New Nightforce Competition and SHV Riflescopes

Nightforce Optics unveiled two new scopes in the Nightforce Competition and Nightforce SHV line of scopes. The new Competition scope is an improved version of the popular 2013 version of Nightforce Competition 15-55×52. In the new scope, Nightforce has plugged all the frustrating loopholes and has brought cheers to the benchrest and F Class shooting community. Nightforce Optics has also brought a mid-to-long range riflescope for the hunters, especially the varminters. Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 is the newest release that is broadening smiles of the hunting community as it is providing them Nightforce NXS kind of experience through this SHV model at much affordable price.

New Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 Model

This new and improved Competition riflescope comes with a new turret structure, which is one of the main highlights of this riflescope. Nightforce brought this new scope after taking into account a surge in demand for a scope having added functionalities as well as features, something more than what was there in the 2013 model of Competition scope.  In fact, the advanced shooters are considering the newer version of this riflescope to be one of the best scopes for F-Class shooting. While designing this scope, the Nightforce engineers say that they kept in mind the needs of Benchrest shooters. However, they also saying that unlike most Benchrest scopes, this new Nightforce Competition scope is more user-friendly as well as versatile.

Resolving the Glaring Shortcomings of Nightforce Competition 2013 Model

There were some glaring lacunae in the 2013 Nightforce Competition riflescope, especially in the design and construction technique aspects. However, the manufacturer has worked upon those areas as well as lens coatings so that the users get best possible color contrast, optical resolution, increased usable magnification amount, and enhanced light transmission through tube body for brighter and clearer image production of the target. Nightforce Optics has adopted a new and improved turret structure that is significantly high speed in nature, giving users more reasons to be elated about. Just like in the 2013 version, the newer version of the riflescope also comes with patented ZeroStop technology. Users will also get some more reticle variety here than the 2013 version. Sources in Nightforce Optics have said that there were many shooters who needed new Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 riflescopes to come with dual inherent characteristic features. While one feature is a similar magnification inherent in Benchrest style riflescopes, other is the inherent features found in Nightforce NXS line of scopes. Though incorporating both these features in a single scope is a herculean task, the engineers at Nightforce succeeded in achieving the same.

Increased Variety of Reticles

The reticle choices available with the new Competition 15-55×52 scope are FCR-1, CTR-3, CTR-2, and DDR-2. All these reticles are found to be highly useful, functional, and simple for usage with long range riflescopes. Though CTR reticle comes with standard crosshair, shooters will find .095 MOA center dot with CTR-2 reticle. DDR-2 reticle is also found to be a highly useful reticle which comes with .026 MOA dots elevation holdover markers. Another important aspect of this reticle type is that there is a second dot in the same, located 3 MOA below the central dot. You will find reference points located at .5 MOA, 1 MOA, 2 MOA, and 2.5 MOA increments.

Another important and probably the most popular reticle choice with Nightforce Competition 2014 version is FCR-1. This reticle is most popular among the shooters who prefer using Nightforce NXS model scopes. A shooter will find similarities between FCR-1 and NP-R2 reticle, one of the preferred reticle options with Nightforce NXS series. In fact, FCR-1 reticle makes Competition 2014 one of the most versatile scopes available currently for long range shooters. Though it is most preferred by the F-Class shooting and Benchrest community, shooters of other types are also using this reticle type with the new Competition scope for enhanced usage.

No matter which reticle type you are using, you will achieve finely measured accuracy in all the reticles available with new Nightforce Competition.

Other Important Features

Nightforce Competition comes with commendable light transmission through the scope body, which is 92 per cent. High resolution ED lens along with highly advanced coating helps in enhanced clarity as well as advanced color contrast, thereby helping shooters get more chance to clearly spot targets and bring it down effectively.

Another aspect that we found worth mentioning is the side focus parallax adjustment knob, with the help of which adjustment can be done from 25 yards to infinity. This is a very helpful feature and a definite improvement over Nightforce Benchrest 12-42x model’s objective parallax.

When it comes to elevation as well as windage adjustment, shooters will get overall complete travel over 60 MOA. Travel per revolution is 5 MOA and adjustments are in .125 MOA clicks. When the overall travel of these adjustments are compared with that of the last model, users will get 18 MOA more travel in this scope (as the previous model came with 42 MOA overall complete travel).

Two other features of this new Nightforce Competition scope are 6.9 feet at 100 yards field of view and fast-focus European style eyepiece. One of the reasons why this new Nightforce Competition scope is considered to be more versatile is the lighter weight. When compared to Benchrest series riflescope, we found out that this is 24 per cent lighter. It weighs even below 28 ounces.

Specifications at a Glance

Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 riflescope comes with 15x to 55x magnification range, 52mm objective lens diameter, reticle placement facility in the second focal plane, 30mm tube diameter for enough light passage, .125 MOA click value, 55 MOA or 15 mil internal elevation adjustment range, 50 MOA or 13.6 mil internal windage adjustment range, 40x calibrated ranging power, 25 yards to infinity parallax adjustment, 3.54 mm to .93 mm exit pupil diameter (from 15x to 55x), 80mm to 90 mm eye relief, 61mm objective outer diameter, and 43mm eyepiece outer diameter.
Field of View of new Nightforce Competition model at 100 yards is 6.91 feet (at 15x magnification) to 1.83 feet (at 55x magnification). While mounting length is 6.4 inches, front or rear mounting length is 2.58 inches.  It is 16.2 inches long and weighs just 27.87 oz. Patented ZeroStop feature helps shooters in instantly getting zero. With all these amazing specs and features in place, you can get this riflescope within the $2,500 mark, which is yet another reason for you to buy this optical wonder.

New Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 Riflescope

Nightforce Optics unveiled two new scopes. While one is the new model of Competition 15-55×52, the other is the Shooter, Hunter, and Varminter scope called Nightforce SHV 4-14×56. This scope has already made its presence felt among the hunting community because of amazing glass quality, enhanced light transmission capability, and two reticle options (IHR as well as MOAR) meant for the SHV.

Some of the important specs of this riflescope are 30mm tube diameter, pretty good magnification range (from 4x to 14x), 12mm to 3.6mm exit pupil diameter, and 1.69 inches ocular diameter. Nightforce has manufactured this riflescope in such a process that provides hunters with the best experience at least possible cost. Whether it is the non-illuminated version of the SHV scope or the illuminated version, both are just $200 apart in terms of price and the price point is around $1,000. Keeping both efficacy and price of the product in mind, it can be said that this new Nightforce SHV is one of the few good things that happened to hunting community in recent times.

Some other important specifications of Nightforce SHV are second focal plane reticle placement, 56mm objective lens diameter, 100 MOA or 27.3 mil internal elevation adjustment range, 70 MOA or 19.1 mil internal windage adjustment range, .250 MOA click value, 25 yards to infinity parallax adjustment, 12mm to 3.6mm exit pupil diameter, 80mm to 90mm eye relief, 14x calibrated ranging power, 24.9 feet to 7.3 feet field of view at 100 yards, 65 mm objective outer diameter, 43mm eyepiece outer diameter, 14.8 inch length, 26.9 oz weight, 5.79 inch mounting length, and 26.9 oz weight. Amazing balance of advanced specifications and features with affordability in price makes this SHV scope that more interesting and buyable.

Whether you are a hunter looking for a high quality (NXS standard) riflescope or F-Class/Benchrest shooter looking for the perfect optical companion, new Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 and new Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 are the perfect riflescopes for the respective purposes.

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