Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 from a Long Range Perfectionist’s Perspective

Scopelist asked a long range shooting professional to review Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50. The person we are talking about here is a combat professional and an outdoor activity enthusiast. The long range shooting personnel agreed to review the riflescope but due to some technical and professional reasons, he agreed to do that on the condition that we maintain his anonymity and don’t reveal his identity online. Though he didn’t write this review himself, this piece was written by Scopelist experts who accompanied the “Long Range Perfectionist” (that’s what we are going to call him from now on) after consulting him at every stage. In fact, he also proof read this first hand account on Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 before publishing it in our blog. Now, let’s start hands-on review of the Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 riflescope.

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Before getting into details of testing the scope, it needs special mention that this riflescope’s testing is done from the perspective of fox hunting at medium to long range distances. While testing the scope we found out that MeoPro 6-18×50 is a significantly versatile optical device that can be used for foxing or even varmint hunting in the 22 meters to 250 meters range. In fact, the maximum magnification range enabled us to comfortably shoot and bring down a coyote at a range beyond 500 meters. At the time of testing, we let our Long Range Perfectionist to review the scope from the perspective of affordable riflescopes and not compare the qualitative features with the best long range scopes such as Schmidt Bender PMII or Nightforce NXS or similar costly scopes. We requested him, if he at all needs to compare with any other scope of some leading manufacturer, he can do so with similar varmint scopes such as Nightforce SHV. Though SHV’s price is almost double than that of Meopta 524500 MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex riflescope, both are considered as leading scopes in the varmint hunting community.

Test and First Impression

After zeroing the scope by taking some shots at a tree around 100 yards from us in the northern Rocky Mountains of Montana, the team of Scopelist reviewers led by our “Long Range Perfectionist” went into fox hunting, at a range from 22 to 250 meters. Though many would argue that for shooting targets at such a distance Meopta MeoPro 4-12×50 riflescope is enough, we decided to opt for the MeoPro 6-18×50 scope so that we can also check out how it works out in the long range, especially in the 500 meters range or beyond that.

When we started to test the Meopta 524500 MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex riflescope in the mid-range magnification levels, we found the optical clarity to be amazing. In fact, click adjustment in it is crisp and the chance of accidental changing of the set adjustment is almost impossible. We liked this feature as during the time of stalking and hunting, accidental change of adjustment not only distracts the shooter from the fox, deer, varmint, or other animals he/she is hunting but setting adjustments at the time of hunt is annoying too. Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 comes with M-Plex reticle, which is perfect for versatile hunting purposes. Incorporation of hunting turrets in the scope corroborates our idea that this scope was manufactured by Meopta for providing hunting community with a high quality scope that costs much below the $1,000 price limit.

While testing this scope, we found out that this Meopta riflescope comes with superb daylight performance capability. However, when we tried to spot a deer in a shadowy place we witnessed a slight difficulty in precisely targeting the animal. When we spiked up the magnification range to the upper limit, we found out that this scope can be used ideally for hunting deer, foxes, coyotes, and others small sized varmints at a range of 500 meters and even more than that. However, if your need is to clearly hit targets within the 250 meters range,  it will be prudent for you to go for Meopta MeoPro 4-12×50 scope. We found the side parallax adjustment knob useful as we were able to adjust the parallax without removing our eyes from the eyepiece. Therefore, we were able to make the parallax adjustment without even losing sight of the coyote. These are the first few aspects our “Long Range Perfectionist” pointed out while looking through the eyepiece of this $500-$700 priced Meopta MeoPro riflescope.

Specifications at a Glance

Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 comes with a 50mm objective lens so that more light can pass through it for brighter production of image. The magnification range varies from 6x to 18x and is therefore a perfect scope for hitting targets located in the mid-to-long range distance. While size of the main tube is 25.4 mm, exit pupil diameter varies from 8.2mm to 2.8 mm. For handling stronger recoil, originating from calibers to hit targets at long range distances, Meopta has incorporated a 98mm eye relief.

This mid-to-long range riflescope is 15.35 inches long and weighs just 18.7 ounces. Due to light weight of the scope, hunters can use it for stalking expeditions too. Many times, long range shooters need to observe through their scopes over a large area to search their targets.  Keeping this aspect in mind the manufacturer has incorporated significantly large field of view, right from 10.6m to 3.5m per 100 meters. Field of view, in terms of degrees, in this scope also varies from 6.04 degree to 1.99 degree.

Meopta 524500 MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex riflescope comes with M-Plex reticle, which is located in the Second Focal Plane. No matter which magnification you are using, reticle size doesn’t seem to change. Whether the target is located in close range or long range distance, the reticle size will remain fixed optically and therefore will not create any kind of distraction for the hunter at the time of taking shots. Both image brightness and contrast through Meopta MeoPro 6-18×50 are commendable, ensured by 93 per cent daylight transmission through the lens.

While parallax correction ranges from 46m to infinity, impact per click is 0.7 cm per 100m. Other important specs associated with this riflescope include 40 MOA elevation as well as windage adjustment range and -3 to 3 dioptric compensation.

What’s so good about the Scope?

Meopta MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex 524500 riflescope comes with some amazing features that make this mid-to-long range scope a perfect companion for target shooters, precision shooters, and definitely long range hunters. In fact, we also tried it for elk stalking expeditions and it worked exceptionally well. Incorporation of the third turret parallax adjustment helped us make accurate shots repeatedly. In fact, it hardly required any time for adjusting the scope, especially when we required taking repeated shots during elk stalking expeditions. The turrets are finger adjustable because of the incorporation of MeoTrackII TM posi-click feature. Click adjustments are of ¼ MOA. The lens here is multi-coated with the help of MB5501 TM ion, which provides image clarity as well as brightness even at the edge of the lens, we faced no distortion. For protecting the exposed lens surface from any kind of abrasion, Meopta has provided MeoShield TM coating on lenses. The manufacturer has incorporated MeoQuick TM eyepiece with the riflescope, helping hunters and long range precision shooters bring target into focus quickly.

Meopta Sports Optics has put in nitrogen gas into the scope body, thereby fully guaranteeing fog proof performance. They have developed a new erector system that enables Meopta MEOPRO 6-18×50 riflescope to withstand heavy caliber recoil for long range hunting. Through provision of maximum holding force, backlash of the scope is eliminated and that’s why it produces repeatable accuracy as well as zero hold. For providing superior quality of performance, individual lense components in Meopta MeoPro are polished in-house. Incorporation of ion- assisted MeoBrightTM multi-coatings in Meopta MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex 524500 riflescope helps in eliminating any kind of reflection and glare. This ensures that 99.8 per cent light transmission takes place through every lens surface, helping in production of clearer and brighter image.

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What’s the verdict of the Long Range Perfectionist?

There is hardly any scope other than Meopta 524500 MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex riflescope in the $500-$700 price range that can so efficiently handle extreme recoils of large caliber and magnum rifles. All the scopes we have tested, found out that the ones that could handle heavy recoil easily are the ones in the $1,000 to $2,000 price range. This is the first reason for a long range hunter and target shooter to buy this Meopta scope.

When we tested this scope with the superior high resolution rivals, we found its performance to be commendable. Sometimes we found its performance to surpass even that of the superior peers. Though low light performance could have been better, getting a robust scope like this below $1,000 price range is an accomplishment in itself. Therefore, the long range perfectionist gives thumbs up to buying Meopta 524500 MEOPRO 6-18×50 MPlex scope.

by Scopelist

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