New Swarovski Scopes in 2020: Z8i and Z5i Illuminated Riflescope Series

What’s New: A Quick Snapshot

Swarovski has unveiled two new amazing lines of riflescopes: Z8i and Z5i Illuminated series of riflescopes. 

Swarovski Z8i Riflescopes Series

The impressive Swarovski Z8i line of scopes come with an 8x zoom (1-8x24mm, 1.7-13.3x42mm, 2-16x50mm, 2.3-18x56mm, and 3.5-28x50mm), wide field of view, and plenty of magnification, which are particularly good for long-range hunters.

Swarovski Z5i Illuminated Riflescope Series

Swarovski Optik North America has also unveiled a Z5i illuminated line of riflescopes that come with 5X zoom (2.4-12×50, 3.5-18×44, 5-25×52) and lightweight 1-inch main tube. These features are particularly suited for hunters who want to acquire sight of their game quicker and clearer in low-light situations.

New Swarovski Z8i Series Riflescopes at Shot Show 2020

Overview on the Swarovski Z8i Scope Line

Swarovski Optik has showcased their amazing Z8i line of riflescopes at SHOT SHOW 2020. This riflescope series comes with an 8x zoom range, which is particularly good for long-range hunters.

No matter which model you choose (be it 1-8x24mm, 1.7-13.3x42mm, 2-16x50mm, 2.3-18x56mm, or 3.5-28x50mm), Z8i will offer you a wide field of view so that you can scan over a large expanse of the field and then make a precise shot at very long-range.

The best thing about this scope-line is that it has successfully integrated a slim, elegant 30-mm (1.2-in) central tube with a proper 8x zoom, thereby combining strength, elegance, and beauty all at the same time.

What’s so Special?

Crystal Clear Viewing across the 8x Zoom Range

The Swarovski Z8i riflescope comes with 8x zoom along with extremely high-quality optics, thereby completely redefining performance. The best thing about this scope series is that it combines a high level of detail accuracy with a large field of view. The hunters will be overwhelmed to view optimum detail recognition even at the highest magnification level. They can acquire targets rapidly with Z8i scopes, thanks to the uncompromising image definition throughout the entire field of view.

New Standard in terms of Ergonomics and Design

Combining a slim 30-mm (1.2-in) central tube, compact design, and 8x zoom together in a lightweight format makes it blend seamlessly with all hunting rifles. Swarovski Optik has designed the illumination unit in an ergonomic manner. The large operating features make it reliable, easier, and quicker to handle.

First-ever Switchable 4A-IF FLEXCHANGE Reticle for Unlimited Versatility

Swarovski Optik has incorporated 4A-IF FLEXCHANGE Reticle, a first of its kind switchable reticle that has been specifically designed for driven hunting. With a simple press of a button, an illuminated ring can be turned on or off, thereby adapting to the specific hunting situation. With the 4A-IF FLEXCHANGE switchable reticle, you can better adapt to a hunting situation and thereby achieve greater flexibility.

Ballistic Turret Flex (BTF): A Single Turret for every Eventuality

Swarovski Optik has incorporated a Ballistic Turret Flex (BTF) having 3 different rings with the ability to configure in three types. The best thing is that all these three rings can be attached together with a single click. You can use BTF either as a top turret or a side turret. It can be used with all kinds of available reticles (4A-I, 4W-I, BRX-I, and BRT-I).

When you use the Ballistic Turret Flex as a top turret, you can use it for bullet drop compensation. When used as a side turret, BTF can be used to estimate the distance of the game or for windage adjustment. There is no chance of accidental turning of turret because it comes with a locking mechanism.

The parallax turret helps in setting a parallax-free image. Even when you are in a shooting position you can make quick adjustments to get the best parallax-free view. A catch mark is present at 100 m (100 yards). It helps a hunter to set the parallax turret perfectly with ease, even at twilight.

Personalized Ballistic Ring (PBR): An Optional Accessory for Customized Adjustment

PBR ring makes shooting simpler and more reliable. On the basis of your personal data input in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic program, individual engraving is done on the ring. Therefore, this Personalized Ballistic Ring is customized with the hunter’s selected ammunition.

Different Hunting Priorities for 5 Varying Z8i Models

Swarovski Z8i 1-8×24 Riflescopes

The 1-8×24 scopes are best suited for driven hunts. The exceptional field of view in this scope helps in maintaining an overview of the hunting field so that the right decision can be made by the hunter by looking at the rapidly changing situations.

MPNs: 68112, 68102

Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3×42 P Riflescopes

Z8i 1.7-13.3×42 P is a highly versatile riflescope that is best suited for stalking and driven hunts. These scopes come with a lightweight design along with a wide field of view, making it a perfect scope for driven hunting and mountain hunting. 

MPNs: 68212, 68202

Swarovski Z8i 2-16×50 P Riflescopes

Z8i 2-16×50 P Scopes are true sense multipurpose scopes that can be used for a wide range of hunting activities such as driven hunting, stalking, and long-range shooting.

MPNs: 68313, 68311, 68303, 68305, 68301

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18×56 P Riflescopes

The 56 mm objective lens enables this Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18×56 P Scope to provide razor-sharp images in all light conditions, especially in twilight and poor light conditions. You can shoot accurately at long distances, thanks to the high magnification coupled with an amazing 56mm lens.

MPNs: 68411, 68413, 68401, 68403, 68405

Swarovski Z8i 3.5-28×50 P Riflescopes

Z8i 3.5-28×50 P Scopes are high-performance rifle scopes that are perfect for challenging hunts. This scope line not only offers you with 28x highest magnification but also detail precision across the magnification range. It is one of the most versatile scopes available in the market that provides you to shoot both at close range and extreme long-range.

MPNs: 68407, 68408, 68409, 68410

New Swarovski Z5i Illuminated 1-inch Riflescopes at 2020 Shot Show

What’s so Special about Swarovski Z5i Scopes?

Swarovski Optik North America has showcased a new lightweight and illuminated Swarovski Z5i riflescope series that comes with a 1-inch main tube, 5x zoom, and illuminated reticle. It comes in three variants:

This new lighter-version Z5i scope line has been introduced to meet the needs of those hunters who look for scopes having a low-light clear vision and the ability to acquire quarries quickly.

Swarovski has incorporated ¼ MOA standard turrets in these scopes along with an optional ballistic turret with a patented four-point coil spring system. All these features make the new Swarovski Z5i scopes easily adjustable as well as field-repeatable system.

The manufacturer has incorporated 3 illuminated reticles in Second Focal Plane (SFP): PLEX-I, BRH-I, 4W-I. The best part is that Swarovski has brought illuminated Z5i riflescopes both with or without ballistic turrets.

The Z5i models with Ballistic Turrets (BT) are:

  1. Swarovski Z5i 2.4-12×50 – BT-PLEX-I Riflescope 69769
  2. Swarovski Z5i 2.4-12×50 – BT-4W-I Riflescope 69771
  3. Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18×44 – BT-PLEX-I Riflescope 69760
  4. Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18×44 – BT-4W-I Riflescope 69764
  5. Swarovski Z5i 5-25×52 – BT-PLEX-I Riflescope 69880
  6. Swarovski Z5i 5-25×52 – BT-4W-I Riflescope 69884

The Z5i models with ¼ MOA standard turrets (without Ballistic Turrets) are:

  1. Swarovski Z5i 2.4-12×50 – PLEX-I Riflescope 69770
  2. Swarovski Z5i 2.4-12×50 – BRH-I Riflescope 69768
  3. Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18×44 – PLEX-I Riflescope 69761
  4. Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18×44 – BRH-I Riflescope 69766
  5. Swarovski Z5i 5-25×52 – PLEX-I Riflescope 69881
  6. Swarovski Z5i 5-25×52 – BRH-I Riflescope 69886

These truly versatile scopes are available at an MSRP of $1,588-1,921. These models are expected to be available by April 2020.

Final Words

Swarovski Optik‘s impressive and premium range Swarovski Z8i line is surely one of the best riflescopes available in the market currently (at least when it hits the market in around April 2020). If you are a pro-shooter and want the best of precision shooting (across the 8x zoom range including extreme long-range), the Swarovski Z8i riflescope series is the one you should buy. It comes at a premium price (MSRP) range of $2,700-3,700. If you want to have a similar shooting experience at a mid-price range (within $1,500-2,000), you should go with the lightweight and 5x zoom range new Swarovski Z5i riflescopes.

by Scopelist Team