Zeiss Hunting Scopes for Maximum Versatility and Modern Targeting

Zeiss is one of the most noteworthy names in the optical world when it comes to hunting gears. Whether it is a riflescope or crossbow scope, Zeiss provides hunters with highest image quality as well as optical precision. Whatever may be the hunting situation, Zeiss has the precise riflescope, reticles, and reflex sights for hunting community. Now, let’s have a closer look at the different types of scopes this manufacturing company provides hunters with.

There are 4 distinct scope types a hunter will get in the Zeiss bouquet:

1. Victory Riflescopes
This is one of the innovative premium scopes Zeiss provides hunting community with.

2. Conquest Riflescopes
It is a field tested scope that hunters love for maximum versatility and modern shooying technique.

3. Terra 3X Riflescopes
This is one of those riflescopes that has light weight for easy carriage and uncompromising optical performance. Terra 3X is a compact device tha provides enough versatility to the shooters by providing multiple reticle options including new ballistic reticles (RZ6 and RZ8) and standard Z-Plex.

4. Terra XB75 Crossbow Scope
Zeiss Terra XB75 is among those very few high quality crossbow scopes available in the market that helps the hunter to go on and on. Hunters can hunt harder and for longer span of time. This is the first ever scope for the crossbow hunting community that is based on dedicated German engineering. Terra XB75’s patented ballistic reticle, lightweight/rugged design, and bright/clear optics makes it a better scope than the rest.

Besides last two scopes in the above mentioned categories, both Victory and Conquest riflescopes come with two distinct scope versions. While Victory scope is available in HT and FL Diavari versions, Conquest is available in HD5 and DL versions. Now, let’s have a closer look at these different scopes and how they can help the hunting enthusiasts in their adventurous expeditions.

I. Conquest Riflescopes
This scope has been manufactured by Zeiss keeping the needs of demanding hunters in mind. It comes in two variants:

i. Conquest HD5
This riflescope is available in 4 objective lens diameter and magnification variations: HD5 2-10×42, HD5 3-15×42, HD5 3-15×50, and HD5 5-25×50. Some of the highlights of this scope type are superior 5x variable magnification range, 1 inch compact build, SuperZoom feature, redesigned RAPID-Z® ballistic reticles, new ballistic lockable turrets, optical enhancements, proprietary T* lens coating of Zeiss, and LotuTec water-repellant hydrophobic lens coating.

ii. Conquest DL
Conquest DL is available in three models: 1.2–5×36, 2–8×42, and 3–12×50. This advanced riflescope has carved its name in the hunting world because Zeiss has been able to combine reliability as well as versatility in the scope. One of the major highlights of Zeiss Conquest DL is the presence of fine reticle in the 2nd image plane that ensures both best possible visibility and minimum target coverage. Optimum image brightness of the lens has been ensured in this scope with the incorporation of modern innovative multi-layer lens coatings. Hunters love it because they can use this compact riflescope, with improved ergonomics, in all kinds of challenging hunting conditions.

II. Victory Riflescopes
This riflescope category comes in two variants: Victory HT and Victory VL.

i. Victory HT
Victory HT riflescopes boast of providing hunters with never-before-seen levels of optical performance that includes both precision and brightness. The available models are 1.1–4×24, 1.5–6×42, 2.5–10×50, and 3–12×56. This makes the hunters use them in the poorest light conditions. Incorporation of SCHOTT HT High Transmission lenses provides the optical clarity needed by the hunters in the most demanding situations as the light transmission through the scope is up to 95 per cent. Tis scope comes handy in the fast moving games too because clean shots can be taken from any distance because of the presence of new ASV+ Ballistic Turret System as well as finest illuminated red dot. Analysts say that this is Carl Zeiss’s brightest riflescope.

ii. Victory FL Diavari
Zeiss has incorporated its brilliant FL concept in this scope which includes brilliant images but no distracting chromatic aberrations. This enables the hunters to get best possible result in the advanced twilight conditions or even in pale moonlight. Zeiss Victory FL Diavari scope has mulriple models: 4–16×50 T*, 6–24×56 T*, and 6–24×72 T*. This is one of its kind scope in the market that has successfully combined 24x magnification with 72mm lens diameter. It is one of the most preferred scopes for extreme long range shooters. Shooters can place with extreme precision even on the smallest targets.

III. Zeiss Terra 3X Riflescopes
It is one of those scopes that hunters always prefer, especially during the chase and hunt expeditions, because of light weight, compactness, and rugged design. This optical device has been incorporated with MC anti-reflective coatings that help the scope in producing bright as well as high contrast images. 100 per cent repeatability click by click is ensured by 1/4-MOA adjustments. Zeiss Terra 3X scope comes with state-of-the-art reticles for helping shooters perfectly aim the target in accordance with their own preference as well as choice. Hunters will get both traditional Z-Plex (which is also the standard reticle) as well as RZ solution (RZ6 as well as RZ8) new ballistic reticles with this Zeiss scope. The concerned scope has a rugged construction, helping users to use it in the harshest conditions with ease. Terra 3X is a 1 inch compact design scope, which makes it that more easier for the shooters to use them in chase and hit hunting situations.

IV. Zeiss Terra XB75 Crossbow Scope
This is one of those scopes that are manufactured keeping the needs of crossbow enthusiasts in mind. Application of MC anti-reflective coatings helps the scope to be used in the bleakest lighting conditions. Even during twilight this scope can be used with ease. Crossbow hunters will find this scope especially helpful because Zeiss has incorporated the device with patented reticle that enables the hunter to shoot up to 75 yards, where increments can be done for 2 ½ yards. 6 different crosshairs are there in Zeiss Terra XB75 Crossbow scope, where main cross section of all the crosshairs represent entire yardage, right from 20 yards to 70 yards. 1 inch compact structure of the scope helps shooters use it with their crossbow and carry easily.

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