Burris XTR III Scopes: Who Should Buy? What’s So Special about Burris XTR 3?

Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR III Riflescopes are the new flagship optic line of Burris Optics in 2019. These are 100% US-made scopes, which are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States. They were first introduced at the SHOT Show 2019. 

Burris XTR III Scopes: Who Should Buy?

Burris XTR III Riflescopes are the perfect companion for the precision shooters who are looking for a riflescope to take an accurate shot at long distances. As precision and reliability are the core aspects of these new scopes, shooters can use them for both tactical and competition shooting

What’s so Special about Burris XTR III Scopes?

  • The new Special Competition Reticle (SCR) 2 features a gridded “Christmas tree” design. This reticle design ensures that the shooters are able to make extremely fast/accurate windage and elevation compensation. In fact, this reticle design also helps shooters to clearly communicate with the spotters.

SCR 2 Reticle

Available with:
Burris XTR III 3.3-18×50 Scope 201202
Burris XTR III 5.5-28×56 Scope 201212

  • Burris XTR III Riflescopes are available in two variants: 3.3-18×50 and 5.5-28×56 and both the variants come with multiple reticle options (SCR MRAD, SCR MOA, and SCR2 MRAD). Burris XTR III 5.5-28×56 Scope is especially a huge hit among the long-range shooters.
  • Both Burris XTR III 3.3-18×50 and Burris XTR III 5.5-28×56 riflescopes have 34mm body tube that provides shooters with increased strength as well as extended adjustment range. Up to 120 MOA elevation adjustment can be done on the Burris XTR III 3.3-18×50 Scopes and up to 90 MOA on Burris XTR III 5.5-28×56 Scopes, enabling long-range shooters to take precision shots as far as 1 mile or beyond.
  • The manufacturer has ensured that the shooters have the ability to fine-tune focus at shorter distances, thanks to the expanded side parallax adjustment available on both variants of Burris XTR III riflescopes. The diameter knobs have a large diameter as well as aggressive new knurling, giving the knobs a tactile surface that can be adjusted in all weather conditions, even with your gloves on. 
  • Burris XTR 3 Scopes come with premium glass as well as multiple optical improvements such as larger eye box as well as a smaller eyepiece signature. These features enable both Burris XTR III 3.3-18×50 and 5.5-28×56 Scopes to provide users with excellent light transmission, best-in-class field-of-view, and deeper depth of focus
  • XTR III riflescopes come with optional race dial that are specially designed for the NRL and PRS shooters. The dials have a writable surface, on which you can take custom notes in the field. 
  • These scopes are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. The body tube is filled with nitrogen. 
  • They come with a lifetime warranty, providing its users a sigh of relief, better resale value, and most of all peace of mind. 

2019 Burris Optics Catalog

Specifications: Comparison between XTR III 3.3-18×50 & XTR III 5.5-30×56 Scopes

XTR III 3.3-18x50 Scopes XTR III 5.5-30x56 Scopes
Magnification 3.3-18x 5.5-30x
Focal Plane First First
Weight 29.8 oz 32 oz
Overall Length 13.3 inches 15.4 inches
Objective Lens 50 mm 56 mm
Field of View 37.5-6.8 ft at 100 yards 23-4.2 ft at 100 yards
Eye Relief 3.5-4 inches 3.5-4 inches
Waterproof/Fogproof/Shockproof Yes Yes
Windage/Elevation Click Value 1/0 MIL or 1/4 MOA 1/0 MIL or 1/4 MOA
Elevation 120 MOA 90 MOA
Price (MSRP) US$2,039 US$2,159
MPNs 201200


Burris XTR III Scopes are feature-heavy scopes that are available at a relatively low price. Both Burris XTR III 3.3-­18×50 and Burris XTR III 5.5-30×56 Scopes sets a new standard among its peers in the sub-­$2,000 scope category.

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