Riflescope Rings – Everything you wanted to know!

Riflescope rings are an integral part of mounting a scope on a rifle or gun. They help attaching a scope on the base of your firearm. While buying rings you ought to check the diameter of its hollow because it must match with that of the outer diameter of the optical device. In most cases, it is found to be 30mm.

Rings used for mounting scopes come with two-piece clamps. Lower portion of a ring is attached to base of the scope and the optical device rests on that. Height of the ring is determined by the scope’s size. While choosing ring’s height you have to keep in mind it matches with the specs of outside diameter of objective lens, barrel contour, bolt lift, eye relief, length of scope, and size of ocular bell. These rings can be made up of aluminum or steel. Sometimes transparent ones are also available. Though they look attractive but are less study than their aluminum/steel counterparts.

What are the things to keep in mind while Buying Rings?

While buying a scope ring, whatever be the riflescope (whether it is Nightforce BEAST, Nightforce ATACR, Nightforce NXS, Vortex Razor rifle scope or Trijicon Tars scope) you are buying for, you must keep these things in mind:

i. The rings must be able to hold the scope’s objective lens properly and therefore its height must be chosen accordingly. However, the scope should not be at a height that leaves a lot of space between receiver of the rifle and the riflescope.

ii. Fasteners of rings must come with Loc-Tite or locker similar to them. This is important for you to check while selecting rings because the screws tend to get loosened during recoil.

iii. It is always preferable to keep Allen head wrench because you never know when you need them for making adjustments. Also, the scope needs to be re-zeroed every time you adjust it (the scope).

iv. There are many shooters or hunters who use a single scope with multiple rifles or guns. If you come in that category of shooters, don’t forget the scope requires re-zeroing every time it is removed and attached to another rifle.

What are the different kinds of Rings?

There are different kinds of rings that can be used with different kinds of scopes such as Trijicon ACOG 1.5×24 scopes, Nightforce Competition scope, Vortex PST scope or Vortex Viper PST rifle scopes. Generally four kinds of ring variants are available in the market as per the usage types:

1. Weaver Style Rings

These ring types can be detached from the bases and the riflescope present in them. This helps a shooter or hunter in saving time because there is no major loss of zero in such cases. These rings help those shooters who have to swap riflescopes for different purposes.

2. Quick Release Rings

These kinds of rings are also known as Quick Detachable ones. They can be used for exchanging, cleaning and transporting as well. One of the problems faced with these rings is that perfect return to zero is not achieved when reinstallation is done. This type requires lever for easy and quick removal.

3. 3/8 Inch Dovetail Rings, .22 Rings, and Tipoff Rings

On grooved receivers 3/8 Inch Dovetail Rings are generally used. You will find grooved receivers in airguns as well as .22 rifles. These rings usually have circular diameter for holding scopes of 30mm, ¾ inch, 7/8 inch or 1 inch main tube. 0.22 ring is also called one inch 3/8 inch dovetail ring, one inch .22 ring or one inch tip off ring.

4. Extension Rings

Any styled ring that comes with cantilever, allowing less mounting distance between the rings, is known as extension rings. These rings are perfect for use to slightly manipulate eye relief or mount short sized riflescopes on rifles having long receivers. Mounting leeway of additional ½ inch is generally offered by extension rings.

To cut the long story short, whether you are using Nightforce Benchrest or Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×50, Trijicon Accupoint scope or other Trijicon scopes, Vortex Razor HD scope or other Vortex rifle scopes, you will definitely need support of rings to hold the optical device with the firearm you are using. That’s why you should know the different kinds of rings available in order to select the one that matches your need.

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