New Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder – Top 7 Reasons to Buy

Safran Vectronix has come up with their newest release – Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder, one of the ultimate rangefinders currently. It has created buzz, making every hunter and shooter looking for it and eagerly waiting for it to hit the market. Though it was expected to reach the market by late May 2018, recent reports say the first shipment will arrive by first week of July 2018.

The NEW Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder is the culmination of Safran Vectronix’s around-30 years experience in designing and building laser rangefinders for both military and civilian use. If you are looking for a compact, affordable, and durable laser rangefinder, the manufacturer says Terrapin X will surely reset industry standard.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Terrapin X Rangefinder

Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder 914734 is feature-rich device, setting new benchmark in the long-range rangefinding industry. Let’s check out why we should buy this rangefinder –

Reason #1 – Powerful Rangefinding Capability

This rangefinder measures ranges up to 3,280 yards (3,000 meters or 1.86 miles) and much beyond that, thanks to precision laser technology (class I eye-safe) used by the manufacturer. The 8x magnification of the device helps shooters and hunters in extreme long-range target measurements. This rangefinding device has amazing accuracy. At a distance of over 2,000 meters, the divergence is ± 5 meters. This means the accuracy factor is just 5.46 yards at a range of 2,187 yards. It has become possible because of low beam divergence (1.25 x .05 MRAD).

No matter how extreme long-range the target is located and what field condition (uneven terrains or plains) it is in, you can take an accurate shot by combining accuracy factor of the rangefinder with azimuth, slope, and equivalent horizontal range. You can quickly identify a target and also measure accurate target distance by selecting the Scan Mode. It takes less than one half of a second to accurately measure and display the same on device screen.

Reason #2 – Precision Laser

Manufacturer has incorporated 905nm precision laser, reaching a range of 3,280 yards or 3,000 meters. When using the device in the field, you can range targets at extreme distances.

Reason #3 – Rugged and Reliable

New Terrapin X rangefinder is incredibly rugged and reliable, which you can use in all field and weather condition. Its outer shell is made up of a thick grippy shock resistant rubberized and reinforced RYTON plastics. Ryton is a specialized material that holds electronic components rigidly and at the same time protects the device from extreme temperatures as well as corrosive materials. The outside shell ensures that water or small drops don’t affect Terrapin X’s functionality. The manufacturer has designed Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder 914734 in such a manner that extra protection of the device is ensured. For this purpose, the components (such as laser, battery, and objective lens) are deeply recessed into the body of the rangefinder. Ryton plastics along with special rubber armoring provide extreme durability to Terrapin X.

Reason #4 – Premium Optics

Safran Vectronix has built this rangefinder with 28mm front objective lens along with unmatched 8x magnification. While larger lens diameter enures enhanced gathering of light (25% more light gathering than normal compact rangefinders), 8x magnification ensures ranging capability of above 500 yards. In fact, the resolution of the premium optics is excellent, providing users with authentic color and highest standard contrast performance.

Reason #5 – Terrapin X Mobile App enhances Display Ability

You’ll also get a dedicated TERRAPIN X mobile app, which enhances your ability to use your smartphone as a display. In fact, you can now get more functionality, enabling you to get two point measurements.

Reason #6 – Bluetooth Linking TERRAPIN X Mobile App and KESTREL Ballistic Solvers

Bluetooth (the coveted wireless communication) establishes connection between TERRAPIN X mobile app and KESTREL ballistic solvers, which supports LiNK protocol or other products. You can now connect the Safran Vectronix Terrapin X rangefinder with the Kestrel 5700 Elite (Applied Ballistics) or similar Kestrel products by using Bluetooth.

Reason #7 – Long Lasting Battery

A powerful 3V CR123 BATTERY (1X) has been included in this new Safran Vectronix rangefinder. Without using Bluetooth, a hunter/shooter can get around 4,000 measurements. Once you activate Bluetooth, you can easily get up to 1,500 measurements. Best aspect of this battery is that it’s readily available in most of the local stores.

Specifications – At a Glance



Magnification Range


Laser Type

905nm, class 1 eye-safe per IEC 60825-1 Ed 3.0

Range Capability

20m to 3,000m


Field of View

5.8° / 103mil


Electronic aiming mark

Eye Relief


Display Type

LED w/ automatic brightness control 4 digits with 7 segments 1 symbol block


Bluetooth® 4.1 LowEnergy

Battery Type

3V lithium battery (1 pcs)

Battery Capacity (20°C)

>4,000 measurements


136mm × 118mm × 48mm



To get detailed specifications of Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder, Download the PDF –

Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder – First-Hand Review

When compared with the original Vectronix Terrapin model, the manufacturer has completely redesigned the new Terrapin X. This new laser range finder has an advertised range of 11m (over 12 yards) to 3000m (3280 yards). As most of the laser rangefinders in real world applications don’t provide you with about half of advertised ranging capability, it becomes that more important to cross-verify the claim of Safran Vectronix about its newest release.

That’s why it has become important to check the ranging capabilities in bright sunlight, which doesn’t help these laser devices much. With the new commercial Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder in place, the manufacturer has assured that the actual ability of the laser in ranging will be same as advertised.

When you’re ranging targets at long distances, they appear to be tiny. This is where new Terrapin X rangefinding device comes handy. This rangefinder can range targets (size of a person) up to a mile. Ranging capability of this rangefinder was tested along a highway. During testing, targets located at 2,600 yards followed by 3,200 yards are cleanly shot at. The test findings corroborated with the official ranging capability estimates, given by the manufacturer.

Effectiveness of the Bluetooth connection is also cross-verified. Holding the device in hand, we scrolled over to Bluetooth menu. There are two options – App or Kestrel. When Kestrel is chosen, immediately connection was established to the Kestrel 5700 Elite (used during the test). Once this connection is established, ranging target with Safran Vectronix Terrapin X showed updates automatically at Kestrel.

This new Terrapin X rangefinder is also compared with the original Terrapin rangefinder. While the new device comes with 8x magnification, original Terrapin comes with 5x magnification. Safran Vectronix has made a subtle but surely impressive LED reticle improvement. They have done away with the square reticle and included round reticle instead. In fact, the reticle size is perfect as it is not too big, which is generally found in typical laser devices. The round reticle at new Terrapin X rangefinder is slightly larger than that of a similar Leica laser device. The reticle is logical in design and readouts inside the same can be read easily.

Overall, Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder 914734 delivers what it promised. It enables a shooter to cleanly hit a target at extreme long distance by calculating precise ranges. You can take an accurate shot at extremely long ranges by combining accuracy factor of the rangefinder with azimuth, slope, and equivalent horizontal range, irrespective of the range and field condition. If you are looking for a compact, affordable, and durable laser rangefinder, Terrapin X is surely the device you should buy.

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