Reticle Options of Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56

German-made Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56 is one of the best long distance scopes available in the market that boasts of having world class standard optical system and engineering, and specifications matching the standard followed in military. Whether you need a scope for competition purpose or battlefield, this long range Steiner riflescope, available with dual reticle option – MSR or G2B Mil-Dot, is the right choice for large calibers and long-range platforms.

In this article, we will check out the different reticle options that are available with Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56 and learn about them in details so that you can choose the right reticle while buying the scope:

1.      MSR Reticle

This reticle is manufactured by FinnAccuracy for the military snipers, competitive long-range shooters, and other shooting professionals. This reticle is licensed for use with the scopes of Steiner, Schmidt and Bender, and Kahles. Many reports say that MSR reticle is the preferred choice of the leading precision rifle shooters. Best part of this reticle is that the shooters can not only use for long and extremely long shooting but also sensible close range shooting. You can perform instant range estimation with it because of the presence of pre-calculated reference marks as well as capabilities of precision milling. One of the additional advantages here is that the shooters can carry on spotting or observation through the scope because of the uncluttered design present at top half reticle. Practicality as well as ultra fine shooting is both kept in mind while designing and manufacturing MSR reticle.

MSR reticle has 3 parts and they are main part, rapid ranging scale, and fine milling scale. In sync with the principle of keeping top part of the reticle clean, the same has been done so that spotting and observation can be done for long hours. This is found to be especially helpful for long range hunters, who have to wait and lookout for predators such as coyote and other beasts to bring them down.
Overall look of MSR reticle has been kept simple but at the same time versatility has been maintained. There are 4 basic functions of main reticle:

1. To measure TGT size
2. Large mil-scale that covers the entire FOV
3. Rapid milling with illuminated center cross
4. Shooting through entire magnification range

With this reticle you can range targets right from 400 meters to 1300 meters, enabling you to shoot a target from close-medium range to long range, and sometimes extreme long range too. MSR ranging system comes with two layers and shared baseline. This design not only cleans up overall look of the reticle without the requirement of sacrificing accuracy but also saves room.
The width here is narrower here that helps in keeping the scale close to optical center. Location plays an important role as it helps in achieving best optical quality and at the same time keeps it visible completely in case of largest magnifications too, where Field of View is very small. Aiming point movement from milling back to center of MSR reticle is kept short as much as possible by the close proximity it has from center.

On the basis of average height and width of human body the line dimensions are done. At the numbered range, each line width corresponds to 19.7″ or 500mm at shoulder width. The numbers you will see on the reticle corresponds to hundreds of meters. The same is true in case of height of an object, where the average between top of head and groin is calculated. At the numbered range, each line corresponds to 39.4″ or 1 meter tall object. In case, absolute milling accuracy is kept the same, error in final ranging result gets reduced when longer reference dimension is considered. In case, of half of double sized targets too same reference lines can be used.

2.       G2B Mil Dot Reticle
This is a combat proven as well as versatile reticle that has been found to be ideal for both long range and mid range tactical shooting. G2B Mil Dot reticle is a mil-based one that comes with 0.5 mil subtensions. Shooters can get precise hold-off for wind, holdover, distance measurement, and most importantly aiming because this reticle type comes with half mil hash marks between the 1-mil dots. It has been found to be very effective in determination of target distance as well as size, especially in tactical situations.

by Scopelist

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