Rate My Rifle

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Do you like seeing cool rifles others have put together? Do you have a new build you want to show off? Do you want some tips or a review by an expert in the sport optics field and a fellow shooter in general? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading and check out Scopelist’s Rate My Rifle blogs!

Rate My Rifle is a new blog series Scopelist is introducing to encourage customer submissions, build our community, and just have fun. We are seeking submissions of rifle builds whether they are full custom or just a step above bone stock, gas guns or bolt actions, or new or old. The Scopelist team and I will review your submissions and give our thoughts and constructive criticism. We will post a blog with your submission information and send the blogs in our regular newsletter.


Send a picture (or several) of your rifle to ratemyrifle@scopelist.net along with a short description of your components and any other questions or comments you have. Even if you want us to roast your rifle, let us know and we will!

Here is an example: .223 Wylde SPR-ish Build


We intend for Scopelist’s new Rate My Rifle blog series to inspire others, provide both informational and entertaining content, and to encourage striving towards better builds. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about blogs, other customer builds, or anything else!

by Tyler P