Steiner M5Xi Military Riflescope – How’s the Scope?

Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 scopes can easily be counted among the alpha riflescopes currently available in the market. In fact, this is among the few scopes that can be used for extended long range shooting (say, 1,500 meters or more), even in low- light condition. When tested during twilight and well past sunset, we got amazing visibility  in low-light conditions.

Steiner M5Xi line of scopes is considered among the best sniper riflescopes, crafted to meet the increasing battlefield needs of the snipers. This is one of the main reasons why more and more competition/tactical shooters are opting for Steiner M5Xi scopes. Two important features that make them absolutely perfect for long range hunting are high power and appropriate elevation travel. Price of Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 is well above the $3,000 mark and that’s why serious shooters should go through this Scopelist review to know more about it to check whether it matches their requirement.

Specs in a Nutshell
Steiner M5Xi scope comes with 34mm tube, 5x to 25x magnification, 16.6 inches length, 36.3 oz. weight, 3.5 – 4.3 in eye-relief, 56mm objective lens diameter (for enhanced light transmission through the lens), DuoScale / Resettable Zero elevation adjustment knob, Rotary Digital Control with Intermediate Stops illumination control, 164 feet to Infinity, waterproofing and fogproofing features, and -13° F to +145° F operating temperature range.
These scopes have +2 to – 3 diopter adjustment range, 9.8 – 2.2 mm exit pupil, submersibility up to 33 feet, side focus parallax adjustment, 6 mils or 60cm wind range at 100m, 26 mils or 260 cm elevation range at 100m, 0.1 MRAD or 1cm wind/elevation click value, 100 per cent sealed adjustment knobs, CR 2450 battery, and availability of Heritage warranty for all customers. Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 scopes come with two reticle options, G2B Mil-Dot reticle (for 5525 item no.) and MSR reticle (for 5550 item no.), both located at first focal plane.

Is there anything Special in this Scope?

1.       Extreme Ruggedness and Shock-Proofing Capability
Steiner M5Xi scopes are highly rugged ones  with the capability of withstanding testing impact up to 900 Gs on all electronic and optical components. To summarize it in one word, this Steiner line of scopes is absolutely shock-proof, enabling shooters to use it in all kinds of weather and field conditions. In fact, this feature also makes it the ultimate extreme long scope for battlefields and combat operations, taking it to iconic heights.
2.       Amazing Waterproofing and Fogproofing Integrity
This scope is perfectly waterproof and can work fine up to 33 feet depth. Filling of the entire tube with nitrogen makes it fogproof. No matter how wet the condition in which you are shooting or how humid/chilled the weather condition is, you will never confront any problem related to fogging. 56mm objective lens diameter along with broadband anti-reflection coating ensures that maximum transmission of light takes place.
3.       Perfect for use in Low Light Conditions to Night Usage
In fact, 94 percent light transmission is recorded in this scope, thereby enhancing image quality and brightness, even in low light condition. We tested the scope in the mountains for extreme long range shooting (mounted over Remington 700 .338 Lapua) at around one hour after sunset and the results were commendable. For using the Steiner M5Xi scope during low light, twilight or dark, illumination feature of the reticle has been incorporated. Shooters will get 7 reticle brightness settings for night time and 4 day level settings. In fact, for optimum battery usage, users can turn off the reticle illumination.
What’s New with Steiner 5-25×56 M5Xi Military Scope?
Horus fans will love this. Steiner, back in May’15, announced availability of Horus H59 reticle with MXi 5-25×56 riflescopes. This scope line is already available with MSE and G2B Mil Dot reticles. However, availability of the Horus H59 reticle will definitely enhance the popularity of this great line of scope, and the item no. is 8704. In Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25X56 Riflescope (Horus H59 Reticle), you will get all the specs and features available with the items that come with the other available reticle options.
Most important features that you will get by buying this scope include 1,640 yards grid range, 656 yards for speed shooting, 0.2 mil range finding accuracy, 1 mil spaced major hash marks, and 0.2 mils separated minor hash marks. Shooters will find grid in the Horus H59 reticle is presence of grid that helps in getting accurate Second Shot Correction. In fact, shooters can take advantage of this reticle for getting accurate elevation as well as windage compensation without even having the need of correcting them with the available knobs. Users can use the secondary horizontal line in the Horus reticle for accurate elevation hold spacing of exactly 1 mil.

Want know more about Reticle Options with Steiner M5Xi scopes?
German-made Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56 traditionally comes with two reticle options – MSR and G2B Mil Dot, as mentioned before. However, if you do not  have a clear idea about usage and other features associated with these reticle, keep reading to get a comprehensive Steiner M5Xi review.
1.       MSR reticle has been found to be the preferred choice for long range shooters, competitive shooters, military snipers, and long range hunters. Though MSR are designed for helping long-to-extreme-long-range shooters to bring down their targets precisely, they can be used effectively even in sensible close range shooting. MSR reticles not only increase capabilities of precision milling, they can also be used by users for instant range estimation. This has become possible due to incorporation of pre-calculated reference marks in this reticle. This reticle type has become extremely popular among long range shooters because of the uncluttered design, enabling them to spot and observe through the scope for long hours. You can  get more detailed information on this reticle type from Reticle Options of Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56.

2.       G2B Mil Dot reticle
Whether you want to shoot for mid-range or long-range distance, you will surely find this versatile reticle type useful. Tactical shooters love G2B Mil Dot because it helps them get holdover, wind hold-off, and, most importantly, measure distance of the target accurately. This mil-dot based reticle has mil hash marks located 1-mil dots apart along with 0.5 mil subtensions. With this reticle type, you will be able to determine the distance as well as target size, the leverage required in tactical shooting.
So, what’s your Suggestion?
We, at Scopelist,  give the exact information so that you can make the right decision, as per your preference and comfort zone, while buying the scope. If you are a long-to-extreme-long-range tactical shooter, you can surely buy Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 scope and choose the right reticle to leverage your performance.

by Scopelist

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