Schmidt Bender PM II Tactical Scopes – Closer look to One of the Best Tactical Scopes

Schmidt Bender PMII Scopes

Schmidt Bender Police Marksman II riflescopes are combat proven scopes that are frequently used during law and order departments. These scopes come in various magnification ranges, objective lens diameters, and most importantly with different reticle choices. Different combination of scopes available in Schmidt Bender PMII line include 3-12×50, 3-20×50, 4-16×42, 4-16×50, 5-25×56, and 12-50×56, along with different reticle options. The entire line of S&B PMII scope is counted among the fine scopes available in the market. When compared with that of other leading riflescope manufacturers such as Swarovski, Nightforce, Leupold, Zeiss, and others, Schmidt Bender Police Marksman II riflescopes always counted among the best. PM II scopes are popular in tactical and military usages because of reliable mechanical capabilities and outstanding optical quality. This line of scope is also getting popular among hunters, especially the ones who want to hunt down the varmints and coyotes to protect their farms.

What are the Features of Schmidt Bender PM II Riflescopes that make them Better than the Rest?

Before coming to any kind of abrupt conclusion, let us first have a look at the different important features of PMII scopes that put them ahead of most high quality scopes:

1.       Optical Clarity and Resolution
German engineered optics of Schmidt Bender produces unrivaled optical contrast, sharpness of image, and color fidelity. While testing the PM II scope, we looked through this scope by testing it along with many other leading riflescopes. The final result of comparison was noticeable, whether it is in terms of sharpness, brightness, or color. If we have to define the difference of PMII’s optical clarity in the simplest way possible, it is like looking through a high quality (say, Leica or Zeiss) spotting scope of 30x magnification in comparison to an average 10x scope. Optical resolution of S-B PM II scopes can be defined by a single word and that is “vivid”. Vividness of its lenses can be compared only with the finest lenses found in high end cameras.
2.       Externals of the Scope
While discussing the nuts and bolts of this scope series, let’s take SB PM II 4-16x scope as the sample to start with. This particular scope weighs 32 oz., which is same as Nightforce NXS 5-22×56. 4-16x is heavier because of the zoom range. When the length of this scope is compared with that of other mid-range zoom riflescopes, 15.5 inch length of PMII 4-16x is more or less average. Now, let’s consider the PMII 3-12x model, which is comparison to 4-16x, is 3 oz lighter and 2 inches shorter. SB PM series riflescopes come with 34mm tubes. With fatter main tube, the users of these scopes get more elevation adjustment range. However, one of the practical problems the shooters may face is the limited choice of commercially abundant ring sets for 34mm tube. If you face any such problem, customized Badger Ordnance Rings may come to your rescue.
3.       Windage and Elevation
Out-of-the-box Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman II riflescopes come with proper adjustment and centering. On custom rifles they need very little windage. That’s why you will hardly need to shoot over 5 rounds for setting zero. These scopes come with ¼ MOA double-turn knob with complete rotation of 56 MOA. To go from minimum elevation to maximum elevation, you simply have to go two rotations. While 54 MOA is the final index mark, two MOA marks are present beyond that. On top of elevation turret, you will find windows, which show shooters when they have dialed into elevation turret’s 2nd rotation. First rotation (from 0 to 27 MOA) is displayed in a clear panel. When the adjustment reached 29 MOA, it shifts to the upper panel (displayed by a yellow panel) that starts from 30 MOA.
4.       Parallax Adjustment
If we consider Schmidt & Bender PM II 4-16x model, it comes with side-focus parallax adjustment knob, which can be adjusted from 50 meters to infinity. In the knob, the first marking is on 50 meters, followed by marking at 100 meters, at 200 meters, and so on till 1,000 meters and then passes on to infinity. Correlation between correct parallax setting and side focus markings in this scope, when compared to other scopes, is considerably good.
5.       Choice of Reticles
Wide array of reticle options are available with the riflescopes in Schmidt Bender PM II series. Therefore, buyers should be extra cautious at the time of buying the scope so that they choose the correct reticle combination in accordance with specific needs and preference. Reticles available with PMII can be categorized into illuminated and non-illuminated ones. There are 11 reticle choices in the illuminated reticle section and they are MSR, Police, H58, H37, H2CMR, P4LF, P4L, P3L, Klein, Mil-Dot CC, and CQB. In the non-illuminated reticle section, shooters will get 6 reticle choices and they are Police, Sport fein, Sport, P4F, P3, and P1.

Is SB PM II worth the Price?
One of the first queries our customers ask about Schmidt & Bender PM II riflescopes is that why should they spend more than $2,000 on a scope like this? The only answer we give is: Try this scope to feel the difference. This line of scope is a breed different completely. No matter whether you have used the Nightforce riflescopes or Leupold Mark IV Series, by using Schmidt & Bender PMII riflescope you will surely feel the difference. Most important special features of Schmidt Bender Police Marksman II riflescopes are amazing reliability and outstanding imaging capability, which give you enough reasons to pay the high price.
When compared with some of the best competitive scopes available in the market, this riflescope outperforms almost all of them. However, it should be kept in mind during analysis that the comparison should be done with tactical and military shooting scopes and not with the benchrest ones. Schmidt Bender PMII riflescopes work wonder especially in challenging environments – no matter whether it is under freezing rain or in blistering deserts. This scope-type is getting more and more popular among tactical competitive shooters because they always perform.
Even when the other scopes suffer breakage in harsh competitive circumstances, PM II scopes hardly face any breakage issue. There are only handful of riflescopes, other than S&B PMII, that are capable of surviving harshest rains and muds when used in hunting and tactical fields and real combat conditions. When Schmidt & Bender says that the PMII scopes are combat proven, they mean it. That’s the reason why tactical shooters don’t hesitate to shell out over $2,000 while buying S&B PM II riflescopes.

Please have a look at the inventory of Schmidt Bender PMII scopes at and check out the deals to get best value always.

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