What’s new at Trijicon in 2015?

Trijicon is a known name among military establishments, law enforcement agencies, tactical shooters, snipers, and hunters for manufacturing highly advanced scopes and sights. With years of experience and uncompromised quality, Trijicon has already become renowned for providing Brilliant Aiming Solutions. It strives to bring even better optical sighting instruments by incorporating newer technological advancements and features, and has therefore introduced an array of new products in 2015. In this article, we will discuss about their features, their specialties, and how they are going to help in your shooting expedition.

1. Trijicon AccuPower LED Riflescope Series
With emphasis on innovation, Trijicon has launched a new series of AccuPower riflescopes that boasts of superior quality magnified optic, making it perfect for all kinds of shooting, right from big game hunting to long range applications. It is essentially a variable power scope series, developed to offer users the best of Trijicon ACOG and TARS scopes.

Trijicon AccuPower LED scopes come with variable power offerings and they are 4-16×50, 3-9×40, 2.5-10×56, and 1-4×24. Offering dependability and durability, the rugged and strong AccuPower riflescopes have been carved out of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. They are packed with advanced application-specific illuminated reticles and high quality lenses. Anti-reflective multi-coating is applied on the lenses, which not only increases light gathering capability of the riflescopes but also provides crisp and sharp image clarity. Users will get adjustable reticle brightness settings that are easy to set and intuitive in nature. For helping shooters shoot in any light condition, 11 brightness settings have been incorporated. Between every brightness adjustment, there is an “Off” feature to help in putting off the brightness completely. For long lasting reticle brightness, Trijicon has provided CR2032 battery fuels.

Fill illuminated-reticle system and hybrid black chrome/ etch are available with AccuPower series riflescopes, which are in turn available in two colors- green and red. In all the models in this series, reticles are located in second focal plane. Therefore, the appearance of reticle size will not change with increase or decrease of magnification; no matter what the magnification is, appearance of the reticle size will remain constant. Shooters will get 4 types of reticle choices and they are Segmented Circle crosshair having BDC capabilities (popular for competitions), Duplex crosshair, MIL-square reticle, and MOA reticle (which is quite intuitive in nature). With AccuPower series riflescopes in hand, you will be able to use it faster in low light conditions (including twilight). This means, at higher magnifications the user will get more exact aiming point.

2. GEN2 Models of Trijicon Compact ACOG Series
Trijicon’s addition of GEN2 Compact ACOG to the highly popular Trijicon Compact ACOG series has already made a buzz through amazing features such as magnified optic, small structure, lightweight, and durability. Trijicon GEN2 Compact ACOG provides all the advanced features found in the legendary and traditional Compact ACOG riflescopes but also adds multiple state-of-the-art enhancements making this scope a great one in smallest possible package. The different new GEN2 models launched by Trijicon in 2015 are 3×30, 3×24 / 3×24 LOW, 2×20, 1.5×24, and 1.5x16S / 1.5x16S LOW.

Notable features of GEN2 Compact ACOG models are unprecedented reliability, redesigned forged-housing, watertight gaskets, and finger adjusters (that are easy to use) and durability in the harshest conditions. The mounting base options have been reconfigured so that they remain compatible with full sized mounting adapters of Compact ACOG. Therefore, shooters will get enhanced flexibility and be able to use the optical device with wide array of firearm platforms.
In fact, Trijicon has also introduced Compact ACOG 3×24 model in 2015 that comes with features such as 24mm objective lens diameter, ½ inch click adjustments at 100 yards, 1.4 inches eye relief, and availability of popular reticles such as Horseshoe Dot as well as Crosshair. Both these reticles have been calibrated for 5.56 and 7.62×39.

3. New Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6×24 and 2.5-12.5×42 Models
Trijicon Accupoint, the variable magnification scope, is a popular optical device among competitive as well as hunters because of its Brilliant Aiming Solution. To meet multifaceted needs of shooters, Trijicon has gone ahead and launched two additional scopes in the AccuPoint series – 1-6×24 and 2.5-12.5×42 models. This is particularly for low to medium magnification range needs. While manufacturing this scope, Trijicon has not only maintained the usual durability and integrity of the AccuPoint scope series but also included innovative fiber optic dial configuration. These scopes will be apt for big hunting games, competitions, military and law enforcement agencies.

Getting away from the usual reticle offerings, Trijicon has introduced two reticles. For enhanced speed and accuracy, Circle Cross reticle and MOA-Dot options have been introduced with Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6×24. With this riflescope, users will also get all the usual reticles offered with Trijicon AccuPoint scopes. For helping the shooters know holdovers for personal BDC, MOA-Dot option has been introduced with Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-12.5×42 riflescope. Other reticle options available with 2.5-12.5×42 are MIL-Dot crosshair, Duplex, Triangle post, and MOA-Dot reticles.

4. New Trijicon HD Binoculars and HD Spotting Scope
Trijicon has not only expanded their bouquet of products with high end riflescopes but also with Trijicon HD Spotting scopes and Trijicon HD Binoculars. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or hunter, you will find these devices apt for usage. In both the 2015 series, supreme optical clarity and performance is maintained.

In the Trijicon HD Binoculars section, 10×42 as well as 8×42 binoculars have been brought on board. In the HD Spotting scope category, Trijicon has launched 20-60×82 Spotting Scope where wide-angle eyepiece 25-50×82 accessories is available. For checking weight of both the devices, the body has been manufactured from magnesium. Though the weight has been reduced, durability of the product isn’t not compromised in any manner. Amazing color fidelity, optical clarity, and superior light transmission has been ensured in all these new products because of the use of fully broadband multi-coated fluoride lenses.

Users can use these products in the harshest weather and combat situations because rugged armor design has been used. To increase comfort and grip of the binoculars, unique thumb bar at the bottom has been added. Presence of Dual focus capability as well as interchangeable eyepieces, on the other hand, increases flexibility and performance of the spotting scope.

5. Trijicon expands Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) with New Precision 1 MOA Reticle
Shooters all over the world are aware of the advantages they get from Trijicon RMR. They can aim accurately and acquire target by keeping both eyes open. One of the best aspects is that this device can be used with wide array of firearm platforms, thereby giving shooters the required flexibility in its use. For enhanced accuracy precision and placement of shot, Trijicon has added 1 MOA RMR in 2015.  Be it hunting, personal protection, combat operation or competition, this optical device is perfect for pro shooters who look out for reflex-style sights that produce superior performance.

Adjustable LED technology has been used to allow shooters to enjoy 8 different brightness levels. Aiming point offered by the new 1 MOA RMR is a small precision dot; so even at extended ranges, the target doesn’t get obscured. A long life lithium battery powers this new 1 MOA RMR device.Trijicon 1 MOA RMR models revealed this year are RM09-C-700312, RM09-C-700308, RM09-C-700307, RM09-C-700306, RM09-C-700305, and RM09-C-700304.

Now, check the inventory of these new Trijicon optical devices, launched in 2015, at Scopelist.com and begin adding to your collection. And don’t forget to check out the Make an Offer option to save big!

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