New Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44 Scope – What’s so Special?

During 2016 SHOT Show, Nightforce Optics introduced some really exciting new stuff. Two scopes that attracted most visitors and experts are First Focal Plane SHV and new featherweight Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44 riflescope. While NF SHV 4-14×50 F1 attracted a lot of queries at the show, one of the devices that became an instant hit is the NF Competition Fixed 42×44 scope, which weighs just 20.7 ounces (a true sense feather weight scope for the benchrest community). With a mere 20 oz weight, a shooter (whether going for air rifle, rim fire, or short range benchrest) will always have a competitive advantage. In fact, this new fixed power and light weight Nightforce Competition is also significantly economical (at least by a margin of $500) than the other established variable power Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 riflescopes. If you are a competitive shooter, you will love this scope.

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What’s Special other than Featherweight?

1. Mechanics of this new scope are robust in nature and no matter how strong the recoil is, Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44 riflescope will make the process look simple and smooth. Best part of the scope is its adjustment features. Side focus parallax adjustment knob is smooth and the adjustment is possible right from infinity to 10 meters, which is really commendable.

2. The track true adjustments are significantly impressive where a user will get 1/8 MOA per click adjustment. In fact, per revolution adjustment available is 10 MOA. As the tube body has 30 mm diameter, the shooter gets comfortable adjustment ranges. While elevation adjustment available is 45 MOA, available windage adjustment is 35 MOA.

3. Two kinds of glass etched reticle choices are available and they are CTR-2 (fine line reticle) and CTR-3 (fine line with dot reticle). To quickly adjust the reticle, you can use the eyepiece focus.

4. Nightforce optics has only cut the variable magnification features of the popular NF Competition 15-55x 52 scope and nothing else. This is the reason why they were capable of bringing down the weight to around 20 oz. Light weight doesn’t mean that they have done anything foolish with the optical glass. They have retained the high quality ED glass (having extra low dispersion) in this

Specs of New Featherweight Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44 Riflescope


NF Competition Fixed 42×44

Overall length

15.2 inches


20.7 oz

Magnification Range


Objective lens diameter


Focal Plane


Field of view @100 yards

2.87 feet

Eye relief


Tube diameter

30mm or 1.18 inches

Internal Adjustment Range (Elevation)

45 MOA

Internal Adjustment Range (Windage)

35 MOA

Click value

.125 MOA

Parallax adjustment

10m to infinity

Elevation feature

Finger Adjustable

Reticles available


(Model: Nightforce COMPETITION Lightweight 42x44mm Zerostop .125 MOA Zerostop CTR-2 C558)


(Model: Nightforce COMPETITION Lightweight 42x44mm Zerostop .125 MOA Zerostop CTR-3 C559)



Calibrated Ranging Power


Reticle choices – A Few Words to help you select the right model

As already said in previous sections of the blog, new Nightforce Competition 42×44 riflescope is available with two reticle choices. While one is CTR-2, the other is CTR-3. Both these reticles are very simple and at the same time highly precise. They are non-illuminated Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticles and have extremely fine cross hairs (of .016 MOA). The main intention of both these simple but effective reticles is to maximize amazing optical performance as well as remarkable potential of this Nightforce Competition riflescope. As the subtensions are extremely fine, the targets will never become obscure and therefore the shooter will achieve maximum precision at extreme ranges.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the reticle choices of Nightforce Competition 42×44 riflescope:

1. CTR-2 Reticle
It comes with ultra fine horizontal and vertical lines of 0.16 MOA each. This reticle choice comes with .095 MOA center dot. At 40x, the reticle properly subtends.

CTR-2 Reticle

2. CTR-3 Reticle
This reticle is perhaps the simplest reticle available as it only features 0.16 MOA ultra fine horizontal and vertical lines. There’s nothing else (not even a center dot as in CTR-2 reticle) for you to get distracted. At 40x, the reticle properly subtends.

CTR-3 Reticle

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Is this new Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44 Scope right for you?

With all these specialties put into Nightforce Competition Fixed 42×44, you can use it for wide array of uses. Though it has been built for meeting short-range Benchrest needs, it has been found to be perfect for use with all kinds of shooting conditions. Whether you use it with large calibre rifles, long range applications, air gun competitions, or rimfire applications, this new fixed NF Competition scope fits the bill for all of them. What makes it that more attractive to the users is its price. While the scope has maintained high quality standard and robust features found in the legendary Nightforce Competition 15-55x 52 riflescope, the manufacturer has been able to price it well within the $1,500-$2,000 range.

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