Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 Riflescopes for Ultra Long Range Marksmen – New Arrivals 2017

Schmidt Bender is introducing a wide array of new products in 2017. Some of the products that are already making a wave among outdoor sports enthusiasts are Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56, Schmidt Bender Polar T96 3-12×54, Schmidt Bender Polar T96 4-16×56, Schmidt Bender PM II High Power Digital BT 3-27×56, Schmidt Bender PM II Digital BT 5-25×56, Schmidt Bender PM II Ultra Bright 3-12×54, and Schmidt Bender PM II Ultra Bright 4-16×56.

Although all of them are unique in their own way, one of the most acclaimed scopes that Schmidt & Bender has brought in 2017 is Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 riflescope, the latest addition to the High Power series. This S&B rendition comes with an unusual 9x zoom factor. Ultra-slim and functional turrets have been incorporated in it to enhance the long range giants’ appeal among extreme long range shooters. To make these scopes more useful for shooting at extreme distances, Schmidt and Bender has provided three reticle choices – TReMoR2, H2CMR, and P4LF. In fact, other reticles can also be requested in case there are any special needs. The most striking part about the Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 riflescope is that S&B manufactured it to meet the needs of USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command), who were looking for new rifle scopes that’d help in shooting at extreme long ranges with ease.

3 USPs of Schmidt & Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 riflescopes

  1. 9-fold zoom with the highest magnification range at 45x, making it one of the most coveted high-end scopes among ultra long-range marksmen

  1. Maximum optical brilliance for perfect target recognition

  1. Ultra flat elevation turret that enables shooters to use backpacked red dot sight so that they can easily target at close ranges

List of Schmidt & Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 Riflescopes

PMII High Power 5-45×56 List as per Reticles

 Tremor2 Reticle

H2CMR reticle

P4LF reticle

PMII High Power 5-45×56 List as per Click Adjustment

¼ MOA Measurement

1cm measurement

PMII High Power 5-45×56 List as per Turret Rotation (CW/CCW)

Clockwise (CW) Turret Rotation

Counter Clockwise (CCW)Turret Rotation

PMII High Power 5-45×56 List as per Color (RAL8000/Pantone 7504M)

RAL8000 Color

Pantone 7504M Color

Matte Black Color

Who Can Buy?

New Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 rifle scope series has all the features a Ultra Long Range Marksmen likes in his/her riflescope. If you are looking for precision at extreme long range shooting, this is the right scope for you. This series will hit the market very soon. Check out this space for the latest information and release date of Schmidt & Bender PM II High Power 5-45×56 rifle scopes.

*Pricing of optical products change quite often, please Contact for latest prices and offers on new and upcoming Schmidt Bender PM II 5-45×56 Riflescopes (if available).

by Scopelist

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