Top 5 Reasons to Buy Nightforce Beast 5-25×56

Nightforce BEAST stands for Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology. It is surely a big scope and a tad heavy too. It is the perfect competition game scope and can be used easily for benchrest shooting. One of the major features of Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 is its precision rifle matches for taking shots anywhere from 100 yards to 900 yards. While reviewing this scope we found out that a long range hunter can use it for pursuit hunting too, especially in the range from 500 yards to 600 yards. While testing the BEAST, we mounted it over DTA SRS-A1 bolt rifle in two calibers, which comes with an easy to detach barrel system. The other essentials we opted for are 300 Winmag as well as 6.5 Creedmoor. While we used 6.5 Creedmoor for precision rifle shooting, for hunting we used 300 Winmag. While testing the scope we found out that Nightforce BEAST is a class apart from the other same category scopes.

Let’s find out why we think Nightforce Beast 5-25×56 is one of the best riflescopes to buy:

1.     First Focal Plane Precision

Nightforce Beast 5-25×56 F1 is available with First Focal Plane reticle placement facility, which is a bit uncommon in the world of riflescopes. Most scopes found in the market have reticles placed in the Second Focal Plane. Most pro shooters prefer FFP reticle placement facility as in these cases the reticle subtensions appear to change with respect to magnification. This means the reticle subtension size remain proportionally same to target size, no matter which magnification you are using. As pro shooters are more interested in bringing down the target or hitting the target at bull’s eye always, this feature comes to their advantage in precise shooting. Three advantages of having reticle placement in First Focal Plane are range estimation, windage leads, and target holdovers. Multiple variables are eliminated due to FFP reticle placement, leading to greater accuracy as well as speed in high stress environments.

2.     Intelligence and Intuitiveness

This scope comes with intelligent and intuitive features. Yes, you heard it right. Nightforce Beast F1 5-25×56 is both intuitive and intelligent. This 34mm scope comes with XtremeSpeed adjustments, which helps users to get instant 60 MOA or 20 mil radian adjustment from a single rotation (which involves a total travel of 120 MOA). When we compared this feature with other leading scopes in the same category and price range, we found out that this feature exceeded effective range of other cartridges at extreme distances.
One of the most important reasons why you should buy this scope is the intelligent aspect of the scope. Why is it intelligent? Here’s why. Nightforce Beast 5-25×56 comes with four-function elevation control known as i4F intelligent. Initial adjustments are extremely fast, which is ensured by the primary elevation knob, where the increments are available in .50 MOA or .2 mil radians. Users can get additional elevation adjustments with the help of integral fine adjustment lever, which increases elevation by .25 MOA or .1 mil radian. If you compare this elevation control feature with any other leading scope in the market, you will find it to be the most precise elevation control available.
The scope works intelligently because of the incorporated Nightforce ZeroStop system, a patented feature in itself. This standard feature with Nightforce Beast F1 scope helps in instant return to an already earmarked zero point. You can also get instant elevation adjustment as the scope comes with new 360-degree brake control.
Let’s explain these features with some practical examples. Suppose, a hunter spots a number of targets located at long range, say around 750 meters away. In such a case, dialing of elevation becomes necessary. Now, the shooter has to press control, located on elevation knob’s top, for activating 360-degree brake control. Then the control needs to be rotated in counter clockwise direction by 90 degrees. Once done, the hunter will get a secured setting at 750 meters distance. For disengaging the brake setting, the shooter simply has to press the brake control, followed by a 90-degree turning of the control in clockwise direction. This feature is especially helpful for hunters because it is a simple one-hand operation without involving any complicated mechanism (found in most riflescopes). Therefore, there is neither any distraction nor any time lost from the target while dialing elevation or disengaging it.
Another important specification in this intuitive and intelligence feature category is Nightforce DigIllum digital illuminated reticle technology, which is an integral part of Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. F1. Therefore, in terms of repeatability and convenience, this scope has created new standards. No matter whether the lighting condition is extremely bright or dim, a shooter can choose the appropriate setting of illumination. In fact, if a shooter doesn’t need illumination, he/she can turn off the illumination feature so that battery power is preserved. Now, when the illumination is again turned back on, the default illumination setting is chosen. This feature ensures that the shooter can take an instant shot without affecting night vision of the user. Nightforce DigIllum feature comes with dual features such as auto-off as well as low battery indicator.

3.     Availability of Multiple Long Range Reticles for various kinds of Usage

If you are mulling the idea of buying Nightforce BEAST for sale, you have enough option of reticle choices. This is one of the factors that makes Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 a coveted long range scope.
Now, let’s check the different reticle choices available:

i.                    Horus H59

This is the perfect reticle choice of snipers. In fact, Horus H59 is known as field-tuned version of H58 and that’s why known as an improved sniper reticle. For enabling users to get increased wind holdover, the reticle manufacturer has widened horizontal grid by 1 mil. While in H58 users will find center cross, in H59 they will find a broken cross. The latter is superior in sense that far off targets can be seen more clearly through this reticle. This has become possible because of the less obscurity of the groupings.
Horus H59 is the perfect reticle for speed shooting up to 600 yards because of the inherent patented features. The main horizontal crosshair helps in taking shot at moving targets. A clear and uncluttered view is maintained in Horus H59 as holdover dots extend elevation as well as wind hold points beyond Horus Grid.  Un-obscured view as well as refined aiming point is maintained in this reticle because of the presence of central dot at intersection of the crosshair.
As this reticle comes with Horus Grid, you don’t have to count clicks or turn knobs for windage as well as elevation correction. You can easily correct windage as well as elevation visually by placing grid lines (horizontal as well as vertical) on the target. Precise elevation holds are allowed by secondary horizontal lines, where spacing between secondary horizontal lines is 1 mil. You will find 1 mil apart large hash marks calibrated over every secondary horizontal stadia line. This helps in compensating target speed, drift, wind, and others. You will also find evenly spaced (each placed at 0.2 mils apart) small hash marks between every large hash marks.
One of the specialties of this reticle is that the shooters will get accurate Second Shot Correction in case dispatching target with first round failed. You will not find this feature in any other reticle. As Horus H59 is an illuminated reticle type, you can use this reticle during low light conditions and twilight too, making it more versatile to use. 3 important facts about H59 reticle are 0 to 600 meters speed shooting range, 0 to 1500 meters Horus Grid range, and within 0.2 mil range finding accuracy. Precise measurement calibration is within less than 0.5 per cent.

ii.                  TReMoR3 (Non-illuminated)

If you are looking for a reticle that will enable you in faster shooting, TReMoR3 is the right reticle choice for you. One of the major features of this reticle type is building in of Accuracy 1st – Speed Shooting Formula in the reticle’s elevation hold off, helping in faster shooting. With TReMoR3, shooters can make wind calls in easier manner. Mil targets can be achieved very quickly with the help of this reticle type.

iii.                MIL-R

Mil-R is one of the most popular reticles available in the market currently. Shooters can use this for accurate hold-offs and also for placing first shots precisely. As illumination comes as a standard feature, you will be able to use it in all light conditions. One of the major advantages of mil-R is its ability to estimate range correctly. New Nightforce MIL-R reticle also helps in taking quick follow-up shots on all kinds of targets, no matter whether it is standing still or moving.
It has an uncluttered as well as clean floating center crosshair, which is 1.0 Mil precisely. This has adequate support by graduations of whole, half, .2 and .1 mil-rads. In stressful conditions, you can use this reticle with ease because the numerical indicators help shooters in getting a quick reference to mil-rad spacing.
We found this reticle to be an intelligent one because the shooters will get accurate references of both hold off as well as ranging from the entire Mil-Radian graduations. Fine touch of the graduations is the highlight of this reticle. You can distinguish between half mils and whole mils easily. The inverted “T” Mil-Radian ranging scale is unique to MIL-R reticle. Its presence makes it easier as well as logical reference of zero to whole mil-rads in .1 as well as .2 mid-rad marks. This reticle is a smart one, marked by preciseness and fastness.

iv.                 MOAR – 20 MOA

MOARM F1 reticle helps in accurately finding of range and, at the same time, the hold-off because the manufacturer has incorporated 1 MOA windage as well as elevation markings. You can use this reticle very easily and with extreme fastness because of the presence of floating center crosshair along with bold posts at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions. You will also find 20 MOA scale below center of MOAR F1 reticle.

4.     Optical Clarity

When it comes to optical clarity, this scope’s clarity can be compared with the top notch scopes of Swarovski, Schmidt Bender, and Kahles. While testing Nightforce BEAST 5-25x 56 scopes, we didn’t find any problem in checking bullet impacts at the range of 1,300 yards.
It needs special mention that Nightforce has been successful in coming up with this level of optical clarity as well as quality because of the collaborative works between the engineers of Germany and the US. While keeping your eye through the BEAST, you will be more than happy to find out that the glass comes with amazing contrast, razor sharp optical clarity, and outstanding resolving power.

5.     Turrets

As we mentioned at the very beginning of the article, we tested Nightforce BEAST F1 scope with 6.5 Creedmoor as well as 300 WM rifles and checked the turret clicks/adjustments, return to zero of the turrets, and most importantly tested click value against the stated value. Measurement of the windage turret can be done in .1mil click values and that for elevation turret is 0.2 mil. The clicks are clearly audible and therefore you know how many turns you have achieved even without looking at it. The elevation turret provides you with huge travel even when you just make a single turn. Clicks of the turrets are not at all mushy and are very much tactile. Therefore, a shooter can make quick adjustments with the help of the turret for taking a quick shot, especially when the target is moving. A shooter will get 20 mils adjustment with a full rotation, which itself is a good amount of turn. Another advantage of this turret is that a shooter will never get lost while adjusting the elevation. You will never lose the preset zero in case of Nightforce BEAST 5-25x 56 F1 scopes. BEAST comes with a huge elevation turret, which helps the users to hold easily, thereby helping users to make adjustments from back of the scope itself.

A Buyable Proposition

When we checked size of this 15.37 inch long Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 riflescope, we found it to be comparatively compact. It is not that the scope is very compact but when compared with its peers in the same long range category, this Nightforce scope really seemed compact. We found out, while testing this FFP scope, that it is perfect for targeting small animals or other same sized targets in extreme long ranges. Though this high quality scope is perfectly suited for military operations, law enforcement departments have also started to use this scope in targeting close-in urban environment.
This multi-purpose scope is determined to make many heads turn with its amazing specifications and features. Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 F1 comes with multi-purpose capability and therefore, you will get all the amazing features in a single sophisticated package.

by Scopelist

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