Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C Reticle – How’s the Scope?

Meopta added this 1.7-10×42 RD scope in its MeoStar R2 series last year along with another now-popular variant 2-12×50 RD. Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 riflescope comes with 30mm scope body along with sufficient variable magnification range (almost 6x). If you have a shorter range gun, this is the perfect companion. 1.7x lower magnification level instead of a whole number (like 2x in the Meopta  MeoStar R2 2-12×50 RD) seems odd but that’s alright and your life doesn’t hinge on that. What’s more important in the variable magnification range is the almost 6x zoom (1.7x to 10x) you will get in this Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD riflescope, which is definitely commendable.

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Versatility and Optical Standard

While testing the scope we were floored by the extent of versatility it brings with itself. We used this handy and tight scope for dangerous games and we felt it to fit our bill in every sense. The optical clarity of this MeoStar R2 scope is amazing and the optical score it gained is definitely good. Meopta has ensured outstanding light transmission through the optics by applying its proprietary lens coating – MeoLux – on all surfaces of the lens. The manufacturer has used Schott glass in these riflescopes that has established itself among the finest optics manufacturers for over a century. Coupled with advanced optical coating feature, Meopta has ensured that high level of light transmission takes place through each lens surface. This makes the optical device perfect for use in low light conditions. Finding animals camouflaging in the dense covers of the woods was not at all a problem during use.

Having a Closer Look at the Features

No matter whether you are hunting in the terrains or in dense forest cover with a lightweight mountain rifle or short range guns, lightweight and compact design of Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD riflescope will always come handy. Now, the question is what are the features that make this riflescope increase expectations every time they are used? Let us check the different features that make this riflescope stand apart from the rest:

1. The first and perhaps the most important feature that enhances brightness, contrast, and ultimately the quality of image is the advanced lens coating used on lens surface. It is the innovative, advanced, and proprietary lens coating of Meopta, known as MeoLux, which enhances light transmission of the glass to the extent of 95 per cent. When a hunter is on field, the animals don’t come out of the woods posing, helping the shooters making the kill. Waiting for the hunt is not only strenuous but also requires great quality glass to find the camouflaging animal. If you are a good hunter and only require crystal clear image of the predator to bring it down, MeoLux is surely the optical device you need in your possession.

2. Meopta has used another lens coating on all external lens surfaces and it is known as MeoDrop, which repels water droplets, skin oils, grease, moisture or any other kind of impurities that can adversely affect clarity of vision. Even if there is any residual moisture or strain left on the lens, the microscopic hydrophobic layer helps the user to clean the lens surface easily with the help of a cloth without any smearing or smudging on the lens. This makes the lens remain clean for longer period of time without adversely affecting visual clarity. This feature especially comes handy on field when you always need to remain alert with crystal clear image production all the time. Even if it is raining or snowing outside, MeoDrop feature ensures that the shooter doesn’t face any sighting problem. This innovative coating ensures that you are always able to hit the intended target no matter how harsh the environmental condition is outside.

3. Meopta has taken extra care while manufacturing and assembling Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 and one of the signature fact regarding this is evident from the meticulous polishing of the individual lens components. These components are polished in-house and are then matched precisely, before parsing it through the rigorous quality check step. This ensures that the hunters always get superior optical performance through Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD scope.

4. Another feature that we loved in this Meopta riflescope is the 4C reticle. It has been etched on the glass, thereby providing amazing target definition for all kinds of shooting applications. 4C reticle in Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 is located in the second focal plane, which means that the reticle size seems to remain constant irrespective of the magnification level.

4C reticle is the proprietary reticle of Meopta and is essentially an improvement over #4 reticle, the traditional European reticle. In the old #4 reticle, heavy stadia lines are present at 3’clock, 6’clock, and 9’clock positions. The heavy stadia lines taper to the middle section. A fine crosshair can also be found at 12’clock position. The old #4 reticle is perfect for use in low light condition and is more suitable for use for close range hunting or shooting.

Whenever, you use it for longer ranges, this old reticle starts creating problem because there is every chance of losing the fine crosshair with respect to the background. However, Meopta has solved this issue in the new 4C reticle by placing dot at center. To make the illuminated dot work at all light conditions, Meopta has incorporated several illumination levels so that it can be adjusted with respect to the background for taking the perfect shot.

If you’re shooting at longer ranges you may feel the pain of usage as it’s pretty easy to lose those fine crosshairs against the background. Meopta has solved this problem by placing a dot at center of the reticle. It has got multiple levels of illumination, enabling users to use it in all kinds of conditions.

For providing the shooters more flexibility of use, almost over a span of 24 hours, the manufacturer has used advanced RD2 illumination system that features 8 reticle brightness levels. No matter whether you are hunting under broad daylight, shooting at pre-dawn hours from snow covered fields, or shooting long distance under clear new moon evening, the advanced RD2 illumination ensures that you are able to aim precisely and then take the shot clearly through the scope.

5. There are multiple other important features that make Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 one of the most preferred hunting scopes for the hunters, especially those who love stalking or even mid-to-long range hunting in all kinds of field conditions.

MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece is surely one of those important features that help in extra diopter travel as well as sharp focus. For providing external lens of Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD scope with scratch-resistant feature, the manufacturer has provided ion-assisted coating on them. This coating is known as MeoShield coating whose surface hardness as well as durability is quite significant. For enabling the scope to withstand stronger recoil, Meopta has provided erector system. This Meopta scope is waterproof as well as fogproof and therefore can be used even in the marshy lands or under heavy rain condition while hunting. The manufacturer has also incorporated posi-click finger adjustable MeoTrak II windage as well as elevation turrets, whose clicks are distinct and audible.

While testing the scope, we found these features extremely handy. They make Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD scope one of the most sought after short-to-long range riflescopes for the hunting community.

Let’s have a quick look at the specifications of Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 to get a closer feel of the usage. It comes with 42mm objective lens diameter, 11.1mm to 4.2mm exit pupil diameter, 98mm to 94mm eye relief, 21.9m to 3.7m per 100m field of view, -3 to +3 dioptric compensation, 94.5 per cent typical daylight transmission, 0.7cm per 100m impact per click, 20.32 oz weight, and 88 MOA windage/elevation adjustment range.

Good but is it Overpriced?

Taking close range shots was especially delightful through Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850. Taking short range shots through this riflescope becomes that more delightful because of presence of 4C reticle inside the tube body of 30mm that is highlighted by the illuminated (comes with 8 variable illumination settings) point at the center. This feature of the German reticle makes it perfect for use to quickly acquire sight at low magnification. However, this doesn’t mean that we had any problem acquiring target at mid-to-high magnification range (anywhere from 5x to 10x range). Even at high powers, bullet placement ability was precise. This versatility makes the scope that more buyable. Though the entire panel of Scopelist’s reviewers was unanimous in referring this scope as one of the best optical devices available in the short to mid-range hunting and shooting, unanimity was missing in case of the pricing. While many believed that the scope is a bit overpriced, some has the opinion that the $1,000-$1,500 price is alright for an optically advanced and versatile scope like Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD.

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Hunter’s Choice

Meopta Meostar R2 1.7-10X42 RD with 4C reticle SFP Red illuminated 573850 is basically a hunter’s scope that can be used in all kinds of hunting field conditions, right from open terrains to dense covers. During the test, almost in all the parameters (whether it is regarding durability, utility of the reticle, versatility, ergonomics, quality of image, ability to meet short-to-mid-range hunting purpose, or mechanics) it scored above 8.0 score. However, when compared with other similar established hunting scopes such as Nightforce SHV or Leica ERS, this Meopta Meostar R2 RD scope lagged behind in overall sense. Nonetheless, this scope can surely be counted among the few best hunting scopes available in the market.

by Scopelist

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