Steiner MM830 Military-Marine 8×30 Binocular Review

Steiner MM830 Military-Marine 8×30 Binocular has been designed for providing users with high quality optical experience in all kinds of weather and field conditions, including the rugged ones. Steiner has put in its over 70 years experience in this below-$250 binocular to help sports enthusiast, hunters, environmentalists, and combat professionals get the best outcome ever. The manufacturer has ensured that firm construction along with finely tuned features make Steiner’s 8×30 Military-Marine Binocular an all-weather, all purpose, and all field-type optical device that provides convincing results.

Testing on Field and Some Important Observations
While reviewing this binocular, Scopelist’s team of experts ensured that they have two sets of Steiner 8x30mm Military/Marine binoculars with them and our first objective was to locate the Prairie Dogs that are too difficult to spot. Most of the times, these animals camouflage themselves in the high grasses of the Prairies. Even when you are just 400 yards away from the beast, you will only be able to see its head. That’s why for spotting Prairie Dogs, hiding in those high and dry grasses, needed sharp and high contrast optical devices. This is where the challenge for this Steiner binocular was. We were pleasantly surprised by Steiner MM830 Military-Marine 8×30 Binocular’s superb performance and image outcome. The first thing  we noticed is the amazingly sharp as well as bright glass. Rubber-armory over the binocular body makes the device rugged in true sense.
Features and Specifications at a Glance
Before going into the detailed review of this binocular, it becomes important to have a look at the features and specifications of the device.
There is only one item (280) in this tactical binocular series other than the MM1150 10×50 one. Users will get 8x magnification, 30mm objective lens diameter, 362 feet field of view, high contrast optical system, Sports-Auto-Focus system, 66 close focus, NBR Long Life rubber armouring, comfortable standard neck strap, excellent waterproofing capability, 15.5 twilight factor, 14.1 luminosity, 3.8mm exit pupil, and 66 close focus. This binocular’s dimension (HxWxL) is 4.2 x 6.7 x 2.2 and weighs 17.1 oz. Users will get rain protection cap, objective cover, and carry case for protection of the device and easy carriage facility. Heritage warranty is available here, which helps the users always get the best for their optical device.
Steiner has ensured that MM830 Military Marine 8×30 Binocular comes with amazing features for enhancing experience of the users. 5 most important features of this binocular are:
1.       Compact Design
The manufacturer has made  this device, keeping the portability issue in mind. In fact, this binocular is so compact that you can hold on to the device in your palms for longer hours for observation. Due to this important feature you are able to carry the device comfortably in your pack without any ado.
2.       Floating Prism System
Steiner has incorporated a special kind of flexible silicon lens mount that is capable of absorbing severe shock, abuse, and impact during any kind of negligent fall or harsh usage. It is ensured that there will be no damage to the lens if met with severe shocks, thereby increasing the binocular’s longevity.
3.       Sports-Auto Focus System
This feature is helpful for locating a moving target when it requires the observer to to move. These kinds of conditions are most common in hunting games and in military/combat operations, where you can’t afford to lose sight of your target. Due to the incorporation of Sports-Auto focus system, the user doesn’t need to change focus during the run or movement. Here, the user has to focus each eyepiece just for once in accordance to one’s vision. Once it is done, the images (no matter whether the target is moving) will remain crisp and sharp within the 20 yards to infinity range.
4.       Great Durability due to Makrolon Housing
Steiner has manufactured MM830 Military Marine 8×30 binocular with the help of durable polycarbonate and has armored the body with NBR Long Life rubber. This device comes with a rugged chassis that is capable of withstanding impact up to a massive 11 Gs. No matter how harsh the environment or field-condition is, you will always get the best result.
5.       Light Weight
In comparison to its peers, this binocular is significantly low in weight and therefore the users will not find any problem holding the optical device for longer hours during observation.
Steiner 8×30 Military Marine Binocular Review
We will now discuss various aspects of this binocular that we have witnessed while testing it.
i.                    Separate Diopter Adjustments for both Eyes
One of the most important features that most reviewers don’t give much importance to is the requirement of separate diopters for both eyes. One of the optical specialists in Scopelist’s team of binocular reviewers pointed out that it is a common phenomenon among users that they require different corrections on left and right eyes. This is where the reviewers needed to check before creating the review report of this Steiner Military Marine 8×30 Binocular whether the optical device, being tested, has diopter adjustment in both the eyes. To our great relief we found out that MM830 Military Marine 8×30 binocular comes with both left and right diopter adjustments. While testing we  found out that the  left eye needed more correction than the right eye and the diopter setting at this binocular gave just that.
ii.                  Focusing System and Optical Quality is Superb
The focus system doesn’t need you to fiddle with the adjustment knob constantly because you only need to adjust it once. Thereafter the focus remains all right all the time, right from 20 yards to infinity. Though the optical device’s focus starts working fine from 20 yards, we found the same to work better at mid-to-long range distances, from 100 yards to 1,000 yards. Even at great distance, we found the image to remain steady at peak focus.

While testing the device, we found optical sharpness to be impressive. In fact, we also compared the brightness of this device and found the same to be like the Leupold EFR 6.5-20×40 riflescope, where the magnification was set at 8x. Steiner 8×30 Military Marine Binocular’s optical sharpness is better than that of the tested Leupold’s riflescope .
A simple example will make it easier for you to understand. When we were searching for the Prairie Dogs from a distance, we were able to get a finer look at the glass blades than through the chosen Leupold riflescope. Multi-coated lenses of Steiner’s Military-Marine binoculars are not only impressive but also provide consistent brightness levels as well as clarity. We didn’t find any ruinous glares while looking through it. No matter how wet or chilled the weather condition is, you will not find any fogging problem here.
iii.                Construction
Steiner has manufactured this device by keeping ruggedness of the device in mind. That’s why it has been armoured with rubber housing so that the users can use them in all kinds of field conditions without fearing about its breakage. Though Steiner Military-Marine 8×30 binoculars are sturdy, they don’t weight much. In fact, they are lightweight  and compact, making  them easier to carry.
Users can locate the targets easily with this binocular because of the 390 feet field of view at 100 yards range. Steiner has designed Steiner 8×30 Military Marine Binocular in such a manner that it helps the eyeglass wearers to see through this optical device without the requirement of putting off the glass during observation through the binocular. 20mm eye relief makes this possible. This binocular is an all weather optical device that comes with amazing water-proofing capability.
The Final Verdict
It’s a must-have for hunters, especially for varmint hunters. While testing the Steiner MM830 Military Marine 8×30 Binocular for three days at a stretch we were convinced that it is an essential optical device for observing as well as locating varmints for hunting. In Spite of having great riflescope (Leupold EFR 6.5-20×40) over the rifle, we were able to spot the Prairie Dogs with the binoculars first, in most (almost 90 per cent) of the cases. As we were spotting from a bench, the maximum field of view we were able to get through the riflescope is from 30° to 60° total arc. As the Steiner MM830 binocular came with wide field of view, we were able to get a much larger arc, which approaches 180°. This binocular is a winning proposition for hunters because they get high quality features, on one hand, and cost effectiveness, on the other. Therefore, Scopelist reviewers finds  Steiner MM830 Military Marine 8×30 Binocular extremely suitable for varmint hunters.

by Scopelist

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