Name of Rifle Parts and General Arrangements of AI AX50

  • Barrel – For consistent coldshot performance, the 27″ match grade free floating barrel is screwed into the action with a large 39mm diameter thread. The triple chamber muzzle brake reduces recoil, muzzle flash and dust eruption.
  • Magazine – One corrosion resistant, low friction five-shot detachable steel magazine is included.
  • Bolt – 30mm close fitting bolt with six locking lugs and proven AI one-piece extractor. The short throw (60°) handle lies close to stockside just above the trigger to minimize hand movement.
  • Fore-end Mounting System – Patented KeySlot mounting system tube for quickly and securely attaching modular rails to take an array of optical, ranging, support and carry options.
  • Trigger – Two stage design with a large sear engagement before the first stage is taken up to minimize the risk of accidental discharge. Adjustable pull weights of 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb). Easily removable (two socket head screws) for cleaning.
  • Pistol Grip – Advanced ergonomic design.
  • Safety – Two position. SAFE (to the rear) blocks the firing pin and locks the bolt. FIRE operates only when the bolt is cocked.
  • Folding Chassis – Rigid and stable, the chassis features a folding, locking stock which reduces overall length by 244mm (10″) for transportation and parachute insertions.
  • Sling Points – Two rear, one at hinge and two adjustable forward sling points.
  • Rear Support – Quick and fine adjustable support facilitates prolonged target observation. Extendable by 50mm (2″).
  • Adjustable Cheekpiece – Height adjustable, to allow for night vision equipment or telescopic sights with large objective lenses.
  • Butt Pad – Large, recoil absorbing, butt pad for increased comfort. User adjustable for height and length of pull using the included 10mm butt spacers.
  • Action – Flat bottomed, high grade steel action with integral Picatinny rail. Bolted to the full length aluminium chassis, a full width recoil lug prevents movement ensuring zero is maintained in all conditions. Two pressure release ports minimise blowback in the event of cartridge failure.

Accuracy International – AX50 Anti Materiel Sniper Rifle
For More Details – Check User Manual


Specification Value
Caliber 0.50 BMG
Weight 12 kg (26lb)
(Weighed with all accessories fitted, empty magazine and no scope)
Length Overall 1368 mm (53.85”) (with 2 x 10mm butt spacers fitted)
Length Folded 1105 mm (43.5”)
Action Steel, front locking, integral Mil Std 1913 rail
Bolt 60° opening, six lugs, 8 mm (.315”) striker fall
Trigger Two stage adjustable, set at 1.8kg (4lbs)
Safety Lever The trigger is a TWO stage trigger and must not be adjusted into a single stage

“Safe” and “Fire” modes only

“Safe” withdraws and blocks the firing pin, physically blocks the trigger and locks the bolt in the closed position.

Barrel 692 mm (27.25”) Stainless steel match grade 1:15 twist fitted with a muzzle brake
Muzzle Velocity 825 m/sec (2707 ft/sec) with standard ball ammunition

Note: – This varies between ammunition manufacturer.

Stock Folding type alloy chassis enclosed in scuff resistance stock sides

Fitted with removable bipod, adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable butt (by addition and removal of 10mm spacers), adjustable rear spike and sling loops.

Bipod Universal, quick detachable folding type.

Provides 15° loll either side of the central position (adjustable friction in any position), and 12° pan either side of the central position.

Rear Observation Spike Quick release with fine adjustment.
Magazine Detachable box type containing five rounds.
Carriage Three sling loops allowing hand & shoulder sling or biathlon style harness for backpack style carriage
Iron Sights: (Accessory) The emergency peep iron sight has five settings from 200 m out to 1000 m

The foresight fine elevation adjustment.

The rearsight has fine windage adjustment

Color AX rifles benefit from a Cerakote ceramic polymer firearm coating.

High performance in three unique AI colors:

  • Dark Earth
  • Green
  • Pale Brown

Elite ultra high performance for unrivalled durability:

  • Elite Sand
  • Elite Midnight
  • STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot mounting system
  • Bipods
  • AI bipod and Harris bipod mount
  • Handstop with sling loop and Flush cup Slings
  • Transit cases
  • Cleaning kits

Accuracy International AX50 Rifle (.50 BMG Caliber) – Review

Accuracy International (AI) is highly popular among military snipers, especially in the long range kills. AX50 is one of the most sought after AI rifles by military all over the world. AI AX50 long range anti materiel rifle inherits reliability, toughness, and ease of maintenance from its predecessor AW50. Now, let’s check out how the riflescope is.


During the test, Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25×56 riflescope was mounted on the rifle. This scope is capable of handling field abuse as well as heavy impact of hard-recoiling AI AX50 rifle.

AX50 comes with 26 lb bolt action anti-material behemoth. It features 27 inch free floated barrel as well as a five-round detachable steel box magazine. To decrease overall rifle length, Accuracy International has made the stock fold to the left. The manufacturer has included stainless steel match grade barrel (27.25 inch length along with a 1:15 twist). You’ll find a beefy muzzle brake with AX-50 rifle which looks pretty similar to a hand granade. Two 4mm hex screws are used for threading the muzzle brake (three-chamber brake) onto the barrel and indexing to the barrel.

This muzzle brake absorbs a lot of kick when the rifle recoils. However, it does create problem in case of tactical operation because it kicks up a lot of dust. So, a military personnel may use a suppressor to avoid kicking up dust, which may compromise his sniping position.

A military style two-stage trigger (adjustable from 3.3 to 4.4 pounds) has been included in AX-50. If you want an adjustment, the rifle can be sent to a trained AI armorer. The trigger module can be sent to Accuracy International North America (AINA) for adjustment. However, the trigger, in general, is excellent until and unless there’s is any special requirement. You can also remove the modular trigger assembly for cleaning and that’s too without the need to separate receiver from the chassis.

Accuracy International AX50 Datasheet Click Here


AI AX50 rifle weighs 30 lb, which is definitely not light and easy to handle. However, Accuracy International has given it such a well thought-out, comfortable design that you’ll hardly feel any problem in handling it. The entire rifle has been ergonomically designed, which includes

Placement of handguard at natural balance point

  • Adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Rounded off corners

To manage recoils efficiently and effectively, AI has adopted an overall design where the stock is high and in line with the receiver. That’s why AX-50 manages heaviest recoils with ease.

Buttstock of this rifle comes with an adjustable cheekpiece (moves up and down), giving shooters perfect eye relief. In fact, you can adjust the buttpad up or down by roughly 2 inches. For accommodating changing shooting positions, you can also adjust the buttpad to left or right. Accuracy International has included removable spacers for customizing length of pull.

The only improvement that can be suggested in the ergonomic section is the need of a removable handgrip interface, which is compatible with AR-15 style rifles. There’s nothing called a one-size-fits-all handgrip. It’ll be a helpful add-on if AI replaces the company specific handgrip to replaceable different sized grips. Anschutz-style palmswell can be included in the ergonomic design of AX50.

The Rail

KeySlot rail system is the biggest improvement Accuracy International has done at AX50 rifles in comparison to previous models. What’s so special about KeySlot? They are lighter than the ones featuring continuous sections of Picatinny rails and lets you place the Picatinny where it is needed. In fact, there are available accessories that help in direct interfacing with the KeySlot system.

Accuracy International’s KeySlot looks identical to Vltor’s KeyMod system. However, KeySlot is a higher variant because it comes with a robust system that is engineered specifically for high-recoiling rifles.

The Bolt

Forged 30mm six-lug bolt is definitely one of the most impressive features of AI AX50 rifle. It is rugged and features Accuracy International leaf spring extractor.

With this bolt you can double a very effective self defense weapon on its own. Forged 30mm six-lug bolt is around 12 inches long and weighs just 2.72 pounds. The action becomes silky smooth with the use of finely polished and beautifully machined bolt, thanks to hand fitting by the AI gunsmiths as well as precision machining. In fact,

Safety Features

In case of cartridge failure or overpressure round, gas can accumulate at the sides of receiver and bolt. To get rid of this gas, AI has incorporated 3 plastic-capped holes thereby enhancing the safety feature of AX50 rifles. AI AX-50 has incorporated a “Firing Pin Cocking Indicator” that helps the user to know whether the rifle is cocked. A shooter knows about it by checking the cocking indicator, which is protruding through back of the action.

Optical Mount

You will definitely going to need extra tall scope mounts if you are usinh AI AX50 rifle. Cheek piece of these rifles are set up high, thereby giving enough space for long bolt clearance. There is hardly any mount available that fits AX50. Even the “extra high” mounts don’t seem to be tall enough.

However, your rifle would definitely need some additional cant so that you can get the rounds out to a mile. ERA-TAC 34mm Adjustable Incline Mount is definitely a good one for AX-50 rifle because it is a unique, variable-angle scope mount that provides a shooter up to 70 MOA of scope cant (with increments of 10 MOA). You can also get the desired angle by loosening the cross bolts and simply rotating the cam action hand wheel.

Accuracy International has some home grown affordable mounts for the AX50. You may also try them, especially if you want to save some bucks.

Recoil, Accuracy, and Reliability

AI AX50 is certainly a beast and comes with heavy recoil. If you think you want to shoot 100 rounds with this rifle in one sitting, you are wrong. It’ll take five or more sessions for pro shooters to fire around 200 rounds. At max, shooters can fire around 25-50 rounds each round. Most of the shooters are done with the day after firing around 10 rounds or so.

However, this doesn’t mean that recoil of the .50 BMG Caliber AX-50 rifle is unmanageable. No matter what your age is, you can take reliable hits at long distances without any difficulty with AX50 rifle.

There are many good quality rifles (such as Barrett M82s/107s or McMillan TAC-50s) with which AX-50 can be compared with. However, point to point comparison is difficult because of the fact that all the rifles discussed here come with owner’s custom hand tools.

After testing Accuracy International AX-50 rifle using the American Eagle 660 grain ammo, it can be said that shooting around 2 MOA groups at 600 yards was rather easy. While using match ammo with AX-50, inherent accuracy is higher.

If you are using this rifle for the first time, you must know that you’ve to tame it through consistent practice. Just stick to the fundamentals and have patience to get rewarded. During the test, accuracy of the rifle increased when 50 lbs of lead shot was added to the Key Slot rail. By doing this, AX50’s recoil was brought down to .308 levels and ultimately helped in bringing out the best accuracy.

Accuracy International AX50 is flawless in functioning as it’s built to meet needs of the military operations. While testing the weapon, no weak links can be found in the design. During the test, sand was used to see whether that jams the action. However, AI AX50 easily brushed off dry sand, making it evident that these rifles are apt for use in rugged conditions.

In fact, residual wet sand was also applied during the testing process. It was more problematic than the dry sand. However, residual wet sand did stick around. The problem was easily sorted out by using canteen water.

Overall Assessment

Accuracy International AX-50 rifles are perfect to send 750 grains of leads into targets at long distances (say, 1 to 2 miles away). AX50 sniper rifle is also a great training tool as this highly accurate machine exposes any fundamental training deficiencies. For example, if you have a bad shooting posture, using this sniper rifle will ensure that your back will feel it. If there is a bad recoil-induced trigger flinch, AX-50 will force you to shoot in a correct manner so that the target is hit at extreme distance.

If you are going to buy it for hunting purpose, it’ll not be the right decision as that is too big for hunting. You wouldn’t practically need this anti-material sniper rifle for civilian use. However, it doesn’t mean that civilians shouldn’t buy it. AI AX50 (.50 BMG) is a symbol of freedom and you can buy it simply because you can. If you want to own this beast, buy it now otherwise a day may come when civilians will not be given the permission to buy such sniper rifles. There are many people within the government who don’t trust gun owners having such sniper rifles in their possession. So, take the decision of buying now otherwise you may lose the chance to have it in your possession.

AI Safety – Tutorial Video

AX50 Rifles? – User Manuals

Know More

AI AT Rifles

Accuracy International AT rifles are combat proven weapons that are ideal for Law Enforcement and civilian users. “AT” stands for Accuracy Tactical. This rifle system is built on the legacy of the combat proven AW308 and has taken the efficiency of AW to new levels.

The standard model has a fixed stock with 24 inch, quick change, plain barrel. It comes with black metalwork with multiple stock color options (Black, Green, Pale Brown). This AT rifle comes with folding stock, barrels, suppressors and many accessories.

AT rifles are designed for harsh environments and come with superior accuracy. They are battle ready and can be used by military personnel during wars.


Main features of AI AT rifles –

  • Proofed steel action
  • Accuracy International’s Quickloc quick release barrel system
  • Mil-std-1913 action and forend rail
  • 6-lug 60° bolt with AI leaf spring extractor
  • Three-position safety
  • Two-stage trigger for adjustable trigger weight
  • Detachable 10 round double stack magazine
  • Fixed stock
  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Fixed buttpad with spacers
  • Flush cup sling attachment points
  • A double chamber standard muzzle brake

AT Rifle System Parts Identification

Name of Rifle Parts with Description

  • MUZZLE BRAKE – A double chamber muzzle brake with or without a fitting for a suppressor. Standard for 26″ barrels and is an option / accessory for 20″ and 24″ barrels.
  • BARREL – 20″, 24″ or 26″ match grade free floating barrel is screwed into the action with a large 27mm diameter thread.
  • SLING POINTS – Flush cup style; two rear, two above the pistol grip and two forward.
  • ACCESSORY RAILS – Are available as accessories in various lengths and use AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system.
  • NIGHT VISION MOUNT – A co-planar mount with a NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 specification rail is available as an accessory.
  • LOWER ACCESSORY RAIL – Available as an accessory and uses AI’s patented KeySlotTM mounting system.
  • QUICKLOC BARREL RELEASE – Patent pending system for barrel removal and refit including length change in less than one minute, simply with a 4mm hex key. Makes a smaller, less obtrusive package for transportation.
  • ACTION RAIL – The steel flat-bottomed action is bolted and bonded to the full length aluminium chassis for rigidity. The action is fitted with a barrel release screw to allow the user to change the barrel in less than one minute using a 4mm hex key.
  • BOLT – 20mm diameter close fitting bolt with six locking lugs and proven AI one-piece extractor. To minimize hand movement, the short throw (60°) handle lies close to the side of the stock just above the trigger.
  • MAGAZINE – One corrosion resistant, low friction 10 round magazine is included.
  • TRIGGER – Two stage trigger making the rifle safer for rough handling with adjustable trigger blade. Adjustable pull weights of 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb). Easily removable (by means of two socket head screws) for cleaning.
  • SAFETY – 3 position safety, based on the battle-proven AW model.
  • SLING POINTS – Flush cup style; two rear, two above the pistol grip and two forward.
  • FOLDING STOCK – Reduces the overall length of the rifle for transportation and storage. The unique hinge design locks up solidly and latches in the folded position.
  • PISTOL GRIP – Ergonomically advanced pistol grip is standard with traditional thumbhole stock sides available as an accessory.
  • CHEEKPIECE – Height and laterally adjustable to obtain the perfect eye position.
  • BUTT PAD – Large, recoil absorbing, butt pad for increased comfort. User adjustable for length of pull using the included spacers. Target butt pad with height and rotation adjustment available as an accessory.


Specification Value
Caliber .308 Winchester (short action)
Weight 5.8kg (12.8lb)(empty magazine, no scope, 24” barrel, no muzzle brake)
Full Length 1125mm x 180mm x 100mm
Stock Folded 890mm x 180mm x 145mm with 24” barrel, no muzzle brake, no rails
Action Proofed steel action featuring AI’s patent pending
Bolt 6 lug, 60° bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor
Trigger Two stage trigger adjustable for trigger weight between 1.5 and 2kg
Safety Lever 3 position safety
Barrel Quickloc quick release barrel system, bolted and bonded to aluminium chassis

20” or 24” plain or threaded barrel for AI muzzle brake, 26” threaded barrel for AI muzzle brake 1 in12 twist

Stock Fixed stock
Magazine Detachable 10-round double stack magazine – can also be top loaded though the rifle ejection port
Color Black metalwork, with a choice of stockside colours – Black, Green, Pale Brown
  • STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 accessory rails to attach to AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system
  • Night Vision mount with STANAG 4694 / Mil std 1913 rail
  • Thumbhole stocksides
  • AI bipod and Harris bipod mounts
  • Bipods
  • Handstop with sling loop and Flush cup
  • Suppressor
  • Slings
  • Cleaning kits
  • Transit cases

Accuracy International AT308 Rifle – Review

Accuracy International AT in 308 Winchester is basically a stalking rifle. So, it can very well be used as a vehicle-bound foxing rifle. You can also use it as a calibre dependant, extreme range varminter. No matter how you use it, the best thing about this rifle is that it is designed to hit the target.

AI AT comes with a perfect trigger placement and shape that feels so right. The belts are comfortable and in hand. This AT308 rifle is more than mechanically crisp as the safety clicked forward and backward with elan.

In the current range of rifles from Accuracy International, AT is the base model. This model is an improvement over the battle proven AW model. The stock design has been improved in the AT model, making it more user-friendly.


  • AI AT308 rifle comes with an excellent action and trigger.
  • Scientifically designed ergonomics of the stock provides fantastic recoil characteristics.
  • It has unquestionable fit and finish quality


  • Accuracy International AT 308 rifle comes with a hefty price tag. However, considering capability, quality, and tactical advantage it brings with itself, high price tag becomes a non-issue.


Each AT rifle is hand-assembled at the Portsmouth facility of Accuracy International. Just by looking at the firearm the extent of attention to detail is evident. Not only the design is clever but also the final fitting as well as adjustment.

The manufacturer has used aluminium beam as spine of the rifle. A rebate cut across the rifle is present where recoil lug of the AI action is bonded semi-permanently. This negates any kind of bedding issue.

Whether it is the bonding agents, relative thermal expansion rates, or machining tolerances, AI tests them in every climatic condition. Every rifle manufactured has to pass through this rigorous endurance test and only after that it is dispatched to the market.

A hinge unit separator separates it from the folding butt stock. When this stock is folded, it clips to a stud on left hand side of action, which is located just below the bolt-release lever. It is an utterly solid hinge, which is actuated at the center by the help of a push button with click folding with subtle clicks or locking open. ‘KeySlot’ quick-detach (patented by Accuracy International) is fore-end bolted up front. It points underside for a Picatinny rail and bipods slot in the fore-end.


Cheekpiece can be adjusted for both lateral offset and height with the help of two Allen bolts. While one Allen bolt is located on the right hand side of the butt, the other is on its underside when removed for lateral.

The cheekpiece is slim as well as radiused in profile, helping shooters to keep head straight and eyes on level. This helps them to take a clean shot comfortably. You don’t need to roll your head over the rifle top and get dizzy with the position.

Once you’ve set the cheekpiece, you can leave it alone on the folder. Action’s bolt can be removed even when the rifle is folded and it would not collide with the cheekpiece longitudinally when open.


Magazines of Accuracy International’s AT rifles are extremely quick to reload because of the mechanism adopted. Instead of the traditional way (as found in AICS) of feeding one by one from the front, AT mags use steel twin-column/staggered-feed lips for pushing rounds from above straight into the top.

AT308 is equipped with a staggered-feed magazine having 10 round, twin column. This magazine latches into the chassis, located just below the action. There is a lever present at the front of trigger guard for releasing the magazine.

When you click fully upward, the 10 rounds in the magazine feeds as well as ejects in a flawless manner. Then after the final round, the follower rises into the path of the bolt and prevents closing on an empty chamber for a ‘dead man’s click’.

Now, if the mag is pulled down slightly, it doesn’t drop from the rifle but sits firmly in place. In fact, you can carry on dropping rounds through the ejection port, which keeps on feeding smoothly as well as ejecting from top of the follower.


Before being bolted under the action, AI AT308 trigger is factory adjusted in a jig. It comes with a two-stage unit. While the first pressure breaks at 2lbs (950g), the second-stage breaks at 3lbs (1,425g). It’s important to note that these two stages of the trigger can’t be adjusted independently. It’s recommend not to lighten the trigger pressure at each stage, though you’ll find many claiming in the forums of making the trigger pressure lighter. Accuracy International recommends not messing up with the trigger pressure at any stage. The only thing they allow in their comprehensive instructions is to wind it a little heavier.

AI has placed the smooth-bladed trigger just below the index finger pad, which is again precise for the purpose. While using the trigger, you can apply pressure to drift through the first stage. Then after you should hold it on the knife edge of the second-stage pressure and wait for the opportune time to break the second stage pressure with total confidence and hit the target with 100 per cent performance rate.

If you are in a fast-fire competition, you would definitely need a slightly more relaxed rifle. That’s why many shooters like a lighter (say, a pound off at each stage) first stage trigger weight.


In the entire set-up of AT308 rifle, Accuracy International has provided a 20 MOA inclined Picatinny rail. It’s set up on solid-topped action of the rifle so that you can mount the scope on it. At the fore-end, AI also offers add-ons for mounting thermal sights or night-vision sights.

Bolt Handle

Bolt Handle of AI AT is a polymer ball sited directly in line and above the trigger. This architecture makes it more natural to use. As hand leaves the grip, the index/middle fingers lead straight to the polymer ball so that the shooter gets it readily available for flicking it up.

There are 6 lugs on the bolt, available in two rows around the push-feed head. These lugs unlock from their abutments in the action with a 60-degree arc. This happens before the bolt slides back and flings clear the extracted brass from receiver.

Both single extractor claw (on periphery of the bolt) and plunger ejector (on face of the bolt) works smoothly. Breaking the system is simply impossible, holding aloft the leading brand image of Accuracy International.

Slim steel bar is used as blot’s handle. It is neither weak nor spindly but still has been manufactured in a delicate, graceful, and slender manner within the entire rifle system. At the rear end of the bolt, characteristically cuboid shroud holds a three-position wing safety lever. Serrations in the safety lever helps shooter to carry out finger/thumb operation with confidence even with gloves on. With the lever kept at the rear position, the firing pin as well as the bolt is locked on ‘safe’. While safe bolt operation is allowed by central position, fire is enabled by forwards.

At the time of testing, this bolt was compared with Mauser M12. Both have similar design features. EVerytime the bolt slides during operation, a smooth airlock-style is evident. You’ll never get a jammed bolt during sliding.


Accuracy International AT rifle doesn’t come with a quick-change barrel, as found in AXMC. However, it’s not difficult to swap over. To swap barrel, first of all you have to use a 4mm Allen key for slackening a pinch bolt to the lower right side of the receiver. After this, you can manually unscrew barrel from the action. When vertical, it becomes easier to undo as the weight of the tube doesn’t strain on the thread. For unwinding, it’ll take just a minute of your time.

In case, you want to change caliber of the rifle, you’ve to follow a reverse process where the barrel is nipped up hand-tight first followed by application of 5Nm torque to the external pinch bolt. Similar to the actions, the barrels too are all head-spaced to a specific dimension or pattern. That’s why every component head-spaces afterwards to the action.

AI AT308 rifle comes with 308 Winchester, 24” varmint-weight barrel, and AI brake capped over 18×1.5mm threaded muzzle. The rifle remains within 1 MOA between barrel changes when used with .308 Winchester.

Overall Experience

Accuracy International’s AT308 rifle has been tested from every position possible, whether in the field, resting on bean bags, different types of floors (concrete or soft), varying bipod positions, and muddy ground. There’s hardly any other rifle that gives shooters with such a feel.

No matter whether the aim is targeted from a soft or hard hold/support system, point of impact remained unaffected. You can also “tune” the rifle from that of true horizontal one by putting brake’s lateral ports to a slightly angled one. Overall, the experience is good with AI AT rifle having 308 Winchester.

AI AT Rifle – Tutorial Video

AI AT – Documents

Accuracy International Rifle Systems – Ultimate Choice of Snipers and Tactical Shooters

Accuracy International has been manufacturing rugged and battle proven rifles for military snipers, target shooters, law enforcement personnels, and civilians since 1985. These rifles (no matter whichever category – AX / AXMC, AX50, or AT – they belong) come with all-weather reliability, no-nonsense manufacturing, and deadly accuracy. Accuracy International carries out thorough firing and function tests rifles before they are dispatched from the factory, ensuring the buyers get the best always. When your life depends on it, depend on AI rifles. AI has accumulated knowledge during international target shooting and Olympic games. They included those learnings by incorporating performance enhancing features in the original and current design of these heavy duty sniper rifles. These rifles have complete military ruggedness. However, over the last 35 years, Accuracy International has learned what the highly trained shooting professionals need and in turn incorporated the advancements in their rifles.

In the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous upswing in the demand for precision sniper rifles. Keeping this aspect in mind they have always strived to build the ultimate sniper rifle without any compromise in terms of quality and ideals. No matter what your firearm need is, you’ll always get the best from Accuracy International. If you want to take extreme long range shots, you can definitely buy either AX50 (.50 BMG caliber) or AX338 rifle. In case of tactical firearm requirements, you may buy AT rifles.

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