Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 Riflescope – An Absolute Delight for Pro Hunters

Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 riflescope is an absolute delight for pro hunters, shooters, and varminters. Till now this amazing hunting scope came with a second focal plane reticle. However, Nightforce has decided to give the pro hunters another delight by incorporating first focal plane along with two reticle choices – Mil-R SHV F1 Reticle and MOAR SHV F1 (30 MOA). The SHV (Shooter, Hunter, Varminter) community must know before attaching this scope on their rifle, for the nearest hunting expedition, that the manufacturer has designed and built it by keeping the shooter in mind. However, it easily crosses over to the varminter and hunting community. In fact, if you are a PRS Production Class shooter, you will love to have this scope in your possession because of its capability of use in dynamic situations (ensured by inclusion of first focal plane feature). Just by listening to the word F1 in this Nightforce SHV scope, you may be thinking that this scope’s price may definitely be on the north of $1,500. However, it is refreshing to find that Nightforce Optics has kept the price well below $1,500.

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Nightforce had originally built this SHV line of scope by keeping the SHV community in mind, which doesn’t need the robust and overbuilt features of the Nightforce NXS line of scopes. With the introduction of F1 in SHV, Nightforce has expanded the paradigm of its use among various types of shooters. Not only the SHV and hunting community, but also the competition shooters can use this riflescope. Whether you are using Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 .1 MIL – illuminated Mil-R reticle C557 or Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 .25 MOA – illuminated MOAR reticle C556, both are lightweight scopes (weighing just 30 oz) and can be carried comparatively easily. In fact, users can use this scope in certain stalking conditions too. Though a weight of around 20 oz is preferred for stalking expeditions, Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 riflescope (having an additional weight of 10 oz) can also be used for some stalking expeditions. The manufacturer has capped the windage turret and the elevation adjustment turret (or target turret) has been exposed. This feature is desirable for both competitors and hunters.

What’s Noticeable in Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1?

One of the highlights of these new SHV F1 riflescopes is the intelligent reticles having illumination (standard feature) that can be turned off between each 12 brightness settings. This feature helps the user in pre-selecting appropriate illumination level in accordance with the prevailing lighting condition. In fact, the entire process of battery preservation and getting it back on track is also simple. If you don’t require illumination, simply turn off the battery power and preserve it. When you need the illumination again, simply rotate the one click system of the dial for restoring the same. Nightforce has provided two reticle options with Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 riflescope and they are MIL-R and MOAR reticle options.

The shooters will find it easy to adjust the windage and elevation adjustments in this riflescope because it comes with either .10 Mil-Radian increments or .25 MOA increments. Side parallax adjustment knob comes handy to make the adjustment correct. The shooter can do away with the parallax even without taking the eyes off the scope’s eyepiece. The elevation turret is exposed and the ZeroSet feature (a similar feature as patented ZeroStop) helps the shooter in field to reach zero instantly. For adequate protection, windage adjustment has been capped. However, you can expose the adjustment, if needed, by removing the windage cap. As Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 .1 MIL – illuminated Mil-R reticle C557 comes with a 30mm tube, there’s lots of space for making windage and elevation adjustments. The elevation adjustment possible here is a massive 90 MOA (26.2 mil), which is enough to hit the target located at far away locations. In fact, maximum available windage adjustment here is 70 MOA (20.4 mil).

Other important specifications of Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 .25 MOA – illuminated MOAR reticle C556 are 4x to 14x magnification range, 50mm objective lens diameter, .1 mil rad or .250 MOA click value, 25 yards to infinity parallax adjustment, 2.8 inches to 3.1 inches (70mm to 80mm) eye relief, 10.8 mm to 3.3 mm exit pupil diameter, adequate field of view (25.1 feet to 7.4 feet per 100  yards or 7.65 m to 2.26 m per 100 meters), and MOAR reticle placed in the first focal plane (that means the reticle size seems to enlarge or contract as per the magnification – a preferred featured for long range precision shooters). The other Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 .1 MIL – illuminated Mil-R reticle C557 model is different from the Nightforce C556 model in just one respect and that is the reticle, which is Mil-R here. Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 scope is not a short scope at all. It is 14.8 inches or 376 mm long and weighs 30 oz or 850g.

Why First Focal Plane in SHV 4-14×50?

Experienced designers and engineers of Nightforce Optics, after getting lots of input from the shooters and hunters, felt that they need to make the riflescope more versatile so that it can not only be used as a varminter scope but also for other shooting purposes, especially those that are tactical in nature. This versatile SHV F1 scope comes in a mid-power package and the reticle placement in first focal plane ensures that it can be easily used for versatile shooting purposes.

FFP scopes are most suitable for tactical shooters where they can easily take down multiple targets located at different distances. Even when the target is moving, you can take it down with ease. Bringing down a moving predator is not at all a problem in case of Nightforce SHV F1. The moot point for a tactical shooter is to get valid reticle at all magnification range. As reticle in first focal plane proportionately seems to change in size with change in power of the scope, the tactical shooter gets the perfect opportunity to acquire target without even thinking. When it comes to moving coyotes, it is never easy to acquire the target with a Second Focal Plane (SFP) riflescope. Here, reticle needs correction when moving from one magnification range to the other. In case of a FFP scope, like this Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 riflescope, you can start locating the target at 6x magnification but may actually hit the target at the maximum power because that’s where the Elk stopped. Pro shooters love the FFP feature because it gives them the opportunity to scan the hunting or tactical field, identify the target, correct the focus on target, and then take shot to bring down the beast.

As Nightforce wanted to bring something advanced for the long range pro shooters and hunters, FFP was their only choice left (as they already incorporated almost all the important features in this Shooter, Hunter, Varminter scope even in the original version). This is because FFP of the F1 SHV scope gave shooters the relative ease of shooting moving targets or multiple targets located in different distances.

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Wrapping it up

If you are a mid-to-long-range shooter, hunter, or varminter who enjoys bringing down the predator from a distance, Nightforce SHV F1 4-14×50 riflescope is the perfect device for you. The best part is that Nightforce has somehow become successful in introducing the scope at a price that is significantly less than the $1,500 price mark. If you are confident enough of using a good quality riflescope for tactical, hunting, varmint hunting, PRS Production Class shooting competition, or other purposes (except law enforcement), this new high quality Nightforce riflescope is ‘the’ one.

by Scopelist

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