Riflescope Basics from Scopelist: What are Scope Bases and their Types?

Riflescope base is a simple platform made up of aluminum or steel. They either come in one piece or in two pieces, and are connected to rifles or guns with the help of screws or clamps. Scope rings can also be attached with these bases with the help of dovetails (secured from friction), screws, and clamps.

The entire system helps in holding on to the riflescope (Vortex Viper PST, Trijicon Tars scope, Nightforce ATACR, or any other quality optical device) you are using with your firearm. However, there are many combat rifles such as M4 or the likes, handguns for hunting, Sako/Ruger rifles, and others where bases are built in the receiver.

Let us get down to the Different Types of Riflescope Bases. Generally, two types of riflescope bases are available in the market. They are:

1. Weaver Style Bases

The first variant, Weaver Style bases, are nothing but basic form of aluminum rails that are fitted on firearm receiver contour. They are basically detachable mounts. These rails are most common on firearms used for sporting purposes. The best aspect of Weaver style base is that it is available in almost all kinds of guns and most importantly inexpensive. Though most of them are made up of aluminum, steel variants are also available in the market. Their widths generally vary from 7 inch to 8 inch. However, variation can be witnessed for different manufacturers. Recoil slots can be found too that are just 0.180 inch wide. These slots run crossways.

2. Dual Dovetails

Dual Dovetail Bases are quite similar to the standard bases found in Leupold scopes. However, they are not identical. Here, windage screws that hold rear ring to the base are not present. Instead they are turned in, in a similar way as the front one. Extra windage adjustments, found in standard bases, are absent here and that’s why the lines are cleaner. The best part here is the presence of fewer parts, making the device easier to handle. You will get maximum utility if you are using it with heavier as well as older firearms like Winchester Magnum. If you have a lighter rifle or gun, it is better to avoid Dual Dovetail Bases. These bases have become very popular among hunters and accomplished shooters because of their ability to withstand hard recoiling of rifles.

Other forms of fixed as well as detachable mounts are also available. While in the fixed option you will get Universal Scope Mount, in the detachable option you will get Clamp-on and Picatinny Style riflescope mounts. No matter which riflescope you are using (Nightforce Competition scope, Vortex Razor rifle scope, Trijicon ACOG 1.5×24 scopes, etc.), the above mentioned bases and mounts can be found in them. You can have a look at the quality bases, rings and mounts available at Scopelist.com and buy the ones that suit you the best.

by Scopelist