New Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 Riflescope – Why is it a Must-Buy for You?


Trijicon showcased their new Accupower 1-8×28 at SHOT SHOW 2017. This new riflescope comes with a massive 1:8 zoom ratio and First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle. No matter whether you prefer MOA or MIL measurement, you will find both models. Reticles are LED illuminated and the illumination colors available are Red and Green. To suit specific time of the day, 11 brightness settings are available. New Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 riflescope comes with a 34mm scope tube, making it a large scope – quite similar to Zeiss V8 1.1-8x. Despite the large sized body, this new scope is compact enough to be used with AR-type rifles.

Who Should Buy?

Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 is perfect for –

  • Competitive shooters
  • Tactical shooters
  • Sporting shooters

This riflescope line is the ideal versatile scope that can be used for all types of shooting applications. True 1x with 8x optical zoom, first focal plane reticle, and amazing optical choice make Accupower 1-8×28 help shooters in long-range precision as well as rapid target engagement. No matter whether you are using this riflescope line for staring down dangerous game, hitting steel, or running and gunning, you will find it perfect for all purposes.

Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 Review – Pros & Cons


True 1x Magnification

The new Trijicon Accupower 1-8x comes with true 1x magnification, helping shooters achieve Red Dot Sight like speed of target acquisition at 1x magnification. This scope line also comes with a forgiving exit pupil that makes it perfect for use with almost all kinds of carbine style rifles including AR-15 rifles. Forgiving exit pupil along with true 1x magnification helps in both eyes open CQB rifle applications. With Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 scope you can crank up the magnification to 8x magnification and stretch the zoom by 8x to 800 yards.

One Size Fits All

If you are looking for a versatile scope with “one size fits all” feature, you should go with Accupower 1-8×28 as it provides you with the ability to enagage close range to precision long range targets.

You can use this scope with all types of rifles –

  • Competition rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Home defense rifle
  • Duty rifle
  • General plinking rifle

Segmented Circle Crosshair Reticle Design

It comes with illuminated segmented circle reticle, helping shooters to acquire targets at close ranges with both eyes open. The same reticle design also helps shooters in quicker shot placement at long ranges as they can compensate for drop accurately without having to touch the turrets.

Segmented Circle Crosshair reticle is perfect for versatile shooting applications, be it –

  • Engagement of targets at unknown ranges
  • Competition shooting (targeting under the clock)
  • Engagement of more than one target at different ranges

This reticle design is neither too simple nor busy enough, enabling shooters use it in wide array of cases.

Reticle located at First Focal Plane

First Focal Plane reticle seems to get larger with increasing magnification and smaller with decreasing magnification. This essentially means that drop calculations remain the same no matter what the zoom is. Many pro shooters find this feature more suitable than Second Focal Plane reticles as the drop calculations remain constant in FFP reticles. In case of SFP reticles, the drop calculations change with changing magnification, making the drop calculations viable only at maximum zoom. However, at maximum zoom, field of view becomes smaller. It becomes a problem in shooting applications such as hunting and competition formats because the hunters and competition shooters may find it difficult to locate a target at maximum magnification. Therefore, pro hunters and competition shooters with the need for a versatile scope will find this Segmented Circle Crosshair reticle (red or green illumination) helpful.



As Trijicon 1-8×28 Accupower comes with First Focal Plane reticle, it is more expensive to manufacture. That’s why it’s pricier than many other scopes in the same category. However, the robust features make it a value purchase for shooters who stress on quality of scopes, precision, and versatility.

Model Options


If you are looking for a high quality scope for versatile shooting conditions and usage, the new Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 Riflescope line is the perfect choice. It comes with 8x zoom factor, FFP reticle, uniquely designed Segmented Circle Crosshair reticle, compatibility with wide range of rifles, and most importantly true 1x magnification.

by Scopelist

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