Top 5 Wind Speed Meter and Weather Meter Devices

Hunters and shooters have the responsibility of making ethical shots and for that matter they need right information for making their long range shot imperative. When taking long range shots, wind drift becomes serious concern, especially in terms of accuracy of shot. That’s why it is very important for hunters and shooters to get proper wind data, especially when they are taking a shot around 500 yards. This is where wind meter or windage becomes so important. There are many wind speed meter devices available in the market. Know about the best wind speed meter (anemometer) and weather meter products:

1. Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter Yellow 0855YEL


What’s Exciting?

  • Bluetooth LINK work with PC/Mac and iOS/Android smartphones

  • 1 AA battery replaces 2 AAA batteries (as in Kestrel 4500 model)

  • Availability of 4 languages – English, French, German, Spanish

  • Around 10,000 data points

  • Includes vane mount with 5500 LiNK option

  • Digital Compass

Preferred by:

  • Military professionals

  • Flight crews

  • HAZMAT teams

 Top 5 Features

  • Wind direction

  • Crosswind

  • Headwind/tailwind

  • Pressure trend

  • Altitude

Check Price here

2. Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter Black 0850BLK

Kestrel 5000 Pocket Weather Tracker is an improvement over Kestrel 4000. It comes with all the better wind reading as well as temperature reading features of Kestrel 4000 and goes on to improve multiple features. Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter Black 0850BLK is the baseline wind and weather meter where Bluetooth LINK Technology helps in communicating with Kestrel at 100 feet with an iPhone or Android phone.


 What’s Exciting?

  • Bluetooth LINK work with PC/Mac and iOS/Android smartphones

  • 1 AA battery replaces 2 AAA batteries

  • Intuitive user-interface screen navigation

  • Availability of 4 languages – English, French, German, Spanish

  • Include Red and White backlights

  • Around 10,000 data points in place of around 5000 data points as in Kestrel 4000

Preferred by:

  • Scientists

  • Athletes

  • Fire-fighters

  • Automotive technicians

  • Agricultural specialists

Top 5 Features

  • Current wind speed, Average wind speed, Maximum wind gust

  • Altitude

  • Pressure trend

  • Barometric pressure

  • Relative humidity

Check Price here

3. Kestrel 3000 Weather Meter Digital Hygrometer 0830

Kestrel Weather 3000 is a handheld weather-monitoring device that also accurately measures relative humidity, wind speeds, temperature, heat stress readings, humidity, and many more.


 What’s Exciting?

  • This compact weather-cum-wind speed meter comes with user-replaceable impeller technology, providing users with accurate wind speed information.

  • External temperature sensor as well as waterproof casing helps in measuring temperature of open air, water, and snow

Preferred by:

  • Firefighters

Top 5 Features

  • Current wind speed, Average wind speed, Maximum wind gust

  • Relative Humidity

  • Wind chill

  • Air, Water & Snow Temperature

  • Heat Stress Index

Check Price here

4. Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter Thermo Anemometer 0820

Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter Thermo Anemometer 0820 is compact, durable, and handheld wind speed meter cum weather meter that measures wind as well as temperature.


 What’s Exciting?

  • Sensitive impeller technology helps in measuring accurate wind speed information

  • External temperature sensor as well as waterproof casing helps in measuring temperature of open air, water, and snow

  • Even in darkness you can check weather, thanks to presence of backlight

Preferred by:

  • Outdoor activity enthusiasts

  • Snowboarders

  • Skiers

Top 5 Features

  • Current wind speed, Average wind speed, Maximum wind gust

  • Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding

  • Wind Chill

  • Air, Water & Snow Temperature

  • Waterproof and floats

Check Price here

5. Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter Anemometer 0810

Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter fits within your palm and has just 65 gms weight. It can be used in all kinds of harshest weather conditions, making it a perfect wind speed meter for Drop Zone Safety Officer (DZSO).


 What’s Exciting?

  • Measures wind speed up to the speed of 135 mph

  • The company itself guarantees up to a certain tolerance level, which is 89 mph

  • Rotation of the impeller needs just 0.48 km/h, making the impeller rotate at slightest wind blow

Preferred by:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts

  • Kite boarders

  • Model plane pilots

Top 5 Features

  • Average wind speed

  • Maximum wind gust

  • Current Wind speed

  • Data hold function

  • Large display

Check Price Here

Bottom Line

Main features, preference choice, and exciting aspects are mentioned with every product mentioned. Titrate the features, preferences, and budget to make the right choice. You can also check out Weather, Environmental, and Wind Speed meter devices  for more information.

by Scopelist

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